One Month of Activity Changed My Views

Today is the last day of the month. Normally this isn't an exceptionally exciting day other than perhaps getting a paycheck or something alike.

However, at the beginning of this month (also coincidentally the start of the year), I had set myself a challenge. A challenge to increase my interaction on Hive and the layer two platforms thereon. My approach to this was first and foremost writing daily posts on whatever I feel like.

While I've attempted monthly author challenges in the past, I've never successfully managed to finish them. Every time there was something that took my time and made me fail to post. And technically until I hit the "post" button for this very post, I have not yet successfully finished such a challenge:

Yup, technically at the time of writing this post, I did not yet finish my personal challenge!

The thing that made it work this time was the sheer amount of possibilities to be active on the Hive nowadays. Things like #splinterlands, #risingstargame, #actifit, and even some of the mobile apps available nowadays (e.g. #ecency) make it very easy to stay active and have something interesting to share.

All in all, I've noticed that being active by reading writing, and replying to posts really pays off in making things more fun, engaged and connected. Since I've started this challenge on January 1st I've gained 0.7 in reputation, and about 20 followers. On top of that, my post and curation rewards have gone up significantly.

Apart from the above, I also tried to be a bit more present on the various discord channels around Hive. Although I realize the value of those channels from a social point of view, being active there somehow is not yet part of my daily routine yet. Something to work on and get more excited about in the coming weeks I guess!

What's for February?

Although my daily writing challenge ends with this very post, the enjoyment I get out of it makes me want to push it for another month (let's see if I can get that second monthly author badge on #hivebuzz!). Albeit, another goal, it will not the main "challenge" of this month. For February, I've been saving up some liquid Hive. The reason is that I would like to add some more badges to my account. More specifically the power-up day and month badges.

The thought behind this challenge is nothing more than making powering up more fun and social. It will be the first time I partake in these challenges. Let's hope I don't make any mistakes that make me not eligible for the badges!

The #PUD and #PUM start soon!

If you are planning to join for the power-up day tomorrow, make sure to check out this post by @traciyork. As described in that post, there are some nice prices to win tomorrow!

As already mentioned, I have come to realize that partaking in the action here on Hive becomes more fun when being more active. Writing posts is like a catalyst (at least for me it is). I've seen other people doing a monthly writing challenge here on Hive.

Have you been working on Hive or crypto-related personal challenges this past month? Or are you planning one for February? Let me know in the comments!

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