A Little Bit About, Well, Me

Well, as a song by The Chemical Brothers, where do I start, where do I begin.

Start with my age I guess born on the last day of 1967 and am now a healthy age of 53. The below picture was taken this year.


Since about the age of 3, I have been a Type One #Diabetic and as of yet no long-term complications though, to be honest, I still find it an irksome condition to which many companies make a fine profit from my condition. For example, 50 blood sticks currently roughly €50 ideally I would like to test 6 times a day at the moment I test 3 times, the simple math of that is 3*7=21 so within 3 weeks another box has to be purchased, be that from me or the state, either way, the big bucks go to the company producing them.

With that said my #diabetes has not stopped me in my world travels. I have travelled and lived in the USA, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Ireland and Scotland plus a few more I am sure. Not bad for someone who was born on the outskirts of London UK.

I currently live in a cave with my wife in Spain as depicted by the picture above, though that part of the cave is the more rustic part shall we say.

We share our lives with three dogs


From the top down we have Reginald, Blunder and finally Ronald.

Blunder was a rescue dog as the owner got him and just sort of left him locked up all day in a stable so we sort of adopted him as the owner was more than useless at looking after him.

Yes, a stable we also have five #horses and our youngest one is called La Linea after the town where she was created, she is now roughly five months, we think she is going to be quite large, what are your thoughts?


Then we also have Little Dude who is a Race Horse or Thoroughbred whichever one you prefer. His dad was called Montjeu who was the outstanding European racehorse of 1999, winning the Prix du Jockey Club, the Irish Derby and the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe.

Little Dude is not planned for commercial gain and while he enjoys a gallop we are not planning on racing him.


In the last of our animal collection, we have two cats.


The above cat is called Columbia, there are other cats in our little hamlet and while they are feral not one of them goes hungry as the people who live here all ensure they are all fed!

I was introduced to this platform by a Facebook friend @apolymask though who I have not met, yet in real life, I imagine when we do we will have plenty in common as both lovers of nature and I think where we both live we are immersed in nature. Here we are surrounded by mountains and the nearest hamelt is some 6 km away and the nearest big town some 15 km away.

What I am hoping to view here in the Hive is outstanding photos of where people live and what they are up to, am interested in horses so of course would be happy to see and hear of peoples experiences with these animals and basically hoping to meet honest interesting people on here.

I was also unaware of making an introduction post so thanks to @anggreklestari for giving me the heads up on this, took a bit of trouble working out how to do it and if anybody needs advice on this, simply press the little pencil-type icon next to the blue notification setting in the top right!

Thanks for reading and no doubt catch you later, even think my writing skills might pick up on this platform, that would be a handy bonus!

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