Project Activity Update

Wow, time flies and we have been quite buzzy since our last update.

We stay committed to our main goal and vision: to add fun and love to your Hive experience!

We are also committed to keeping you informed of our work, as it should be to all those who support our project and proposal.

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What did we do since our last report?

The Hive Revolution campaign

As you know, following events related to BLM, we decided to cancel our campaign and the related missions!

Even though it was on pause, a few new users joined the revolution and the existing missions, which gives us a total of 151 users that officially joined the revolution and turned their back to Steem showing their flag. Congratulations comrades!

Will come back with something similar, with a more fun orientated spirit. Stay tuned!

Farewell @lizziesworld

We have been sad to learn that our beloved Hive community members @lizziesworld passed away. She was the mother of @jaynie, a very active Hive community member.

@brittandjosie and @wesphilbin kindly asked us to create a personal badge in her memory, as we did one year ago for our missing friend @wolfhart. Both in memoriam badges are visible on their respective board.

It was an honor for us to be able to pay tribute and to be able to strengthen this spirit of community which unites us all.

Hive Whale - Make it Spray

Hive Whale is a project initiated by @roelandp, which aims to add a fun atmosphere to the harbor promenade of Harlingen (The Netherlands), to support oceans preservation projects, and to promote awareness of the Hive blockchain by associating the whale activity with it.

HiveBuzz decided to support @roelandp's initiative and make it even more fun by creating a new badge.

For more information on how to get this badge, check out our Hive Whale Post.

Hivebuzz Ranking update

The HiveBuzz Ranking is the tool that enables you to compare your achievements on the Hive blockchain to those of your fellow Hivers.

Several financial indicators have been added to those already existing (mainly your wallet tokens values).

For more information about that, check out the Ranking Update Post.

HiveBuzz Shop and Customization guide

The Hivebuzz shop offers all kinds of high-quality gifts like clothes for men, women and kids as well as many accessories. We regularly update the shop with new designs and items

As meetups are starting to happen again, we added several meetup designs to the shop.

We also published a Customization Guide to explain how to fully personalize your items!

Power up Day

The Power Up Day (PUD) is a project initiated by @streetstyle since May 1st, 2019. It is all about encouraging people to commit to the platform by powering up every first of the month.

Triggered by an idea from @jeanlucsr, HiveBuzz has decided to add fun to the project by creating a Power Up Day badge for the participants.

During 1st August's PUD, 131 users powered-up at least 100 HIVE and received their PUD badge. Given the success of this first collaboration, we will reiterate it next month.

So, be ready for the next edition of the Power Up Day. More fun to come...

Interaction with the community

We love to engage with you and reading your reactions to our notifications, seeing you so motivated to collect badges and improve your achievements on the Hive blockchain, brings us a big smile on our faces!


@hivebuzz sends notifications to inform users of their progress on Hive. This represents around 24K notifications sent out per month. Click here to see the evolution graph that shows the work done every month, depending on the activity of users on the Hive blockchain.

These notifications are really appreciated and generate a lot of positive feedback. We have around 750 users engaging with us each month.

While it is time-consuming to respond to all the replies we receive (around 2 thousand per month), it is very important to us and we do not hesitate to spend a few hours per day to do so.

The result is that many of you love to stay informed about their achievements on Hive and we have a ratio of just 2% asking to stop receiving notifications, while 98% of the users are happy with it.

Upvotes from HiveBuzz to support users activity

Did you know @hivebuzz also upvotes the user’s post when it sends a notification?

Here's a chart with the number of votes made every month. You will notice that @hivebuzz has upvoted 51007 posts, with up to 18239 posts per month for the last 3 months.

The upvotes from @hivebuzz coming with the notifications are much appreciated and incentivize users to stay active.

Thank you for reading and for your support!

The Hivebuzz Team

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