Feedback from the last Hive Power Up Day

This month was the first Hive Power Up Day (PUD) in cooperation with @hivebuzz. It was a big experiment for all of us and super cool to see how people on Hive responded to it!

We contacted @traciyork (the PUD organizer) and @jeanlucsr (the badge initiator) to get their feedback about this last edition.


While I was blown away by the response to last month's Hive PUD (the first one I was able to plan for, since @streetstyle's unexpected absence from the blockchain) I think this one was even more incredible!

I don't have any official numbers yet, but I get the feeling that we at least matched, if not surpassed, last month's participation, and the badge surprise really amped up the excitement!

There was definitely more chatter on Twitter about Power Up Day, and I think @hivebuzz's tweet had a great deal to do with it. Thanks again to the HiveBuzz team and to @jeanlucsr for making this a PUD to remember and as I've said elsewhere, I can't wait for @streetstyle to get back and see all this!


I loved it. The response was great. There were several people no longer eligible for the HIVE-PUD prizes over 70 rep, or over 8000 HP that decided to join in just for the Badge, which is cool!

And important sidenote:
I do want to remind people that Hivebuzz works with UTC time. I saw quite some people doing their HIVE power up at night but after UTC midnight

Also, some people power up twice, don't know to what extent that creates an issue (like a 60 HP and a 50 HP power up at separate times instead of 110 HP at once)

Last but not least. I saw 131 people got the badge. I think what would be interesting to see is how many people powered-up over 100 HP on August 1st compared to July 1st

With 100 HP, you get around 100 eligible accounts per PUD (June: 106 - July: 103). So yes, a 25-30% increase in people powering up 100+ HP on Hive Power Up Day. I would consider that a win :smile:
Of course, we want to at least double that on September 1st

What are the PUD stats of this month?

A total of 131 Users did power-up at least 100 HIVE on the 1st of August (UTC time) and therefore successfully received the PUD Badge!

That makes a total of 97123 HIVE powered up in one day!

Let's compare with previous editions of the PUD:

Not that much increase in the total amount of HIVE powered-up, but the number of participants is steadily rising, meaning more people having fun participating in this event.

Why is that great?

For the community as a whole, it's a great way to show support for our blockchain home by powering up Hive and like this give it more value.

In addition to making the single vote bigger and adding to the curation rewards, it also strengthens the single user influence on the blockchain.

Become a Sponsor

Some amazing members of the Hive community are supporting the PUD already giving prizes like deligations or giveaways to the participants to motivate them.

To see if you had a chance to win something after joining the PUD and what kind of prices may wait for you check out @traciyork s post about that

She will do another post today about the potential winners and prizes and then announce the winners on the 5th of August.

If you want to become a sponsor as well, let them know.

The Hivebuzz Team

HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange

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