Hive Whale - Make it spray and get your badge!

For all those who have forgotten or those who do not know it yet, there is a life-size Hive whale that sails in the waters of the harbor of Harlingen (The Netherlands)

Hive Whale, a project initiated by @roelandp, aims to add a fun atmosphere to the harbor promenade, to support oceans preservation projects and to promote awareness of the Hive blockchain by associating the whale activity with it.

You will find all the details about the project in this post.

HiveBuzz to support the project

All the objectives and values described above are in perfect agreement with those of our own project. Therefore, we decided to support @roelandp's initiative and make it even more fun by creating a new badge that you can easily get:

How to get your Hive Whale badge

Go to and donate at least 1 HIVE or 1 HBD to @whalefountain.

In addition to seeing the whale thanking you by making a powerful and generous spray, you will also receive your Hive Whale badge in your Hivebuzz board.

A tangible proof of your participation in the preservation of the oceans!

Make it spray!

Note: beware that the Hive Whale operates between 09:30 and 21:30 (CEST).
As days get shorter the whale will go into sleep mode once dusk has set.

HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange

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