Follow Friday: Breaking Away

The News

The big news is the improvement in the price of $HIVE and that it is now worth much more than 'the other coin'. The two have been tussling for a while, but now $HIVE has opened up quite a gap. Nothing is certain in cryptocurrency, but this may inspire some hope.

Chart generated by me with data from @coingecko

Demand for $HIVE may be affected by the growth in @splinterlandsas they may need it to create accounts and give them some delegation. I know there are issues on that front as some people cannot get a free account. If you know anyone who is desperate to join up then let me know as I have lots of claimed accounts I can use.

From HiveTasks.

New users will need some help initially. If I create an account for someone they will need to change their keys so I have no access. Good management of keys is essential. It seems some new Splinterlands players have been leaking their keys in transfers and someone may have lost control of their account after crooks hacked their email where some keys were found. Accounts can be worth a lot now, so we should treat them as such.

Friday Followings

  • @stickupboys have been very active in the Brighton music scene and beyond. They are bringing in creative people who can add value to Hive. The latest is promoter @biggmusic. @stickupofficial1 are reporting updates from that community.
  • @the-bitcoin-dood has created a community for adventurous motorcyclists.
  • @sidekickmatt has been re-imagining some vintage superheroines as well as producing his own original characters.
  • @tfranzini has contributed lots of music to the Hive guitar community.
  • I have met @eroche from Ireland who has developed some blockchain apps. Good to see him posting again.

These people will get a share of the post rewards. I saw someone say you could reward an old post by making a comment with the author as beneficiary, but the dapps need to support that option.

The Doghouse

I will not mention specific cases today, but I am investigating some accounts that may be fake. If they cannot prove who they are then I will report them to those who can take action. In my search for people to add to the #BritList I find some who claim to be in the UK, but their posts indicate otherwise. You do not have to give away your real identity on Hive, but being dishonest tends to not pay off as you are likely to be found out.

The End

Things are looking good for Hive, but the crypto world can be erratic and we need to keep building the community. Lots more gamers on here is great, but we need growth in other areas. Not everyone is a blogger, but they can engage with what others write and comments can be lucrative if people feel you are adding something. All our votes have gained value lately.

Hive is about giving and not just taking. Everyone can play a part.

Hive five!

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