TGI Friday (10/9/2021) - Great People, Great Posts, Some HBI shares and a Womble!

So that was the week that was and it's Friday again. I've had a tough week with supervising our friend's daughter's Grade 3 online school as well as keeping up with the goings on in the world of Hive.

Chinese and Thai lessons have me totally beaten but citizen lessons are turning me into a better human being who doesn't get cross, complain and simply accepts all the crap life throws at me. I'm learning a whole new skillset. Thank-god I can keep up with the Maths and English still. Bloody good is school these days and a snip at about fifteen hundred quid a term!

I've had a little clearing of the closet this week, I always find it difficult to sort out my feed. One day its full of stuff I want to read and the next, it's not. My suggestion for @goodkarma this week is to ask if it's possible to have a primary and secondary friends list? Or can he think of a better way to sort what and who I follow? If anyone else has any suggestions, please feel free to drop them in comments.

Anyway, let's have a look at a few great posts I've come across this week starting with my featured Hivie of the week. Drum Roll...

@steemmatt, and from his handle, it's not too difficult to deduce he's been around for a while and is a regular poster. What he does is picks up trash and stuff other people are throwing out and then fixes it, cleans it and sells it on. He's a real-life womble!



I love this on so many levels. It's recycling, it's taking responsibility and it's doing honest, hard graft to earn money. His posts are so infectious and proud without being showy-off.

I'm sure most of you have come across him before, but if you haven't, get over to his latest post where he gets to make a tidy profit on some books he picked up. Seriously, nothing but admiration for this fella and he takes home 5 x HBI shares to help him on his way.

A few honourable mentions all getting a couple of HBI shares each...

@adetorrent turned in a chilled-out peach of a post in the Cinamon Coffee Cup community entitled Coffee & The Two sides of Suffolk speaking of which, I myself created my first post there this week which was responded to with a lovely reply from @millycf1976 so thank you very much for that. Some great posts coming out of that community, so please take a look.

Another community I look to for interesting reading matter is the Natural Health community who didn't let me down this week but choosing just one post to share, I really enjoyed this introduction post from new user @foxfireorchards and will look forward to following his progress.

Finally, a foodie post from one of the very few Cambodian users we have on Hive, @phuong.sitha who teaches us how his Mum cooks a really delicious looking dish. Please go and visit How to cook onions with eggs 😋😋 at home. A honest, simple and lovely post and this easy to make recipe truly looked gorgeous. He will also be receiving 5 x HBI shares.

For more suggestions of people to follow, check out @steevc #followfriday post here

That's all for this week. Wishing everyone a wonderful, safe and happy weekend.


HBI Shares sent!


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