How to cook onions with eggs 😋😋 at home


Hello Hive, yesterday evening my mom go to market and buy eggs for cooking food. She always go there to buy food and other things for use in the family and market is far from my living. It maybe two or three kilometers and sometimes she walk to market and ride bike. Sometimes my mom find plant in the home for cooking but she doesn't want buy thing in the market. It's price and my family are difficult for living because I haven't just worked for support him. My always grows vegetable in the garden and destroy paying. Now my family stay home and she always cooks food give me eat everyday. I love her very much. and you?


First we slice the onion into thin slices. Then we take it to soak in water.


These eggs my mom bought from the market for cook it and price is six hundred riel khmer and Frying oil is five hundred riel.




Two onions
Four eggs
A spoonful of msg
A spoonful of sugar
Leek leave
Frying oil

We put the onion into the plate, and then we peel the eggs and stir it.


We pick the leek from the garden and take it put in the plate and stir it.



We heat the fire and put frying oil in the pan. Then we pour it into pan and stir it to dry.



We cook food already and we take it put in the plate. It is delicious and yummy. My niece like eat it and my family always cook it. She like eat it and I eat it too. It's easy for cooking and we should not have much ingredient. You can cook it if you want eat it. You come here I will cook for you. Finally I hope you like my description.

Thank you for reading. Have a good day. Escape the covid-19.

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