It's Time to Buy Affordable Seasonal Fruits

Hello everyone 👧.

Before I started with my story, I would like to take this opportunity to thank @dswigle for initiating this #MarketFriday community, which enables me to share my experiences visiting a market or related stall with my family in my daily life. This is my second post here.

After shopping at a local supermarket, @butwo and I headed to the parking lot where our car was parked. I saw many people at a stall with blue canopies. The stall here sells seasonal fruits such as durian.

At my place, a stall that sells durian rarely gets visited by many people due to its high prices for over RM25 (USD 5.9) per kilogram. However, the stall was crowded, and I assume it is durian season and the prices are lower down.

I saw a lot of durian at that stall

I love durian. So, I walked over to the stall to check the prices. Not only durian, other seasonal fruits such as cempedak (long shape green fruit) and rambutan (furry red rounded fruit) are also sold here.

At the stall area

The shop only sells 2 types of durian, but not the top-class durians like Musang King. The cheapest durian was RM10 (USD 2.4) per kilogram, but I chose RM18 (USD 4.2) per kilogram durian. The reason for my selection is that the durian fruit is much larger, and the seller showed me the flesh inside was thicker too.

Durian, RM18 (USD 4.2) per kilogram

I bought 2 durian fruits that cost me RM113 (USD 26.6) for 6.5 kilograms with a little bit of discount from the seller. Also, I requested that the seller peel the skins of my 2 durians and put the fruit inside the container. This also makes it convenient for me and my family to eat the durian at home without having to peel it.

The seller helped me peel off the spiky durian skin

While waiting for the seller to finish peeling off the durian I purchased, I chose 2 mangoes for RM10 (USD 2.4). The green fruit on the table showed below, it is also a seasonal fruit we call as tarap that is probably only available in Borneo.

Tarap and mangoes

My 2 durian fruit fit into 8 containers

I noticed that @butwo had bought fruit from that stall too after we arrived home. He said the price of that cempedak cost him RM18 (USD 4.2).

Cempedak bought by @butwo

My family and I eat the durian I bought on the floor after we had finished our dinner one hour later. We eat it with our bare hands 🖐️.

Durian feast on the floor

That's all. Thanks for reading my post 🤗.

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