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IF THIS, THEN THAT. BECAUSE OF THIS, THEN YOU GET THAT. SIMPLE COMPUTER CODE. The purpose of this article is to outline my life with this template of because such and such, then this happened or that happened. Now, some of this might not be accurate enough for your own taste of GREEN OATMEAL.


I've somewhat outline sequences of almost every year of my life from 1985 to 2023. Because I was born in the ghetto, I met people which led me down a variety of paths in the 1990s. Because I was not in public school, because I was in homeschool growing up, I was able to escape a lot of cookies, I was able to excel in AWANA, I was able to excel also in Olympians which led to me attending the HCBC youth group which led to me attending WOLBI which led to me attending ABC which ironically led me to working at Kuratli which led to me working in Hawaii which then oddly led me towards living in PDX which led to Blake Webb which led to Farmer Hanna which led to Charlotte Battle which led to Mea Omnia which led to prison in 2012 which then led to me venturing out to Vietnam which then led to a series a things.


The following is a very simple outline of my entire life. It's not complete. It's just a simple incomplete rough draft entry timeline. Some of this may be inaccurate and/or many different things. But I try to be as accurate as I can be. It can be tough to summarize life and everything. I always have more to say on everything, long story. This is just a simple outline to help give a bigger picture to the outline of my life via the BECAUSE OATMEAL template. Please scroll down to see this simple outline of my life below.





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Because Oatmeal
Oatmeal Daily - 2023-04-22 - Saturday | Published in April of 2023



My goal was to include at least one thing from almost every year of my life since I was born in the year 1985. I'm using the BECAUSE OATMEAL template for each year of my life. But some of that might be forced, inaccurate, incomplete, etc. I say that because sometimes you cannot always say something happened because of something else. For example, if I said because I was at ABC, then I went to Hawaii, that may not be absolutely accurate or it may be too simplistic. The truth of the matter is many things may have happened because other things happened. I mean like because of many different things all coming together simultaneously and/or slowly over time, because many things happened, because many things did not happened, etc, then therefore many other things happened after that and/or so on and so forth. But this article post is not going to dive too deeply into the details or accuracy of many things. Instead, this web page is just a very simple outline of my life as follows.


Here is an outline of almost every year of my life since my birth in 1985.

In 1985, I was born in Oregon because of M&M & Arnie Rasp. I grew up in the Forest Grove Ghetto (FGG), the Rose Grove Mobile Home Trailer Park Community. My name is Oatmeal. That's my name. You are what you eat. I'm the Original Oatmeal. I'm the Green Oatmeal. I grew up with siblings. I wanted to be with them forever. But then stuff happened. Because my family would attend the Cornelius Community Baptist Church (CCBC), that led to me attending CCBC as well.

In 1988, because I was in Seattle for the first time ever visiting my mom's mom's mom, Grandma Ann Pickell, because we were playing Ring Around the Rosie, I almost drowned in a pool. Because we were crossing the street one day in Forest Grove, I almost died, my mom got hit by a vehicle, my brother saved my life.

In 1989, because mom took me to Hillsboro First Baptist Church (HFBC), I started attending AWANA Cubbies.

In 1990, because I was at my CCBC church, because Uncle Story Pastor Dave Weber was preaching the gospel, I asked my brother to help at home in the sinner's prayer to get saved. All of my life, I would always say this happened in the year 1990, that Kenni was a small baby, that I got saved that year. But to be honest and completely fair, this at least happened before 1992. I'm thinking before even 1991. Maybe even before the summer of 1990 at the earliest is my guess. Same thing for when I first met Tiffany Cumbo being probably before 1992 at the latest meaning I don't think it could have been after 1992 when we first met for the first time ever. I would always say it was in 1990. But I can't prove it yet. So, I still got more work to do in trying to archive and list chronological sequences of events from my life.

In 1991, because I like to draw, because I saw Indians at a fair, I started drawing Native Americans.

In 1992, because my dad was visiting his birthplace or hometown for the first time ever or maybe not first time ever in California (during his quest to find out who he was as he was adopted and didn't even know he was adopted until he was like sixteen years old or something like that), we were able to visit Disneyland.

In 1993, because Bhakti Sa and his family moved next door to me, I ended up meeting him and his brother. We were best of friends. I wanted to be there forever. I had many good memories with them. I never wanted it to end. But then they moved away in 1994.

In 1994, because Bhakti was gone, a vacuum in my hole opened up. Because I was in need of a new best friend, because my younger sister Kenni first met Janet Bailey probably that summer, I ended up meeting Janet's brother, Bill. We became like best friends at least in my mind until like 2002, roughly eight years or so. Because I was at Bill's house sometimes, his dad started calling me Oatmeal Boy which is partly the origin to my nickname Oatmeal. Also, Bill reintroduced me to SEGA's Sonic.

In 1995, because I started acting as a shepherd boy in a Christmas play at CCBC, I started developing skills as a young ten year old actor. I was able to use these new skills the very next year in 1996 when we started making home videos with my family and friends. I was also learning karate.

In 1996, because my dad got my brother a camcorder, we started making the Arnold Attic home videos on VHS cassette tapes. We went to the coast.

In 1997, because we made a Power Rangers parody movie in 1996, I decided to make a sequel film. Because I would always draw, I started making the Action Strip comics.

In 1998, because we had pets, then we got more pets, especially in the 1990s, we had cats, dogs, mice, snakes, hamsters, fish. Because we had rodents, I eventually got my first guinea pig being Oreo. She was the first girl I slept with. I killed her. My Dexter Morgan moment leading to a series of unfortunate events. I think I got Oreo in 1998 or something. Maybe Oreo died that same year. Later on, I got Ra Ra.

In 1999, because I attended the Word of Life Olympians clubs at the Hillside Bible Church outside of my own city of Forest Grove thanks to Ann Bishop since like 1994, I was invited to attend the West Coast Camp (WCC) in California through the Hillsboro Community Baptist Church (HCBC). I met Kyle Gray at WCC and WOLBI NY. I attended HCBC from 1999 to 2004. In summary, CCBC led me to Hillside which led me to HCBC.

In 2000, because I felt like I read all the books in the house which I didn't, because I wanted to try new things, because I wanted to meet new people, because I wanted to have even cooler adventures as the COOL KID, I exited my homeschooling career and begun attending the Forest Grove High School (FGHS) in Forest Grove, Oregon, home of the Vikings. Because my dad got me a camcorder, I started making videos with Ra Ra. I made music videos. I made Valentines 2000, I Want It & I Want It Now, etc.

In 2001, because I broke my 2000 camcorder, because dad got me a second camcorder, I was able to film Gangster Run starring Red Dog and also my brother. I also filmed Cat's Life. I also made other videos too.

In 2002, because I had a camcorder, I filmed at my high school (FGHS), at churches, and other places too. We made the Phenomenon movie.

In 2003, because Tiffany Cumbo died, it felt like my heart broke into a million pieces. It was like a hole when I lost Bhakti in 1994 but the Tiffany hole in 2003 was even bigger. Because I had a camcorder, I filmed the yearbook videos.

In 2004, because of my HCBC youth group, I moved to New York to study at the Word of Life Bible Institute (WOLBI). I was going to stay there forever but then Kazu Kato said no. But stuff happened. In summary, because I attended CCBC, that led to Hillside which led to HCBC which led to WOLBI.

In 2005, because I was at WOLBI, I was able to be counselor at Snow Camp during the winters of 2005 and 2006. I was also a counselor for The Ranch during the summers of 2005 and 2006. I was also a counselor at WCC the summer of 2005 which I previously attended as a camper from 1999 to 2003.

In 2006, because I was at WOLBI, because I met the President of Appalachian Bible College (ABC), Dan Anderson, at WOLBI, that led to me running off to West Virginia to study how to be a youth pastor at ABC, I worked with Sawyer Frye, Jennifer Moore, Rick Golden, etc. I wanted to stay there forever. But then stuff happened. I got bad grades. I was consumed with finding more jobs, money, colleges, etc.

In 2007, because my younger sister, Kenni, got me a job at The Salvation Army's Camp Kuratli at Trestle Glen in Boring, Oregon, that led me to attending the Western Youth Institute (WYI) in California in August of 2007 where I met Lincoln Hawk who got Rob Noland to hire me for Revolution Hawaii in Manoa near to a SA headquarters outside of Honolulu, Oahu. Rob has said he came close to not hiring the crazy oatmeal figure, meaning my alter ego. Rob said he was interested in Joey Arnold but not in crazy oatmeal. That is understandable.

In 2008, because I worked at Kuratli in 2007, I ended up returning to work again with Mike Kurtz, Heidi Dixon, etc. Lincoln Hawk talked about having me work for him in Long Beach, California. Lincoln was and probably still is a youth pastor at the Salvation Army corps church there. I ended up not moving to California despite my desire to get as close to Hollywood as possible. Growing up in the 1990s, California was always that dream paradise. I've since changed my views on Cali due to the fact it's been falling apart. Because my younger sister, Kenni, was already in Portland, Oregon (PDX), because Kenni was moving out, I was able to move into her old apartment at room number 414 at the Alder Housing Apartments in PDX. I started working at Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub and also the Daniel A. Grout Elementary School.

In 2009, because I was in PDX, I started hanging out with Nicholas Littlejohn. Because I was in PDX, because I met Blake Webb at Kuratli and Revolution Hawaii in 2007, because I was not in California with Lincoln Hawk, because I was not in West Virginia with ABC, because I was not in New York with WOLBI, Because Kells fired the Hell out of me, because Kells stole my bike with a Mexican dishwasher, because Daniel Grout stole my bike, because Blake Webb became the youth pastor at Moore Street, that led to Blake seeking me out, I started working for him.

In 2010, because Blake Webb died, The Salvation Army's Campbell ended up getting me a job at Camp Redwood Glenn in Scotts Valley, California. Because I was at that camp, I met Farmer Hanna. We performed together in skits. One might argue that led to my depression and downfall. I'm not necessarily saying what happened. We don't have time to talk about all of that right now. But consider it suffice enough when I say I got fired. Because Blake Webb got me to work at Moore Street with him, I would meet people including Charlotte Battle who allowed me to live at her house. Oddly enough, I moved out of my 2008 apartment in June of that year. I went to camp. I was fired. I moved in with Battle. I wanted to stay in California and live there forever but then stuff happened. Because I was living at Battle's house, I was able work with Nicholas Becker who I knew from my high school (FGHS). Nick was also helping me with my Arnold Attic project during the fall of 2010. Well, Nick was trying to copy my DVDs to hard drives. He said something went wrong with his hard drives. After that, he returned all or most of my discs back to me.

In 2011, because I felt not happy living with Battle, because I felt like I needed to do other things, because I felt a combination of thoughts and feelings, I decided to move back into the ghetto where I grew up in in Forest Grove, Oregon. Matt Smith who owes me over $10K or $20K helped me. I moved back in with my dad in the same trailer house I grew up in. I worked for my dad in landscaping like I used to on and off since the 1990s and beyond. Because I was living in PDX since 2008, because I auditioned for Comcast Wanted Adventure Host, I was able to meet Brent Groth, he called me up in 2011 out of the blue and we started building the Mea Omnia website via GoDaddy and Wordpress (who banned me later on). We ended up abandoning Mea Omnia around 2013 or 2014.

In 2012, because I ended up in prison thanks to Robin Baker, because I wanted to escape Brent Groth, because of Joy Sanchez, because I wanted to travel the world, because of a number of things, I moved to Vietnam to teach at New Star in Bac Ninh.

In 2013, because I was in Vietnam, I started meeting more and more Vietnamese people including Hanoi Anna who introduced me to people in Hà Nội, Thành phố Hòa Bình, and Thanh Hóa. Because I was Hanoi, I was able to meet Honey who invited me to Saigon. I flew down there to Ho Chi Minh City. I went to her hometown for a week for Tet. Because I was in Saigon, I was able to get my first 4 jobs in Saigon being Tan Van, New Star, Leaf Pagoda, and a program at a famous high school. Because I was in Saigon, I was able to meet people like Kathy Bike, Fellowship Youth Group (FYG), Anna Barbie, my lawyer student guy with glasses. I was able to buy and lose several bikes.

In 2014, because I was at the Leaf Pagoda since 2013, I was able to have a big fight with them, I was able meet Dai Trinh, I was able to get banned off Another side of Vietnam (ASOV) on Facebook, I was able to get in a fight with Remi Cafe. Because I started working with FYG in 2013, I was able to work at and teach at Mr. Ribs BBQ restaurant in district 4. Because cops kicked me out of that restaurant, I was homeless sleeping at that Circle K in District 4. Because I was at Circle K and possibly out of my mind, I ended up getting in a fight with people which led to cops arresting me. The cops broke my glasses. The cops were going to imprison me. I was already in prison back in 2012. Because I was homeless for a few months or less, I was able to meet people who tried helping me look for a new place, one old man ended up helping me run into Old Ink. I yelled at that old man. Because I started sleeping at Old Ink, I started teaching English for free at the 23/9 Park.

In 2015, because I was often teaching at the 23/9 Park, I was able to meet many people including Thuy who I had a crush on and Lego Mark. Because I was kicked out of Old Ink, I was out asking everybody for help again, FYG was helping me look. Others were helping as well. I was unable to extend my passport visa.

In 2016, because I was homeless, because the family of Anna Barbie insisted again and again so many times, I let them try to help me fix my alleged visa problem or whatever it was or wasn't, I gave them all of my money which was over a thousand dollars which they ended up wasting on things. Don't get me wrong, we had many adventures. We had fun. But my visa was not extended in 2016. Because I was watching Crash Course videos by Hank Green and his brother, because I was watching other videos too about history and what not, I ended up running into Infowars Alex Jones. I don't know exactly how but at least by like March of 2016 I was listening to Alex. I was endorsing Trump by April.

In 2017, because I was still looking for help, I ended up finding a Vietnamese lady who allegedly extended my passport visa for roughly $500 or maybe more than that. With that, I was able to exit Vietnam. As I returned to America on Thanksgiving Day via a California airport, I was detained, a lady looked through my bags. I do not know exactly why they stopped me for this search and not other people. I moved back in with my dad like I did in 2008 and 2011. YouTube suspended my Ojawall channel.

In 2018, because I was unable to get my 44 Arnold Attic VHS video cassette tapes, I ran off to live with my mom in Shelton, Washington. Because I was in Shelton, I was able to help with the music store's website. I was also able to help with the church's website. I helped Larry build a book shed and empty my mom's storage unit. I was able to help out with housework, yard work, landscaping, chores, gardening, canning. YouTube suspended my JoeyArnoldVN channel.

In 2019, because I was in Shelton, I was able to continue helping with projects around the house. Because I was there, I was able to find and begin copying over Arnold Attic related video tapes. I wasn't able to get the video tapes in Oregon in 2018 but was able to find additional video tapes in Shelton. I was also copying and scanning pictures, drawings, writings, etc. As a family historian, author, writer, and as I build my autobiography, this is what I do. Because I was attending that church, I was able to lead adult Sunday school a few times, I was able to help with their youth group through to 2022.

In 2020, because I attended that church, I was able to help out at the Roundtree place with the clams, yard work, chicken house building, Apples To Apples, basketball hoop construction, etc.

In 2021, because I attended that church, I was able to help people knock down a bunch of trees at a farm.

In 2022, because Dead Wing Dork made a video about me on Valentines, that led to me making reaction videos and other videos too which led to me joining Memes World Productions. Also, I was featured in Chrissie Mayr's Simpcast a few times as well. I started using SnapChat and TikTok a lot. YouTube suspended my JoeyArnold7 channel.

In 2023, because I walked several miles to hop on a bus, I was able to meet up with my brother in Oregon, he visited Las Vegas, we went to see our dad in Forest Grove. We were able to find the 44 Arnold Attic tapes. We went to see Sharon Hundley, Karen Williams, Ted Picket. We visited Seattle. Rick took me out so I could practice driving. I helped Larry build fences and gardens.

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