Nigeria! My Country

Planet earth is forever developing and human population is never on its lag phase. This to an extent must be considered in order to prepare for whatever that may come in the future.

I'm from the southern part of Nigeria which is rich in mineral resources.
No doubt about the fact that our country has had many incompetent leaders, both state and national levels, but we still endured the tenures and moved on with our lives.
Amidst the incompetencies, there exist many good qualities and favours offered by both the people and the land (Nigeria).
Truth must be told, I have never in any way experienced earthquakes or flooding or any natural disaster caused by man or nature. That is a very well considered fact which many countries are not experiencing.
Yes, we have terrorists ravaging some parts of the norths, but where I come from, there's nothing of that nature.
You must be wondering, what's my religion.
I'm a Christian from birth and my region is Christian-dominated, meaning that we value lives and love one another for whatever the Lord does for us.

Earlier this year, the government dominated by the Muslim and the people of the north inflicted different varieties of pains on the entire people of Nigeria. They made it known to everyone that the use of old Naira notes designs ranging from 200-1000 Naira notes must not serve as part of the country's currencies on or before 11th February, even with the high cost and scarcity of fuel or petroleum products.
The entire country was running helter skelter, a very excited random state full of confusion and dismays.
For many people operating locally, it seemed like hell door was left open above their heads.
People packed their hard earned money to the banks, hoping that the bank would exchange it to the new design, but the reverse was the case.
After the month of February, the entire country ran out of cash, leading to heavy drop in business.
Yes, the standard of living dropped to over 400% even with the current over -400% inflation rate.
How will the people survive?
Is this life worth living?
What is wrong with our leaders?
I am not proud of my country for this action because, many people (including me) suffered so much for survival.
The government has failed, the supreme court has failed, online banking system failed, the offline banking system failed, our leaders failed, our military and paramilitary failed, everyone failed Nigeria, the president failed.
If you ask me if I would love to travel out of Nigeria, the answer is yes and yes till infinity.
Our leaders have no future plan for the youths. The economy does not make room to favour youths but instead, it has big possibilities of enslaving them or confining them to becoming soldiers, as if we are fighting war.
The most annoying part of it all is the rate at which the politicians are creating division among the people, leading to the acknowledgement of the differences religiously, tribal and ethnicity.
Damn, am not proud of the current Nigeria.
The entire system is working upside down. Truth must be told.

Thanks for reading my entry post to Neoxian city writing challenge round 3.
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Have a great day.

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