Run By Osojsko Lake (Ossiacher See)

Sunday morning run by Osojsko jezero (lake) in Slovenian or Ossiacher See in German, actually Austrian since we were in Carinthia.

I woke up at 7 am. Yet, it was 6 am for real since the stupid daylight saving time stepped in action over the night. These no-good politicians can lock us down in an instant yet are not able to keep a simple promise and get rid of the clock change thing. Disgusting.

OK, enough of bickering. The run was great. Some of it on asphalt and some on a beautiful path almost by the lake shore.

Almost because you can't reach the shore. It is a private property and without trespassing you can't touch the water. Unless you are crazy enough to wade into the marsh.

Eh ... Let the photos speak.

Northwestern-most corner of the lake with St. AndrΓ« just across the water and Landskron hill behind it.

The path here is well kept and marked with the signposts.

Too bad this stretch is short. It should be the same all around the lake :)

There is a camping site near by which is closed in the off season. They don't allow dogs so we wouldn't be staying here anyway.

Do you wish for more recreation and sports and adrenaline? No problem, there is a tennis center with outdoors and indoors facilities.

Two tandem paragliding agencies door to door. It's your decision whom to trust.

And ... Gerlitzen ski resort, of course. That's why we were here in the first place.

At 9 am I was already ridding the gondola to the hilltop.

It was a beautiful day!

Ps: I might reuse the photo above. It turned out just perfect.

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