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Hello everyone! ğŸ˜Ž

LMAC community is on vacation, but members have the option to create freestyle collages. Here's one of mine.

Nothing special, no philosophy or meaning behind this collage, I was just trying to visualize the current state of the crypto world we are in right now. Bears, bulls, earnings, crashes, from one extreme to the other, like we're all eating crazy mushrooms ...

Lucky I'm just a blogger and don't bother with it too much :)

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Sources for the collage


LMAC Gallery

Contributed to the #LIL by @quantumg.

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The creation process

Note: Due to problems with Image Hoster, I have been forced to search for objects elsewhere than in the LMAC gallery. I hope this will be fixed soon.

I made the collage in Photoshop.
First I found the background elements, processed them accordingly and then added the other objects to the layers.

Hope you have fun!

LIL Beneficiaries:

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If you are interested in my previous collages, here are the videos for each year in the LMAC community:

LMAC2020 | LMAC2021 | LMAC2022 | LMAC2023

My contribution to LIL - LMAC Image Library.

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