My LMAC2021

Hello everyone!

Video mix of my collages in Let's make a collage community in 2021.

I'm preparing a new template for the LMAC posts to reduce the mess of links in the footer.
So, I divided all my posts into years and for each year there is a mix with links.

LMAC2020 | LMAC 2021 | LMAC 2022 I LMAC2023

Here are links to my all (40) collages from 2021.

Rescue, Witch In Town, Penguins In The Ice, After Hours, White Dust, Attack, Beasts, Kindergarten, Hypo AR, The Nest, The Recipe, Hypnotized Frogs, Steampunk, Beerland, Modeler, ChimpKong, Magic, Drama, Holidays, Climbers, Nuclear, Bad Dream, Laugh, They're Coming, Relax, New Season, Mixzone, Flowerpop, Victimizing, Hyperloop, Triangle, Wormhole, Halloweenish, Vibrations, Exercise Zoom, Special, Collector, Expedition, Picnic, Reality

Background music is created by me with a help of Boomy AI.


LMAC2020 | LMAC 2021 | LMAC 2022 I LMAC2023

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