Ready to power up on next month despite of grim situation in crypto market.

Greetings friends!

This is one of the toughest time for the cryptocurrencies. World economy is already down and collapse of FTX has made situation worse. FTX issue is just a big blot on cryptos whole eco system. It is an example of manipulation, greed and lack of security on crypto market. Security had been the main concern on which cryptos claimed that they are the safest thing as they are decentralized and fully convertible. However, FTX and similar issues had exposed them time and again.

It is a bitter truth that investors' faith have shaken on cryptos. That's why market is down and it seems that it won't recover soon. Despite of it. I have firm confidence on Hive as it is more than a crypto. It is not only fast but also provide free transactions. That's why I am powering up on 1st day of the next month to celebrate #hpud. I hope others will also follow me and make #hive great again.

Thank you!

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