Comedy Open Mic Round 5: Winners Announcement

Round 6 Has Already Began With 40 HBD In Rewards


The quality of posts in this community has been great and it gets better each week. Each round ends with me having a difficult time picking the winners. It's a problem I welcome having, so thank you for posting in this community and showing it support. So, without further delay.

Here Are The Winners of Round 5

Jester Award (20 Hive): @deeanndmathews - Comedy Open Mic Round 5: How To Have the Summer Olympics In Your Own Back Yard
The Bromedian Award: - (4 $BRO from @brofund): @rubido - Getting Medieval
The Joker Award (10 Hive): @hugetiny - Who is the Doctor Who "Looks Like" Kevin Spacey?
Honorable Comedians: 2 Hive each

@rayt2 - What A Fool I Am- No It's Not Funny

@oldsoulnewb - The Great Modem Reset

@por500bolos - Hey! should I mint this Piece Of Art as a highly must have NFT? ¿Would you buy it?

@blanchy - Special Investigation : Fear Grows As LeoFinance Developers Are Thought To Be Stuck in some Kind of Conference Call Space Prison.

@zeraton - Meet Jessica, my A.I Girlfriend: A ComedyOpenMic Contest entry.

Special Valentine Rewards

@lisfabian (4 HBD) - Things that happen dragicomedy of love [En - Es]

@diebitch (2 HBD) - How Valentine's day came about - Fake News

@jessicaossom (2 HBD) - Valentine's Day

@lordtimoty (2 HBD) - Comedy Open Mic Round 5: #valentinescomedy

Your rewards should arrive shortly from the @com-fund and @thisismylife

Round 6 is up and running

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Make sure to check out @improv's latest Punday Monday and comment your best toys pun for a chance to win 1 SBI and 2 HBD. The last round's winner is @doctorcrypto.

The rewards from this post will go to @com-fund so they could be used to fund future contests.

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