Now am in love

"Now I have a man," she ponders tilting her face to Maxwell. His wild look causing cold chills on her spine as his dreadlocks tinted grey flicks over his head. "You seem very happy," he moans caressing her cheek although bewildered about what's going through her thoughts.


Maybe it's every woman's dream to be loved and cared for. Maybe it has always been her dream to wake in the morning and find the man after her heart lying next to her with nothing but a cute face and amazing appearance like Maxwell and today, just this moment it feels like she's the most fortunate lady on planet earth beside him.


Last night, they made love even after they had been making out the whole day and it never bored her neither did it occur to her that she's supposed to be somewhere this morning, her office. "I don't feel like spending a minute without you by my side" she confess rolling closer to him.

Her light skin is bleaching by his touch, her eyes fades into solace just as he kisses her neck and his erected penis beneath the duvet turns her on over and over again. He clasps her keister with both hands as she climbs on top of him then they make love one more time till the alarm hits 6am.

Nothing changes in our life until we start living the life we once upon a time imagined. "Isn't it beautiful? He squeaks as they both soaks themselves in their sweat, precum and squirts. "What's beautiful? She exclaimes rolling beside him to properly catch his eyes,. "Loving you" he moans closely to her left ear.

They both chuckle on their faces before it dawns on her, "Christ Jesus! She exclaimes, "It's past time for work" she continues as she kisses him one more time then races into the bathroom. "Can I come in" Maxwell mocks giggling, "Then you want me to get fired from work" she bellows.


When love happens, nothing else matters not even those fears we've worn all our lives. It brings this shimmers of life and happiness in our faces and for a moment, our perceptions about life breeds nothing but perfection, trust in someone and a whole lots of peace within and without.

She rushes out of the bathroom, finds Maxwell shaving on the balcony then hugs him from behind. "Come see me in the office" she requests turning him to face her, "How about I come pick you up from work," Maxwell suggests with a frown on his face to ridicule her. "Are you trying to ask me for a date after work? She giggles, "Not exactly," he cuts in grasping her keister, "Am asking for a night out for honeymoon" he moans softly to her ear.


They both burst into intense laughter before strolling into the room. "Don't be late" she warns pointing her pinky then he clasps it with his pinky too as they share a French kiss.

She has never been this happy for a long time and it really brightens her soul like that of a teenager who's falling and knowing what love feels for the very first time although she's mature enough to know that sometimes love changes like seasons same way feelings changes too but for now, all that matters to her is to enjoy this moment without the worries of tomorrow and its betrayer for as long as it will last.

Her name isn't important, what's important is that a beautiful soul is in love
Thank you for appreciating this love

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