Alive And Thriving - September 20 2022 - Awesome Posts Collection


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Alive And Thriving - September 20 2022 - Awesome Posts Collection

Welcome to our daily curation report featuring awesome content posted with the #AliveAndThriving tag in the We Are Alive Tribe, and moderated by Team Alive.

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Would you agree with @mell79 that helpful people are happy people? Find out more on her insights on the topic.

@castri-ja travels around for work reasons. Lucky him! Do take a look at the photos and stories he shares. He's definitely worth the follow.

Being a working mom is no easy feat. @karizma does it well as she shares with us a new learning and her busy day filled with activities.

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Autumn is here. @davidxxl shared a colorful post consisting of his joyous welcome of Autumn season and the past celebration of feast of the patron saint of Naples, San Gennaro.

The troubles of the world. @truth2 shared it's opening about life and the current situation presented to everyone by the COVID-19 post effect.

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