Helpful People Are Happy People

Greetings to all readers and the community. Why is it that helping others makes us happy? Have you ever thought about it?It is a delusion that we may always be joyful after doing anything to benefit someone else.

It's hard to say why we help, since it just happens. Helping others enables us to become better individuals. It is good to be different from some people who can be really selfish and self-centered.

However, it's important that we all identify the charitable endeavours that actually make us happy. The majority of our time ought to be spent doing this. Helping others can bring us great joy, help us understand human nature much better, and ultimately help us immensely.

As for me, I don't know why I help, but if I was able to, it just happened. If I'm unable to assist, I'll feel like a loser. I don't just help though; I have a special intuition that tells me whether or not to.

It is also about human survival in general. we want our traits to be passed on to the next generations. Family and those close to us are generally prioritized, yet the desire to help extends to everybody. When there is no option between human and animal existence, animals are also considered.

I'd also like to point out that assisting others is a part of many ancient religious practices — perhaps in all religions, but certainly in Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and I'm guessing Hinduism. That, I believe, it indicates how important and intertwined such systems have been in humans since ancient times.

Scientifically, Why do we feel happy after helping someone?
It's the smile!
When we help someone, we put a smile or grin on our face and face and feel proud, which produces a hormone in our brain called Serotonin.

We feel relaxed and cheerful as a result of Serotonin. We called it a serotonin rush. I agree with a social worker that society is thought to fill the mind with serotonin, resulting in feelings of serenity and tranquillity.

Obviously! Making others happy is the best way to be happy, as long as you do it from the bottom of your heart and with no expectations.

One of my former coworkers mentioned to me as an entertainer,
"When you workout, endorphins flood your brain." Dopamine is released when you do something you enjoy.

You assist others, and serotonin bathes the brain. When you fall in love, the hormone oxytocin is released." A happy life requires all four components. And I have to agree with him.

Giving to others generates oxytocin, a hormone that induces feelings of connection, empathy, and love on a neurochemical level. That is why helping others makes us feel good.

I must say, to see someone smile and having a reason for it is sometimes inexplicable. Helping others helps to develop character and integrity. Helping someone is a choice, and choosing to assist anyone that is less fortunate than we is up to the .

However, never expect anything in return. Helping others requires that we give it our all. There is no point in assisting others once you start to regret it. Be genuine, and let God punish those who have been mistreating us after receiving our assistance.

Last but not least, all we need for us to live in peace is for there to be more kind and helpful people. The world is becoming older and everyone seems to be competing with one another for power and position to the point that they lose sight of the people who are below them and in need of assistance.

I'll end here in the hopes that one person may smile today because of us. Be the cause of the continued existence of good and decent people. Be the reason we live honourably so that we can leave a legacy for our children. I hope everyone has a pleasant day and may God bless us all.





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