Alive and Thriving- Mindset Check

Alive and Thriving- Mindset Check


I awoke this morning at 4:30am and headed to the gym. I then proceeded to get some gas before work. My head was clouded with worries of high gas prices, high food prices, my bills and how I'm going to make it. Then I looked up in the sky and I saw a beautiful Sun breaking from behind the clouds. We've been having storms lately and just seeing that sun come out with something special.

The whole world is going through storms right now-be it geopolitical struggle, economic issues, inflation, some people can't get enough food at all, so perspective is key. Mindset is so important, and if we lose focus on what's really going on we can fall into a depression. I'm not personally a depressed person or depressive, but I do get angry sometimes and I do stew in my own juices today was a wake up.

Mindset is something that we have to adjust- my mindset comes from perspective, experiences, success and failures. We need to have a firm foundation upon which we rely and upon which we build. For me, my mindset comes from faith, my past experiences and my future vision. I understand the past happened and I want to build a strong future but I try to remain in the present moment.

Dwelling on what could happen in the future is something that holds us back as it creates anxiety. If our mindset is so focused in the back of our lives or the front and the future we cannot focus on the present. we have to let the past go and we have to focus on the present to build a strong future.


For me personally, I've seen people fall by the wayside and I don't want to be one of them. This could be seen as selfish for me to say this, but it's something that drives me to success. I try to focus on a positive aspect instead of that negative fear aspect but I do acknowledge that's a reality that could happen.

I liken a negative mind state to a storm cloud that's blocking out the Sun. Those storms can be something we focus on but we need to keep perspective. Behind the storm, which is only a thin layer, there's a beautiful Sun sending out energy, warmth, heat and light. That sun blesses the plants with rain to grow, and while a storm might cause flooding and dangerous lightning which may cause accidents on the road, we need to focus on the positives that that storm is presenting.

Your mindset is really going to determine how far you go and it's going to determine your survival. It's going to determine the quality of your life, so focus on the Sun behind the rain clouds and don't focus on anything but the present moment. It's very difficult to do but with practice it can be done.

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Credit: YouTube- Eric Thomas
Channel credit: Motivational Instinct

God is love, bless up 🙏. Did you pray today?

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