My Actifit Report Card: September 20 2022 - I Am Alive Challenge - IAAC #150

A dear greeting to all lovers of physical activities that populate the mythical community of Actifit.

Another day of transition to autumn comes before the opening of the balcony in the morning. The blue sky present some big cloud but of rain is not seen despite the cold air at high altitude. We ended up in a downward channel of high pressure that draws dry air directly from the north pole.

The concrete drop in temperature has benefited this plant that I am stubbornly trying to save on my balcony. I had a lot of them, but that’s all I had left. Despite being a succulent, it suffers very high temperatures and its predilection for the cool is noticed because it blooms in the middle seasons. Today my perseverance gave me a beautiful purple flower. It’s been a long time since it was seen on my balcony.

Yesterday was the feast of the patron saint of Naples, San Gennaro, as almost every year has renewed the rite of the dissolution of the blood of the patron in the glass ampoule in time and this is a good omen for the Neapolitans. We hope that God’s benevolence will extend to the whole world.

Tonight my son Gaetano came to visit me and he is here to accompany me in #iamalivechallenge 150 that today I celebrate in pleasant company #alive. We had one of my baked pizzas together, which I cooked, and then he fell asleep.

Today I did a lot of activity divided into several outings during the day. I did not do the usual jogging because I lost a lot of time between the post office and the supermarket. Tomorrow we start slowly to increase the workload.

Finally I would like to thank all my friends from the tribe of Alive and all the new friends who happened between the lines of my stories for reading my thoughts and see you at the next actifit report.

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