Splinterlands battle challenge: The small but mighty dax paragon

Hello Splinter nerds

The end of chaos legion packs is coming to an end, do not miss the chance to earn/buy and hold some for the future profit because once they are no longer available, the price will sky rocket just like the older packs... Remember the law of supply and demand, the lower the supply or scarcity of a good, the higher the demand and the price of it!

The season is going to end in 24 hours time and i have been battling since yesterday just to get a good spot on the leaderboard but seems impossible to reach but i will keep trying till the season end...No retreat no surrender!


This week splinterlands battle challenge is about one of my favorite low mana life splinter monster called Dax paragon.. It is a two mana monster with two unique abilities....

  • Amplify: This ability is often used in battle, every players want something that can make them overcome their opponent as fast as possible and with this amplify ability, it increases the damage done to the opponent monsters when they attack monsters with either magic reflect, thorns or fire squad...

  • Affliction: My love for affliction is superb, some monsters with the healing power are hard to kill but with the help of the affliction, it stopped them from healing and hence gives me the chance to be able to terminate them easily...

While playing earlier this morning, i had a chance to use the paragon in a battle rule of lost legendaries and what doesn't kill you

Some of this rules name are hard to know, it can be easily figured out that lost legendaries rule set means no legendary monsters will be available for usage in this battle but what of the second rule? If one didn't read it, it would be hard to know that it means all monsters have the enrage ability.. i know the logos though just the name of those rules can be confusing atimes...

battle link

The opponent came with the legendary neutral summoner lux vega and the water splinter while i use the dragon summoner that never miss byzantine kitty plus the life splinter...

Judging with our line up, i guess both of us was expecting the other to use the fire splinter especially with yodin zaku since our line up was to protect our team against the range attackers....

My line up was not that hard to crack and i will be dividing it into three segment....




TheShield bearer, Blinding reflector and Dax paragon were the monsters i use to protect my team, the shield bearer has a taunt ability that attract all attack to him except if the opponent possess the scattershot ability, i had to place blinding reflector in second position because i thought the opponent was coming with blast monster and lastly is the dax paragon which amplify ability will help to take down the opponent faster...




The Truthspeaker is one of the finest healer in the life splinter, she has tank heal, protect and cleanse ability, infact it is still the best protector in the life splinter and her duty is to heal and cleanse, she is a non attack monster... I use her to supply health to the shield bearer and also to cleanse him of any negativity afflicted unto him by the opponent...




Lastly is my mode of attack, i use the sneak mode of attack and i had confidence they won't miss since i am using them with the byzantine kitty... They did really great and all the monsters i use were part of my victory cos without one of them, i might not have seen the positive result....

It was a flawless victory as the opponent could not take down my shield bearer till the end of the battle...

if you want to be a part of this week splinterlands battle challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and ingame

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