Splinterlands - Are Asset Prices Discounted?


This morning I woke up to a big surprise in the price of Hive. The token is now trading close to $1.45 with it reaching as high as $1.54. This has to be a good sign for everything related to Hive right? Or so I had thought.


At first glance Splinterlands tokens on Hive-Engine looks to be reasonable the same price since over night. However take a closer look at each item we can see that based on Hive value they are lower.


DEC to Hive has not been this low since the summer right around the time Splinterlands cards started to rise multiple folds.


SPS to Hive is near an all time low. Yet reminder SPS in $USD price remains close to $0.5 each.


Chaos booster packs that are being sold on the open markets are at a new low with respect to Hive. They still sell way above market price of $4 but no vouchers required.


One of the most limited assets in Splinterlands and highly sought after as it is out of print are plot lands. To think they were being sold for over 1,000 Hives just a month ago and now closer to 550 Hive each. Almost half off in respect to Hive numbers.


Hive price is rising but the Splinterlands assets remain the same. Therefore if one had liquid Hive and wanted to make Splinterlands purchases they would get more assets for the same amount of Hive used today than a month ago. In other words the purchases made in Splinterlands a month ago up until now with Hive may be at a loss while buying in now would likely result in bigger gains down the road.

This is an example that getting involved late into a prospering project does not mean it is a bad thing.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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