Splinterlands - Helpful Links for New Players and Veterans?


When I first started playing Splinterlands the only resource I had at my disposal to learn about cards and abilities was through the game's card library. Although it was informative and the in game data base had every card and all its stats for view the search and filters were not its strong suit. In addition there was no easy way to find cards with specific attributes and abilities.

As more players join in there were some very kind and tech savvy individuals who developed their own way of searching through the in game database and created their own user interface in doing so. The end result is some of the following sites that I will list here for new players and veterans to use if they are unaware of.

SplinterStats' Individual Report Card


This is an amazing site created by @kiokizz for users to review their past season battles and earnings in Splinterlands. It is a statistical list to view how well the player fared in using any and all summoners and monsters during the season. It also includes a summary of their earnings broken down into individual assets and their burn rate DEC value.

The website is an absolute must use for every season because it allows users to learn from their past seasons battles and what statistically worked better. It also helps in summation of all wins and loses. So that the player can learn from what to choose to win more in the next season.

Splinterlands Card Database That is User Friendly

One of the more well known websites for those who look through cards is Splintercards created by @tehox. The website has a great filter and search within the cards of Splinterlands. I love the search abilities page where when you click an ability it will populate the web page with all the monsters that has the specific ability.


There are also tabs for additional info related to everything Splinterlands. Such as prices of DEC token, SPS token, and in game assets. There is also tabs for analyzing pack opening, price range of cards, and multiple tables for consolidated information regarding leveling cards, and what rewards players get per leagues they are associated with.

I have been using Splintercards.com for months if not a year and have always go to it when I look up a specific ability. There is no other website that I know of that comes as close as this when it comes to filtering summoners and monsters through abilities. The website even tells you at what level of the monsters will they earn the specific ability to search to seek.

Wiki Splinterlands

Another database loaded with Splinterlands information is the Splinterlands Wiki. I am aware that @unitqm leads the way in updating and modifying the data that is on this site and it is very recent compare to other web tools of Splinterlands.

The website is filled with tables listing all kinds of information on summoners, monsters, leagues, and so on. It has tabs and drop down menu for easy of searching through the information.


One of the best tabs it has is its "Gameplay" where it has the tutorials to teach players how to play the game. The explainations have details that can not be found in the game unless players dig deep into the game's coding. All in all if veterans like a refresher course or even learn a thing or two that is not visible in the game should check the gameplay tab. While new players is a must to reduce the learning curve of the game.

There are other resources that can help players in bettering themselves in Splinterlands but the ones listed in this post are associated to data analytics of the game. I would also recommend peakmonsters.com as they have some of this info on their website too, but I consider that website more of a cards markets website.

If veteran players who read this post know of any other useful links on Splinterlands Stats please drop them down on the comments section so that we can all learn from each other.

Until next time thanks for reading and carry on playing Splinterlands!!!

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