Splinterlands - Securing Your Cards From Hackers


As Splinterlands cards are appreciating there will be more outsiders planning and strategizing on how to hack and or steal players' cards. Splinterlands has been developing tools within its platform to protect player's assets and very specifically player's cards.

One specific tool is the card lock. In the example to follow we will go through a quick and easy way to lock up your cards in case your account gets hacked.

How To Lock Up Card?


In Splinterlands go to your cards and select the card you wish to lock up. In this example I am using the Water Elemental. I have 6 cards of this type all ranging from level 1 through 4. Currently they are not locked. I select the cards by clicking the white box and then hover over the lock icon and select.


There will be a new window that pops up. It will list all the criteria when you lock up a card/s.


The window will list how many in quantities you have selected to be locked up. And there is a text entry box for you to pick 1 - 30 days of lock up. The jest of it is if you put in 30 days it will take 30 days of waiting after your next unlock for the card to be able to sell, burn, or transfer. So in my example if I pick 30 days and click green icon lock the six Water Elementals are now locked and can not be taken out of my Splinterlands account. In order for me to sell, burn, or transfer the card I need to select unlock of the cards and wait 30 days. The waiting is what allows users who did have their accounts hacked to have time buffer to react. Minimum is 1 day but maximum is 30 days.

You maybe wondering if I lock my cards up would I not be able to use them normally like any other card that is not locked? The answer is no, the card still works the same way as any other card in your account. Only major differences are you can not sell, transfer, or burn the card/s until you unlock it and wait until lockup time expires. This means playing the card, delegating the card, or renting out the card is all still possible even if the card is locked.

How To Quickly Lockup Many Cards?

As your account grows so will be the amount of cards you holding. In Splinterlands you can only select one monster or summoner at a time to lock up. However using peakmonsters.com you can do as much as 350 individual and different monster or summoner cards.


Once you signed into your Splinterlands account through peakmonsters.com you can then select multiple cards in your collection to lock. First step in the left are empty boxes, press shift and select the top box of a card and the lowest box of another card to select that range of cards. This avoids you from pressing each card box individually. Second step is to click on the stack file icon on top right where it lists the amount of cards you selected. Third step is go to "others" and click. In the new drop down menu click lock and a new window will pop up.


Similar to Splinterlands the new window lists disclaimers for locking up cards and allows you to select 1 - 30 days for lock up. By default it is set to 5 days. I set 30 days and click "confirm" button. Then let peakmonsters go through each card to lock up for the amount of time you selected. Note you can only select up to 350 cards before peakmonsters doesn't work properly in locking up cards.

A recommendation is to select a series of cards and lock those up as each group if you plan to do a bulk lock up.


This lock up of your cards does not safe guard them from being stolen. It is just an extra layer of protection by delaying the inevitable if and when the account could be hacked. However the time delay in not allowing user to transfer, sell, or burn the cards will be enough time for the real owner to get back their account and take control of their cards.

Lock up currently only does cards. It will also do Gladiator cards even though by default you can't transfer or sell those cards. Still they can be burned for DEC so lock up function is enable for Gladiator cards.

Lastly its important to always remember to safe guard your pass codes and login credentials. The is your first and most important line of defense. lock up of cards is an added layer of security and definitely use it as it does more help than harm.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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