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For those who maybe new to the game and unaware Splinterlands has a mobile app in google play and apple store. I have an iphone and have use the apple ios version on a daily basis. I have been using the mobile month for over half a year and can say there a lot of good features that the mobile app has but has yet to be implemented on the website. Today we look at the pros of using the mobile app.

Free App...


Although it is not clearly shown that the game is decentralized. Furthermore the game does not even talk about how it has NFTs and operate on a blockchain.


Splinterlands like many other popular video games are free to download and actively playing. However in order to actually earn any assets that have potential value you have to pay $10 for a spell bock to start learning.


Formation Screen Pros

One of the best features on the mobile app is the setup of battle formations. When you start off selecting your summoner and monsters it is similar to what is done on notebook. However there a few additional features in the formation screen that currently only exists in app.

Mana limitations. When the monsters I can select exceeds the amount of mana in battle the mana number on the card turns red. It will not allow me to select the card as the red number indicates if use it will exceed the limit mana set in match.


For instance snapshot above shows the bottom right two monsters are have their respective mana number red and cards gray out. It is at this point in formation setup that the game is warning me that I can not pick those gray out cards to be used as that would exceed the mana limit for battle.

In addition the formation page will also at times pop out tips to help players play the game better. This is helpful for those who have just started playing the game to learn about tips in the game.


When all positions in formation is filled the selections of monsters is grayed out. This helps players know the formation is set. If player does not want a specific monster in the formation they can remove it and the monsters automatically get un-grayed and allowed to be selected to be use in formation.


Battle Screen


Since the phone has a much smaller screen than a computer I would have expected less icons on the battle screen in the mobile version. However it actually shows everything that is in the computer version but compact. The total mana for match and rule sets are at the top. While my name and my opponent's name underneath with associated summoners. Followed by each other formations.



The animations of each attack is smooth and crisp. Music and sound effects were the same too, but I had my turned off after a few battles. This can be done at hope page under options.


Although I have brought up the pros of using the dapp there are a couple of major drawbacks with it. I am not sure if the google play is the same as I was only able to use the iphone app.

The app can not collect daily SPS air drop. Up at the top right of the home page the only numbers shown are the credits and DEC. The SPS number is only visible if users use the website.

In addition to no air drop there is also no links in the app to join even tournaments or brawls. Only on the website can one access these play 2 earn options.

Overeall I use the app daily but when I have to collect airdrop or partake in a game or two I bring out the computer to perform. Still mobile is the future as people have more mobile phones than they do computers. In addition since mobile is portable people can bring the Splinterlands game with them where ever they go as long as they have internet.

If I had to rate the app best out of 5 stars I would give it 4 stars. Its just a big handicap not being able to collect air drop, no playing tournaments, and no brawls.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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