Splinterlands - Find Current Best Card Deals?


I personally use Peakmonsters.com daily and have been on it for some years but somehow I overlooked one of the best tools in searching for card deals. While following Peakmonster's twitter account I stumbled on something fascinating when they responded to a fellow Splinterlands player.


Reference: https://twitter.com/peakmonsters/with_replies

With that new found info I set into the buy tab and compare to search for latest best card deals on peakmonsters.


Peakmonster's Buy Market

Snapshot above shows how to get to the comparison list of cards currently on the market. There is a filter for the following selections:


Lets focus on a couple of these comparison to see how easy this all really is. For instance many players who are in search of getting the best bang for the buck with respect to collection power would use the "Best CP/cost ratio".


The results are very fascinating. Exclude Chaos Agent as that is a fluke in the API pricing, the lowest cost per CP is Twilight Basilisk. From this it appears their is one at 71.942 CP per $1USD. I then click on the magnifying glass for Twilight Basilisk to check for that card:


Unfortunately the API pricing was not up to date but the lowest cost currently was closer to 70 CP / $1USD. Still this is very helpful tool to find cards that earn the most CP with the less cost.

Lowest Price Per BCX


Another nice comparison is "lowest price per BCX" for those players trying to max level cards at the lowest cost possible. The search results lead us to many of the current reward cards being less than $0.10 per BCX. (For those that are unaware a BCX is basically a level 1 card of that summoner/monster. In order to level up the card there is a requirement of how many BCX to reach the next level. The amount of BCX to reach next level is dependent of the card's series and rarity.)

Price Above Burn


To see how much higher in DEC buy price of a card compared to its burn rate I would look at "price above burn". Ignoring Chao Agent as API pricing is incorrect it is fascinating that not a signal card currently being sold is less than twice its DEC burn rate.

If curious for convenience the chart below lists the DEC burn rate per card and dependent on its series, rarity and foil version.


Gold VS Foil % Difference


Ever curious how much more a gold foil of a card is compared to its regular foil? That is where "gold vs foil % difference" comes in. Although we are not comparing apples to apples exactly here worth mentioning that the gold foil will start at higher level and stats compare to regular level so it takes less BCX of gold to max level a card.

Alpha Vs Beta % Difference


This next one "alpha vs beta % difference" I wish I had known it much sooner. This comparison allows us to easily visualize which cards in the alpha series is currently cheaper than the beta series. Current search found that the Naga Warrior and Silvershield Knight had the alpha version slightly cheaper than that of the beta version.


I have mostly been using Splintercards.com and daily price feeders when it comes to searching card sales. However after stumbling upon Peakmonster's comparison tool I am now hooked to using it more. I can quickly find the best deal in current market whether based on collection power, BCX, foil version, and many other comparisons.

In case you were wondering there is also a filter system that can comb down to specific cards I want to compare.


Not only will I be on peakmonsters daily but I will be on it a lot longer with the new things I find on it each passing day. If you are in need of a tool to determine if a card's deal is a real deal then check it out for yourself. Its free to use as long as you sign in to your account on peakmonsters. I recommend using Hive Keychain tool to sign in.


Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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