Playing some Splinterlands


Hello Chris here, I have been playing some Splinterlands and this is my first post in the Splinterlands community. More accurate I started some 6 months ago, but lost some motivation and haven't played for 3 months or so. Gave it some games yesterday as I wanted to try it again. I found it fun and entertaining first months as I like to play some Heartstone occasionaly, but not sure what happended, just stopped and forgot to pick it up again I guess.

Sharing some of my battles yesterday, as they went really good as I won, of course only at the start maybe that's why it was easy hehe.😃

Battle link

Battle link

Battle link

If you have any tips for a new player for what to do with my earnings, should I just stake it or sell for Hive when only playing for fun, any suggestions from big players @tobetada or @heroldius? And card rewards should I sell or rent them out? And I will take any tip on cards I should accuire that will make it easier to win or more enjoyable to play.😃

Images are screenshots by me playing Splinterlands :

Please do follow if you want to keep up with my next post. Any upvotes or reblogs are hugely appreciated!


Kristiansand, Norway

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