Freeneedling Challenge Featured Posts & Winners Announced!!


What a joyous time we had reading all of your wonderful entries. It was refreshing getting away from the tutorials to just sit back and relax as we got to know the needler behind the fabric more. 😊

We appreciate the different style approaches to this challenge and the many emotions we felt while reading. Your efforts showed in how you stepped out of your normalities and entered into a time of just freestyle sharing and going with the flow.

I’m sure for some it felt weird not sharing the steps or using a pattern but it was great to hear at the end of your posts that you had a good time with this challenge overall.

I am excited to highlight our top 5 Winners along with 3 other entrants who received a bonus reward for their enjoyable post!

Shall we began? 😃

Our Bonus Winners!

Crochet 101: Freeneedling

by @herkeepsake

@Marblely and I felt if there were a sixth place winner it would be @herkeepsake. I really enjoyed her style of writing and the fact that she took the time to do two freeneedling projects really hit the mark. She took the time to explain how freehanding makes her feel and she also shared the activity she likes to partake in while doing so. Her granny squares and scrunchies were all beautifully crafted.

Rewarded 4 HIVE & 1 HBD


by @blezyn


We learned that when @blezyn is crocheting it’s hard for her to turn away from her work to get other chores done 😂. We also learned about the activity she likes to do while crafting. She’d rather not use patterns but instead go with the image she sees in her head. She doesn’t settle for less but instead puts her all into what she loves to do until it is exactly how she pictured. She’s the Ms. Originality of NeedleWorkMonday! 😍

Rewarded 2 HIVE

Los colores del arte / The colours of art

by @inici-arte


@Inici-arte shared with us her contributions to a theme she participated in (artsinviolence).

The heart would represent the self-affection and the colours would be the many personal experiences over the years... And in spite of everything it still keeps its shape and is extraordinary in its own way.

I thought this was a very beautiful way to represent such a topic. She also shared how this project connected with the many amigurumis she previously created with the very same yarns.

Rewarded 2 HIVE


Our Top 5 Winners!



NeedleWorkMonday Challenge My Freeneedling

by @jurich60


This post was so touching and inspirational. We learned that @jurich60 made this hat for a neighbor who was in need of relief. She saw the need and immediately began crocheting this gift. It was great to know she had a relaxing time doing this good deed and that the recipient was very grateful. How wonderful it is that we can use our talents to bless others! 🤗

Rewarded 8.043 HIVE & 1.22 HBD


[SPA-ENG] Freeneedling by Antonieta García 🧵

by @lunaticanto


The love of fashion came at a young age for @lunaticanto. Although her life took different and unexpected turns she still found her way back to what she loved the most.

I was born to believe in myself and in my abilities and to create great things with my hands.

It was nice seeing one of her original beautiful designs in this post. I also enjoyed learning about the word ikigai, Japan’s secret to a long and happy life. I think you will enjoy it to. 😃

Rewarded 12.064 HIVE & 1.83 HBD


¡Bordado en cinta dedicado al jardín de mi Madre donde fui muy feliz! 🌷 🌹 🥀 🌻 🌼 🌸 Embroidery on ribbon dedicated to my Mother's garden where I was very happy!

by @carolinacardoza


Wow, another heart warming post! This was such a sweet read about the gift @carolinacardoza made for her mother. The beautiful flower embroidered ribbon represents the love of flowers her mother has as well as the variety of flowers in her garden. Carolina was able to think on childhood memories as she created this beautiful detailed gift that will be presented to her mother when she visits her soon. ♥️

Rewarded 16.086 HIVE & 2.44 HBD


NeedleWorkMonday’s Freeneedling Challenge! My Freeneedling session, knitting without needles

by @jicrochet


@Jicrochet has really been focusing on personalizing her publications and helping the reader get to know her better. She is one of the most determined person I have ever met and I get truly inspired by her. Although one of her hands is currently casted up she did not let that stop her from participating in this challenge. I am so amazed that she managed to finger knit and create such a gorgeous necklace all without a pattern. I know she is very proud of her accomplishment…I surely am! 🤩

Rewarded 20.108 HIVE & 3.05 HBD


In memory of my mother // En memoria a mi mamá

by @tibaire


Oh dear where do I start with this one. This post was such a tear jerker full of different emotions. @Tibaire shared her lovely story of how her mother’s love of needle crafts eventually became her own. Even though her mother is no longer here with her physically she lives through every project created by @tibaire and her legacy lives on through the magazines, knitting needles and various supplies she left for her daughter. This is one of the most tender and moving needlework posts I have ever read and it is why we gladly present the first place reward to @tibaire.

Rewarded 24.129 HIVE & 3.66 HBD


Thank you so much to all that participated and made this Challenge a pleasure to read and judge! 😊

We welcome all to continue writing in this way and not be pressured to present a tutorial or step by step in every NeedleWorkMonday publication. However, the rule still stands that newbies need to present at least one post showing the photo process to validate their work . After that you are then free to publish your posts in whichever style that suits you.

We would like to see a little more effort from those who just write tutorials and include nothing further. We will be more strategic on who and how we nominate posts for the OCD incubation program from our Community moving forward.

Please stay tuned as we will be doing monthly challenges right here in the NeedleWorkMonday Community! Whooo Hoo!!


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