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Hello HIVE & Mind Force Gathering Community!
Hope you all doing all right
Welcome to the Voting Post of the
Graffiti Lettering Contest


Shout Out to @saleemju for the wonderful Banner he did for my Contest! Thank you so much!
I love this work and it's now our official banner !

Shout out to @nane-qts for working on some cool Page Dividers for us, as you can see I already started to use some and I decided to set her up as 100% Beneficiary for this post to show my gratitude for her work! Big up @nane-qts!


Voting Post Overview

We recently changed the community where we post the challenge and I wanted to thanks once again @yangyanje for having created such a Community and for making me part of it, I am currently an Admin of the community and will post my Contest there trying to get more people on board! It's a community where everyone is absolutely welcome to stick around and discuss and post about Hip Hop and everything around it! But that's not all, if you go and read the description you'll see that what we're trying to do is much more, we're taking the already existing elements of Hip Hop and elevating them to 7 senses: Auditory, Vocal, Kinaesthetic, Visual, Gustatory or Olfactory and the power of Mind. It's not only about Hip Hop, it's also about Art, about Food, about your Passions, and how they can add value to this world! A worldwide idea to share the same vision, you're welcome to the revolution of the mind!

I just wanted to give a quick explanation about the new community where we post, now let's get back to our Contest!

Wonderful Job everyone with your participations! This week we had less participants than usual but all the entries were very good ! Thanks everyone and keep it UP 😁


Choose your 3 favourite entries and comment under this post, either tagging the 3 participants or simply writing down their username!

Everyone can vote! (Not only the participants!)

Contest Entries can be found scrolling down the post!



Voting Rules

  • Everyone can vote (not only the participants)

  • 3 votes per person

  • Voting open until post expiration (7 days)

  • Comment under this post either tagging or simply writing the username of the 3 participants you want to vote


I will skip the Contest Rules and Contest Overview in this Voting Post, for anyone interested you can check them in the contest post.
The rules and overview will be present in our next Contest #17 next week so no trouble. (I will just skip them in the Voting Posts.)



Contest Entries #16 (WHAT)

Posted following chronological order of entries





Personal comment: What a start for this round! Great work overall! Super lettering, great colours, great effects, Boom, you got my vote here!





Personal comment: Great to see you in the contest again! Cool entry, I like the puppet! Good luck for this round! 😎




Personal comment: Big up for this simple but very cool work! I'm thinking about dropping you my vote here! Thanks for this participation!





Personal comment: What a cute lettering and effects, this is a very cool work! Big up for this great entry! Good luck!





Personal comment: Boom! Like usual @ran.koree is dropping bombs! I might vote for this one because it's next level! Big up my friend! Keep rocking!





Personal comment: Big welcome to the contest first of all! Wonderful start for you I got to say, I really like this clean work, great lettering, nice coloration and cool effects! I'm thinking if I should vote this ehehe!





Personal comment: Hello my friend, you're becoming another veteran of this contest eheh! Simple but cool idea, nice color scheme, Best of luck for this round!





Personal comment: How cool to see you in my contest again! Always happy to have you on board 😄 Very nice work here, simple but catchy, it's very precise and I like it! Best of luck!


Participants & Supporters

A list of people and friends who appreciate, help and support the contest, as well as participants, fans and winners.
Names get added with participation.
I add people to this list so the tag acts as a reminder when I post, I personally appreciate it when I get tagged in contests that I usually participate in, but if anyone prefers not to get tagged please let me know and I will remove the name from the list.
Let me also know if you want to get added to this list! Cheers

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Welcome @clau-de-sign to the contest! Happy to have you on board! 😎



  • 100% of the liquid payout of the contest post will be used for the prizes!

  • Extra 400 ECENCY Points generously sponsored by @trippymane



  • 1st place 0.665 HBD + 150 Ecency points, 2nd place 0.399 HBD + 100 Ecency points and 3rd place 0.266 HBD + 50 Ecency points

  • 3 honourable mentions will be each given 20 Ecency points and 0.15 HBD

  • Every other non-winner will receive 10 Ecency Points as a little consolation prize


Liquid Payout (#17 Contest Post)

The payout will be around 1.33 HBD in15 min, I posted late last week so I'm trying to get back those 15 min posting before the payout, if anything changes in this 15 min I will update the prizes!

This makes the total of the prizes for this run 1.33 HBD + 400 ECENCY Points to be given to the top 3 winners and 3 honourable mentions which as always will be chosen by the community 😁

Let's check it on a nice Graph:




Any delegations to @mind.force are welcome.

10 HP20 HP30 HP100 HP250 HP500 HP1000 HP2000 HP5000 HP



May the voting begin!

Good Luck to everyone!
Thanks for checking out!

Shout out to @nane-qts for the page dividers!
Sout out to @saleemju for the banner!


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