Relaxed "Exclusive" Session .:. Recap of Hive Humpday Hangout Special Edition (Wednesday, January 31)

When I got the idea of doing the "non-recording special edition" show, I thought that I would not have to do this recap post... But, I forgot the fact that I'm giving away some rewards to participants, and I got some nice feedback on the announcement post where people asked for some recap, so here we are... 😃

The show was different as we didn't have a specific topic to talk about, but participants did have some great questions and in the end, we had a massive 1.5-hour show with plenty of great content!!! It looks like this format is very well accepted and I will try to repeat it at least once per month!

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We got a few interesting questions during the show like

  • @chinay04 asked for help and a review of his personal HIVE account, so we shared his blog page and reviewed it together! It was great to see everyone from the audience sharing tips in the chat!

  • @melinda010100 asked everyone if they would like to see ads on Ecency, which led to an interesting discussion about dApps funding... Is it better to do it through ads, or it's better to be funded by DHF, or something else... @achim03 shared a great idea about adding a small beneficiary percentage for every post created with a specific frontend... In that way, they could be funded by users... Maybe that idea is worth trying and implementing. It sounds much more sustainable than the current solution...

  • @travoved asked a question about InLEO and their changes regarding curation rewards for their LEO tokens... As you may know, they have implemented a change for the content that will receive author and curation rewards... So, ONLY content created on InLEO will receive LEO rewards, and all the rest will not... Even if you have added the "leofinance" tag, but you published the post on some other frontend, you will NOT receive LEO rewards! I'm not sure how it works if you publish a 3speak video, so if you know the answer to that, please let me know in the comment section...

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  • @incublus shared his concerns about the HIVE price compared to BTC as the trend is obvious, especially when we zoom out the chart on the longer timeframe... The reason behind that was the problem with onboarding... When a person who sees the chart like that is demotivated to even create an account on HIVE as of its downtrend...
    Of course, that led to a longer discussion about the reasons for joining, viewing HIVE as an ATM, or as a network where you can have fun and make new friends, etc.

  • @travoved asked about exchanges where to buy/sell HIVE, now that Bittrex delisted it, and we have a low volume on Binance which is a valid concern...

  • @melinda010100 asked about Ecency Wave and thoughts about it, and people responded in the chat...

Also, we were talking about Hive Power and curation rewards, as it looks like many people don't realize how curation rewards work... The huge potential of building a stake and earning with it! And also, the snowball effect of it! As the show wasn't recorded, I have probably skipped many other topics that were discussed, so next time, try to not miss the show!

Those who were the most persistent and stayed in the chat even after the end of the show and the "closing music" got something special that they probably didn't expect to get! 😂 A proper blockchain bedtime story! 🤣

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This week, we had a similar number of participants as last time! Including myself, 11-12 people joined the fun in the Ecency Discord, @achim03, @bulkathos, @chinay04, @foxkoit, @incublus, @melinda010100, @mypathtofire, @palomap3, @psyberKID, and @travoved! Thanks everyone for participating!

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Thank you, guys and girls, once again! As a sign of appreciation, I will send some LEN tokens to all participants of the live show! You can pair them with LENM tokens, add liquidity to the diesel pool, and earn rewards! If you want to learn more about the project behind it, check out the @liotes account or visit the Liotes website... Of course, if you are not interested in it, you can sell tokens on the Hive-Engine market... Don't forget to support the Liotes Hive witness!

To encourage more people to come on the mic, I have sent an additional 100 Ecency POINTS to people who shared their thoughts in voice with us (this time, we had 3 people talking in the show, @achim03, @chinay04, and @travoved)!

Special thanks goes to @melinda010100 and @good-karma for providing the space for the event!

Thank you for your time,


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