Be Yourself No Matter What They Say... .:. Recap of Hive Humpday Hangout Ep.04 (Live Show recording)

The first idea for this post title was to use the quote by @palomap3, "We are people with dreams, goals and emotions", but @pravesh0 already announced that he will steal it... šŸ˜ƒ So, I will go with the second best, by Sting... "Be yourself no matter what they say" is a quote from one of my favorite songs, Englishman in New York...

I think that both quotes describe best the last #HHHLive that we had in the Ecency Discord on Wednesday! The topic was authenticity, but in the end, we have agreed that the most important is to be yourself and freely share your views and opinions... Hivians like that and Hivians like to do meetups and meet people in real life... To test authenticity! šŸ˜ƒ

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After the 1-week break, I was a bit afraid of how it would go this time, and being sick with a sore throat didn't help at all... With the help of a cup of tea, thermos with additional tea, and ibuprofen for a headache, I have decided to run a show... And, oh boy, it was a blast!!! We had a record number of participants (4th time in a row!!!)! In total, 19 people attended the live show, and the maximum amount in one moment was 16!

I did a small stats of all shows:

Episode 4 ---> 19 .:. 16
Episode 3 ---> 14 .:. 11
Episode 2 ---> 9 .:. 9
Episode 1 ---> 9 .:. 7

The first number is the total attendees (including myself), and the second number is the PEAK participants during the show! We are doing great! And with such a great community, it's a pleasure to host the event and talk with you guys!

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As I will share the recording of the show in this post, I will not go deep into the topics that we have discussed... This time, I didn't mess things up and everyone who was on voice is in the recording! It is worth watching/listening, but I'm biased... šŸ˜ƒ

We began the show with shy 7 attendees, but people were slowly coming in, joining the fun! It was nice to have new people in voice, but also in the chat! What is most interesting is that everyone contributed to the topic and the show... Some in voice, others in chat...

Check out the video below!

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In the end, I would like to thank everyone who took part in the show and made it so great! This time we had on the show: @felixx, @foxkoit, @melinda010100, @mypathtofire, @ninaeatshere, @palomap3, @pravesh0, @les90, @willythewhale, @achim03, @mysteriousroad, @etorobong, @incublus, @sacra97, and vibeswithkajol (please provide your Hive username that I can send you tokens!)...

Close to the end, @oldfool, @alberto0607, and @frankches joined the fun!

In total, 19 people joined the fun! Thanks, everyone!!!

Thank you guys and girls! As a sign of appreciation, I will send some LEN tokens to all participants of the live show! You can pair them with LENM tokens, add liquidity to the diesel pool, and earn rewards! If you want to learn more about the project behind it, check out the @liotes account or visit the Liotes website... Of course, if you are not interested in it, you can sell tokens on the Hive-Engine market...

To encourage more people to come on the mic, I have sent an additional 100 Ecency POINTS to people who shared their thoughts in voice with us (@felixxx, @achim03 @palomap3, and @ninaeatshere)!

Special thanks goes to @melinda010100 and @good-karma for providing the space for the event!

Thank you for your time,


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