The HHH Family .:. Recap of Hive Humpday Hangout Ep.09 (2023-12-20: Live Show recording)

The best thing about real-life meetups is to create new bonds, "putting" real faces behind the avatars, and getting new friends for life! The second best to IRL meetups are "virtual meetups", like this one that we are having every Wednesday, under the #HHHLive umbrella, in the Ecency Discord! Yesterday we met up for the 9th time, and for the last few shows, you can notice that "family" is forming around it!

There are several "core participants" who are coming back to the show over and over again, enjoying the presence of their fellow Hivians... Family is getting bigger as time passes by, and bonds are getting stronger! So, for this show, I have decided to create a more "personal" topic as we are a family, and it was great to hear about your personal achievements from 2023, and your ups and downs... The best view was to see the support from others in the chat, encouraging each other and pointing out how achievements that look small for us, made a big impact on others! Sometimes we underestimate ourselves and our efforts, and our friends are there to show us that it did make a difference, it was worth it, and that you did it!

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This show (episode) was purely created to create bonds... Maybe in this one, we didn't learn how to trade tokens on Hive-Engine, or what VESTS are, but we have definitely learned more about the people who are on the same journey as us... About their issues, their aspirations, their struggles, their wins...

Isn't this time exactly for that? To gather the family around the table on Christmas, talk with them, and relax... Enjoy in the presence of those who we respect and who we love... Tomorrow is another day, another challenge... And it's much easier to go through challenges having someone by your side...


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Don't forget to check out the recordings!

It wasn't a huge show (by numbers) like the last time, but all members of the family were here, which is the most important! But, I was happy to see half of the people coming on the mic, and sharing their 2023 highlights! That's a great progress! I remember one of the previous shows where I was talking for almost an hour, so this is a great step forward!

Including myself, we had 12 people during the show: @asgharali, @blind-spot, @felixxx, @foxkoit, @incublus, @manclar, @melinda010100, @mypathtofire, @palomap3, @travoved, and @wanderingmoon! Thanks everyone for participating!

The recording is around 1 hour, but we had a long after-show! You know how it goes when you enjoy good company... Nobody wants to leave! 😃 In that additional hour, we went through some questions from the audience and discussed several things connected to HIVE... But, there is no recording for that part... ☚ī¸ So, if you want to participate, come next Wednesday and join the WHOLE fun! 😃

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Thank you guys and girls, once again! As a sign of appreciation, I will send some LEN tokens to all participants of the live show! You can pair them with LENM tokens, add liquidity to the diesel pool, and earn rewards! If you want to learn more about the project behind it, check out the @liotes account or visit the Liotes website... Of course, if you are not interested in it, you can sell tokens on the Hive-Engine market...

To encourage more people to come on the mic, I have sent an additional 100 Ecency POINTS to people who shared their thoughts in voice with us (@palomap3, @manclar, @felixxx, @travoved, and @mypathtofire)!

Special thanks goes to @melinda010100 and @good-karma for providing the space for the event!

Thank you for your time,


PS. If you would like to be tagged in the next announcement posts for the show, please let me know in the comment section and I will add you to the list!

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