Hive-Engine Tokens .:. Recap of Hive Humpday Hangout Ep.12 (2024-01-17: HHHLive Show recording)

To be honest, I had some bigger expectations about the number of people in the audience for this show as I was doing this topic because many asked for it... What is most important is that all important people were present in the live stream and I bet that they got some very valuable information about Hive-Engine and tokens!

A few hours after the show, when I took a reflection on how it went, I realized that in the show (and the after-show, sorry no recording of that) we shared some information that is very hard to find anywhere! Having an audience of experienced Hivians helps a lot as they are adding an immense amount of value to the livestream!

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The show itself (recorded part) was around an hour and we had almost an hour of after-show! We were talking about so many things around the Hive Engine that are very hard to put down in words, so I would suggest you check out the recordings below... At the beginning, we were talking about Hive-Engine, what it is, how it works... We compared it with some other similar platforms and see the differences among them... Also, we have dedicated part of the show to pointing out risks involved with trading, but also with investing in different tokens...

Other topics that were discussed were:

  • What are SWAP.HIVE, SWAP.HBD, and other SWAP. tokens? How do they work?
  • How can you create a token on the Hive-Engine
  • @achim03 joined us on voice sharing his experience with creating the 2 tokens on @liotes, the miner token and the mined token...
  • Through discussion, we came to the topic of Dieselpools, so we went in that direction too... Explained how they work, what are the risks, and showed different approaches to using them...
  • As the main topic was to share your favorite topics, we checked who liked which token from the audience... @achim03, @paloma3, and @melinda010100 shared their voice, while other people used the chat channel to share their favorite tokens...

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Don't forget to check out the recordings!

Including myself, we had 12 people during the show: @achim03, @daddydog, @duskobgd, @felixxx, @foxkoit, @manclar, @melinda010100, @mypathtofire, @palomap3, @sacra97, and @travoved! Thanks everyone for participating!

As usual, we had an aftershow "session" when the "official" show finished, and I have to say that it was almost the same valuable as the show itself! We were talking about different topics but still connected with our favorite chain... It was a talk about the importance of decentralized Hive (and Hive-Engine) nodes, but also a tech talk about some hardware specifications that are needed for running witness nodes...

In general, a lot of value for the audience that wasn't leaving until the very end of the livestream! As I said at the beginning, when I was searching for this info in the past, I didn't find it in written form, and that shows the importance of these "virtual meetups" where people share their experiences!

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Thank you, guys and girls, once again! As a sign of appreciation, I will send some LEN tokens to all participants of the live show! You can pair them with LENM tokens, add liquidity to the diesel pool, and earn rewards! If you want to learn more about the project behind it, check out the @liotes account or visit the Liotes website... Of course, if you are not interested in it, you can sell tokens on the Hive-Engine market...

To encourage more people to come on the mic, I have sent an additional 100 Ecency POINTS to people who shared their thoughts in voice with us (this time, we had 3 people talking in the show, @achim03, @palomap3, and @melinda010100)!

Special thanks goes to @melinda010100 and @good-karma for providing the space for the event!

Thank you for your time,


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