Ecency imagehoster update

Imagehoster is one of the crucial part of our infrastructure and it is important for us to make it responsive, fast and scalable.

Couple months ago, we noticed surge in storage growth which we think was mostly by search engine image crawlers. This put some strain in service, since we want images to be crawled and drive traffic into Hive and, decided to migrate to bigger server.

Couple days ago we migrated our imagehoster instance into new server to anticipate future growth as well as make it more reliable. Migration itself took couple days, but process was seemless without issues. After migration we also noticed faster loading time on which is another added, extra benefit.


Did you know is fastest website on blockchain? Try it out and let us know if that's not the case 😉

New update to is almost ready, expect some exciting new announcements. Stay tuned!

Also check out Ecency Press Release marketing post and share the news around @lordbutterfly/ecency-press-release-data-marketing





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