Some Ways Which I Manage Stress

Beautiful evening hope you had a great day, mine was splendid but stressful, it's a good thing to be part of this special contest, a talk on how do one manege stress, once again welcome to my blog and stay with me as I carry you through my secret, on how I deal with stress.


How you manage stress

we experience stress during holidays especially Christmas season, that is when all my long time friends come home for celebration and that is when we make sure we decorate our house with Christmas lights we cook different varieties of food, with so much activities.

What I do when am stressed

First of all, I will always want to be left alone so as to Calm my nerves.
That's having a good rest.


Intakes of water

Once am stressed I make sure I drink a enough water , it help me seriously especially cool water.

taking a walk

While working I'm talking to God as my friend, father, brother and my creator which helps me to gain myself.


After doing that, I love listening to gospel songs,

it is very paramount to me, doing that put me into another realms before you know it, I will start praying in the spirit because it is in God that I find through rest for my soul.

Then I study my bible or other spiritual materials that are align my situation,

the word of God is a vitality to my body and spirit and soul.

Most of the time when am stressed up I will just picked a pen and book,

I will be writing what is in my mind, as am writing it, I also do the speaking before you know every stressed vanished because Lasting Joy comes from God.


Joy is an antidote for stress so I rejoyce in the Lord always because he strengthen the weak.
This are some of the things I practice mostly when ever am stressed up and it working for me.

Thanks for stopping by.

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