The every day Zombie I have been - Do u c urself? Snook´s challenge

How to end the lockdowns and SAVE THE PLANET

The 5 basics of living:

Special thanks to uncle @thehive for the nice conversation and calming me down as well as guiding me to @snook s challenge (and coinfarm) and snook for the challenge.

Topic: "Create your own Zombie" with words, pics, video,...

The Addict's Lament

Namaste lovely people,

No idea how you see the world, but I might have lived a very similar life and can imagine. Some day I decided to escape the Matrix and my view has changed.

Every day I leave the house I see Zombies everywhere and I have been one of them just a few years ago. This week I was shopping in the organic shop and a guy told me I would have to wear a mask and I told him he is wrong. He went to the cashier to complain to be informed that I have some disease and do not have to wear a mask. This guy threatened me just because of this but that´s not the main topic.

A woman started to explain me that I would have to wait outside if somebody has a problem while I tried to explain her that I was told different and asked her how this should work in the every situation?
Do I first have to ask the other people if I am allowed to enter?
She kept interrupting me and I had to repeat everything 3-4 times until she at least pretended to understand.

Be the Change

We were talking about friendlyness and she wanted to know if she was not friendly and did not want to accept the answer rather not.

If you want to be recognized as a friendly human being than you should face me with a smile. Wearing a mask is not a smile and already unfriendly. The typical "sheeple" answer was she would have to wear the mask so I explained her why this is a lie.
I explained her that when she buys a facemask with money the money goes to the pharma industry so she is a pharma supported and she wanted to manipulate me to believe she would be against pharma. I explained again that her money goes to the pharma industry but she didn´t want to accept reality.

So as an ex zombie I remember my routines and if you are zombie too you will find some matches.

The Zombie needs 2, 3, 4 or even more alarms to wake up in the morning

  • uses toothpaste to "clean" the his teeth and poison himself with it while supporting pharma
  • uses acidic "soaps/shampoos/cremes" to "clean" the body but actually covers the dirt with chemicals while supporting pharma
  • uses white toilet paper although there is tab water and supports pharma
  • uses deodorant and parfume to fog himself and get high while supporting pharma
  • eats gluten or animal products or too much sugar, drinks coffee and increases the acid level in the own body while supporting pharma / mass "food" production
  • needs a vehicle to move every day and supports big tech and oil giants
  • spends all day at a job that he does not like working for a company that does not make the world a better place and earns not much more than average while getting more and more unhappy
  • goes out for lunch and poisons himself and the planet with unhealthy food while supporting pharma
  • sometimes goes to the gym in the evening and waits there for the last person to finish to run inside a building on a machine that needs electricity instead of being outside in nature and enjoy the fresh air and free space
  • locks himself most of the day in houses and disconnects more and more from nature
  • stares most of the day on screens instead of communicating with the people around
  • goes out for drinks or dinner regularly to waste money for unhealthy things that make him sicker and sicker
  • enjoys hobbies and holidays and wastes more and more money instead of saving and investing it to retire as fast as possible
  • enjoys TV, Netflix, movies, Youtube and some delivered unhealthy food in the evening and wastes money and time while degenerating
  • refuses any advice to change

The average zombie is everywhere. It is most of us but we do not want to see and accept that we are not perfect. Think about where the money goes that you spend every day. You do not have to be a stock owner of Bayer to support them. If you eat GLUTEN it is most likely that it is from Monsanto/Bayer and that you support the pharma industry and the worldwide use of poisonous fertilizers and pesticides that destroy our whole planet. Intense, yeah. But you can stop it now. Invest your money in healthy local organic products and in your own health instead of the opposite.


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