Simple solution to end pandemic and save your life

As we all can see - or at least those who open their eyes and find time to do their own research - the plandemic or fake pandemic is getting worse every day. Mankind is turning more and more into a Zombie race and people stop talking about reality. Probably they are not able to think about it being too "busy". I am not talking about the numbers of "infected" people who were tested by a test which was calibrated without a sample as the virus has not been isolated until today. In many regions people are not allowed to buy food anymore without being vaccinated and you accept this. But we can simply change the world if we change our own world.

The next Quarantine will be worse than the last ones

Why do you accept this?

Feel free to write a comment, sent me a whatsapp, email,... but I guess you won´t even do that because you probably are a "I don´t write comments" person or in other words you either have no opinion or you are to scared to speak it out loud which is basically the same. Now I ask you directly. It´s just about you to open a discussion. But as we all know nobody who supports the virus propaganda is open for any discussion and pretend the other side wouldn´t be open. People I asked about proves just told me "it´s not possible to discuss with you" without them even trying. Yes it´s true. They are not possible to have a discussion or conversation because they have absolutely no arguments and have never done any own research. Even the people who think it´s all a lie believe that the virus would exist because they also never did start their research at ground zero. The first "infected" patient. Where is the virus isolate? The German Pathologist Klaus Püschel performed hundreds of autopsies although it was forbidden and didn´t find any virus as well as several other doctors did. Of course some corrupt doctors have meanwhile revealed it and the propaganda media spread more fake news.

What can I do?

That´s the question I got asked most as soon as people understand that I am much more intelligent and better informed then them. So for a moment they want me to become their Führer (Leader) and then get very disappointed when I tell them "stop asking others what to do and start using your own brain again". Nobody wants to hear that, but that´s the truth. I can not be the daddy and conscience for you all. Why people do not want to listen and get aggressive when you tell them the truth is explained in a former blog article of mine.

But anyway although I told you hundreds of times I will tell you again and hope to reach one single person. Aren´t most of you religious? Don´t you realize that I do the same things Jesus did? People I do meet on my journey tell me regularly I would be like Jesus, but they don´t follow anyway as they are too busy with surviving. No not really. They are busy with poisoning themselves and have no energy because they live unhealthy all day every for decades.

I am awake, it´s the fault of all the others !

Is what I hear most time when I talk to somebody who does not support all the restrictions. They smell like prostitutes using lots of parfume because they eat just unhealthy and every cell smells like rotten, or they smoke and finance Bill Gates, or they drink and finance..., or they travel to attend demonstrations and spent money on gas and "don´t find time to do sports". Time is nothing one can find. Time is something you have to take.

Don´t let them continue stealing our human rights of freedom

Stop financing Bill Gates and the Pharma

You do spend money all day every day using energy and water, for food and beverages, for transportation, clothing, cosmetics and cleaning products, media,...

Guess who profits?

Buy ALL YOUR FOOD in an organic store. Is this really so hard to understand? Non organic guarantees you that it is full of poison. Regional non organic is also full of poison. Do you really want your neighbor the farmer to contaminate all the soil around you with glyphosate and then also eat it? Are you mentally ill?

Too expensive? Bullshit. If you stop consuming animal products and industrial products you will save lots of money. I do prove that you can live 100% organic on low budget and eat super delicious food. You are just too lazy if you say it would not be possible because you eat unhealthy and don´t workout enough you lack of motivation. If you don´t pay the bill now, we all have to pay it later with a society that is lacking so much of nutrition that they are not able to think clearly any more. Oh that´s where we are already at....

Stop consuming GLUTEN. Ancient grains probably have been a healthy product some day, but what the mass is consuming is high gluten high carb grains that makes them sick. Studies revealt that 96% of all humans might be gluten intolerant but to find out about this you need to eat 3 months gluten free before. If you love yourself you already know about it or will do your research now. If not you will just igonre it and hate as well as poison yourself as always.

Glyphosate and Gluten grains are mostly sold by Monsanto which belongs to the well known pharma giant Bayer and guess who is a big investor... Bill Gates of course. Probably all non organic foods contain glyphosate. So if you eat non organic food you are destroying not just yourself but the whole planet. Which equals being a terrorist to me.

Boycott pharma products means stop using cosmetics. No not just hair spray or hair color, no it´s not "just mascara", no not "just a little powder,...", just no. No Deodorant, no parfume, no "cream" soap with ph 7 which doesn´t remove the acids because it´s to sour to clean you properly, no conditioner or chemical shampoo with silicone, no toothpaste (with fluoride), no chemical cleaning products,... because you finance Bill Gates with it and all the other top 1% rich people who suppress the rest of mankind.

Live minimalistic! Do you really need a big car, motorcycle? Do you really need to use it every day? Why not a bycicle or walk? Do you really need to watch TV or Netflix or whatever? Do you really need spotify? Or do you finance the propaganda media which is suppressing you? Do we really have to live in cold countries where we need to heat up the flats and cars most time of the year while we lack of vitamin D?

I have met some people who pretend to be awake but eat unhealthy, do no or way too little sports, fly several times per year around the globe, drink very regularly, use cosmetics and are "fashion addicts",... but they think of themselves they would be holy saints as they behave a little bit better than average. Humans we are soo sick

Do sports every day for at least 2 hours. No this is not a joke but I thought the same a few years ago. We humans are made to move all day every but nowadays most of us are just sítting, standing or be in the same position most of the time.

Sleep on a hard ground instead of a mattress to train your muscles while you sleep and give the spine the chance to really relax and get in a straight position again. It leads to less pain or better health so more happiness and more motivation to do all the other things.

Drink more water or tea nothing else. It is pretty disgusting but as far as I remember I have never met a woman and got close to her who drank enough water. All were dried out and most of them smelled out of their mouth sometimes mre sometimes less in the beginning until I trained them to drink more or just made them drink more when they have been with me. Should I have chosen other women? I guess they all needed my help very urgently and I enjoyed taking more care about my girlfriends than about myself somehow but times change. But it is not just women although women have this problem more often as they try to avoid a water belly and looking more fat than they already are. I think this is also a reason more and more women pull up their pants under the chest. They hate their ugly bellies and lie to themselves saying it would seem they have longer legs. Yeah but also a shorter upper body...Lies, Lies, Lies...

Stop wearing the masks - please explain me how the plandemic should end if you support it? How stupid are you? I have met people who were wearing the masks asking me when I think it will be over. When you decide to, idiot. I explained them why, but they did not change because they do not eat healthy and don´t workout enough to have the power and motivation to do so. Find a doctor who gives you a document that proves you are not able to wear the mask and never wear it again. No it´s not easier to wear it than to have this document with you because wearing the mask makes you a supporter of terrorism and a bad human.

Stop wasting money did you know that 30% of every Dollar/Euro/whatever you spent goes to our corrupted finance system? Who profits? Again Bill Gates and friends the top 1% of the richest people on the planet. You do not need to drink coffee - it´s poison, you do not need to eat bread it´s poison, you do not need to eat outside or drink outside in bars and restaurants - they just serve unhealthy non organic products. Behave like me, like a human and invite others into your house and cook for or with them. In German we say "love goes through the belly" so share a meal and have a conversation about this. Open your door, welcome with open arms, share some humanism, share some love. You are part of this so called democracy which is more fascism at the moment and we are all responsible for it.

Boycott the supressors. Stop using censored mainstream media, no more TV, no propaganda news, no Facebook, no Instagram, no Youtube, no Google, no Netflix, no Hollywood movies, no Spotify, no Amazon. Need alternatives? Just behave human and ask me...

Moscow showed what to do - I said it 100+ times already...

Did you hear what happened in Moscow, Russia? They stopped visiting anything that asked for the vaccine passports and after a week all the owners complained they have 0 clients and will get bankrupt. The restrictions were cancelled after one single week. You wanna tell me you go to protests and demostrations? Yes you just do it because you are too lazy to eat healthy and do sports and do not want to accept that you are the problem not just the others.

Spread the word - tell the world about me

Tell your friends and family as well as co-workers about me - one of the most intelligent humans on this planet. Tell them how easy it is to change the world if you start changing your world and your behaviour. I know most of you think I am arrogant because I have reached more than you. It took lots of time and work as well as discipline to become such a good human I am now. I have also lived in the Matrix, ate unhealthy, drank, had a car and motorcycle and so on. I also did many things wrong, but I learned from it and changed my whole life. Now I am much more happy and healthy and also look 10 years younger than I am.

We are in the middle of world war 3 - the rich 1% against the poor 99%. Unfortunately the poor didn´t understand it yet and still support the rich all day every day. Will you wake up or will most of mankind die out because of an experimental drug spreaded by the most evil humans on our mother earth?

You decide... every day...

If this and/or one of my other articles helped you to dramatically change your life and enjoy a higher level of overall happiness please send me a (monthly) donation via Paypal to support me making the world a better place.

Thank you!



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