I just met an angel in person - The Rainbow Family Raw Vegan Healing Gathering and a SUPERHERO

For about 9 months now i am on my journey to find like-minded people and a place to call home.

Out of nowhere somebody wrote me a message via my contact form on my website and neither used a name nor a real email address. I do not even know if this person was male or female - I can just guess who it might have been.

I was told about a "Rainbow Family" so called "(Raw Vegan) Healing Gathering" very close to me. Of course some fears and doubts came up, but I was sure I want to make this unique experience so I prepared.

The story about how I got there and all the good and bad things that happened on this 3 week journey is another story. I will focus on one very important detail.


Image by Ron Porter from Pixabay
Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?
Is it a superhero?
Yes it´s Dominic @ambigenius

The first and only person who signed up to HIVE and I think he will love it more and more every day.

I want to support his blogger career and powered up 10 HP to his account today wishing him a skyrocketing start that he deserve.

WHY is he so amazing?
So I went to this gathering and was starving more and more every day and totally stressed out because of this. We really had super little food in the first days. What I normally eat in a day is what I got there in a week.

A new food delivery arrived and somebody had to carry it about 45 mins through the mountains to the Raw Vegan Camp. Many "Rainbows" are Hippies, many poor, homeless, lost and do not like rules so there is anarchy which leads to many problems.

All the "hard" work which has to be done is not done because most people are lazy and those who are not like us can not do everything for a group of about 700 people (approx max 300 at the same time).

Nobody is responsible for anything there. The "motto" is "if you see a job, it´s yours" but most people do not want to see the jobs. Sometimes there is a call for a vocalizer who is something like the team leader of a activity but without the leadership. Doesn´t make sense? EXACTLY

I was the vocalizer for the so called food mission that morning and went to the big camp fire to shout for people to help. Within a few seconds Dominic was there and ready to join me. As I remember I was naked or I got naked and asked him why he wears all the clothes?
A second later he was ready to absorb some sunshine.

All the way to the parking and back and the same thing on the next day we were talking and talkin without any break.

After 10 mins he showed me some wild blueberries we ate. They have been super delicious and helped me survive in the wild with very little food. We also ate some rose hips which I knew but have not seen out there as I was totally focussed in our conversation AND...

Dominic is a super strong barefoot soldier. He can run a marathon barefoot like the "iceman" Wim Hof - who is one of my idols. And while I made him be more naked, he made me walk 1/3 of the way barefoot and I enjoyed it a lot but felt like I have to be very focused where I am stepping at. So I had no time to look for any berries.

He also told me about his effort to fight against food waste, the community he is taking care of and so on. This man really impressed me and that is nothing I said often in my life.

A few day later I was doing yoga at the fire during the day and there was a heart sharing circle. I was focused on myself but for a moment I looked up and there he was directly in front of me on the other side of the fire. I could understand a few things he talked about but I did not have to. I felt his pain even before I looked at him.

Next time I saw him he looked sick, and then totally sick. For 3 weeks he has not even been in a tent. I thought he had one or I would have offered to share mine. His skin was burned, his body was exhausted. The happy superhero I met a few days go was nearly dead.

I took care of the kitchen very often so I organized some extra food for him, gave him some berries I collected and tried to get him back in shape. But it got worse first.

In the next evening I saw him freezing at the camp fire with a blanked in a "Mr Burns" position as I call it. I Immediately walked over to him, hugged him from the back and warmed him. I Squeezed him to force him to use his lungs more, I told him to breath and squeezed more, I sent him energy, I started breathing with him, massaging, shaking, bouncing, but most importantly breathing.
Connecting to the crowd made you sick. I reminded you about your inner strength and power to heal yourself and within minutes you were back. I will never forget this situation and I hope you will remember to and feel this hug whenever you feel weak or sick or lonely.

I reminded him about what´s important and I want to do this again with this message and hope some more use it.

You are most important in your life.
First you take care of yourself and love yourself.
If you love yourself you do things you love.
If you do things you love you are most productive.
If you are most productive you do the most for others.

You are an angel, brother Dominic. Sometimes you try to help others, but that is not possible. You can just help yourself and I can just help myself. Telling you to sign up here is not the reason you signed up here. The reason you signed up is YOU. You are ready for a new life. The others I met were not. I could explain how I see this but this would also be better told in an own story or our next call.

You are the first person I met (probably in my whole life) who might be more intelligent than me. You save the planet with things I am too lazy for. But please make sure It always is the best for you. We both tend to helping others to avoid to help ourselves. We all do.

I see your potential. Do you?
I was waiting for your message after the gathering.
For a very long time now I fight for humanity and mother earth all alone and all by myself. The others are busy with lying.
I think you did not lie to me, yet.
You don´t have to. You don´t have to feel ashame for what you do. You don´t have to hide like the others.

Dominic it is time to grow, it is time to raise your voice. Many people are waiting to listen to you.

You already showed a better blogging start than I did. Keep up the great work. Tell your stories, change the system, save the planet.

Let´s change the world together for us and our childen

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