Foodie Truck Delivery - Foodie Bee Hive Curation - 09 Nov 2020

Once again we've scoured the foodiverse around Hive and found a bunch of great content. And we want to share with fellow Foodies! We've loaded it on the Foodie Truck for express delivery. We are still giving out tokens - have a read!


Hello Foodies!

Welcome to the Weekly Foodie Truck... we're out curating foodie content. Heatwave! Yes, Foodies are Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

As usual, keep up with all the great posts and watch for the weekly Foodie Truck delivery. Follow @foodiesunite for the latest delivery.

Membership update

2026 members and counting! Join Foodies Community - Join us there! The Foodie Bee Hive Community is one of the top 20 communities on Hive, let's get it to the top 10!

Let's Celebrate

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The first 50 accounts created using our link to create an account on Hive will a receive 100HP delegation until they themselves reach 100HP**. We want to help kick start new foodies to Hive. Tell your regular social media friends to join web 3.0 and stop using the old stuff.

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The Foodie Truck Curation post compiles all the top curated #foodie posts that we've curated. We hope that this helps other FOODIE users locate exciting high-quality food-related posts.


The Top FOODIE Posts this week

We curated 103 posts this week. Here are the top 15. We've added the main post images to the curation post. Let us know what you think!

Post #1 from @ssygmr with 530 upvotes.

Patty with bechamel sauce

Post #2 from @canelarecetas with 497 upvotes.

[ESP-ENG] Lasagna de carne �🍝 / Meat lasagna🍝🍝

Post #3 from @tempertantric with 445 upvotes.

2nd Turkey Soup and Ornamental Corn Display Photos and Video

Post #4 from @alexrohr with 435 upvotes.

Baked Sweet Potatoes

Post #5 from @brittandjosie with 425 upvotes.

November Food and my Wednesday dish

Post #6 from @okann with 407 upvotes.

Vegan Red Cabbage Cake

Post #7 from @rem-steem with 378 upvotes.

Prepared 'Spinach curry' | My own garden spinach!

Post #9 from @mozo with 350 upvotes.

Gooey Butter Cake Recipe

Post #10 from @fanin with 349 upvotes.


Post #11 from @papa-pepper with 331 upvotes.


Post #12 from @arrliinn with 288 upvotes.

Low Carb Brownies!

Post #13 from @artemislives with 276 upvotes.

Korean Friends Returning?? KOREAN FOOD!! �😋

Post #14 from @gorayii with 260 upvotes.

Homemade coconut ice cream | Recipe [En/Es ]

Post #15 from @sreypov with 253 upvotes.

�🥜 Taro And Peanut Soup🥣🥣 A Khmer Ital Recipe In Suriname


Keep up the great posts! Visit some of the cool contests hosted by fellow foodies...

There are many great contests around the Hive foodiverse. Here are some of the contests out there that we follow.

Post of the Month Contest - We are giving away more than 5000 Foodie tokens !

POSTER of the month contest - We are giving away 5000 Tokens . AGAIN !

Foodies are here on Hive are there any contests that are food-related that you run or participate in? We'd love to hear from you and support you or your favourite contest. Let us know in the comments below. We will add FOODIE to your prize lot.


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