Daily report of Oneup curatorship - 05/12/22

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Hello guys! This is my daily curatorship report as a curator of the Cartel. This model will be used in order to be accountable not only to the community that entrusts their tokens to the cartel as a form of investment, but also to those who want to know quality posts with the tags that we curate in the cartel!

Always in the daily report you will see the following format:

- Introduction to the post,

-Who am I,

- Curation bots queue,

- Posts of the day,

- Highlight of the day

- Final report.


Who am I?

My name is Filipe, I'm 34 years old and I'm from Brazil. Administrator, dancer, gamer and more recently an enthusiast of hive and the crypto world.

I joined hive in September 2021 through @splinterlands, but I only started to understand and use a little more of what Hive offers us from January 2021 when I met the HiveBr community where I gradually learned about the Hive and learn to this day.

I post regularly about Splinterlands and sporadically about finance and dance. I intend to resume an urban fantasy book that I started writing years ago and post it here too soon. I'm looking to improve my posts every day, both in content and in quality formatting.

On the 9th I was nominated as a curator of the cartel by @trashyomen and accepted by @flauwy and since then I've been doing my best to find quality posts with our tags. Which brings us to the report below.


Curation bots queue before


Posts of the day

"Pizza Guild Scholars Wave 2 Harvest 6" By @rondonshneezy

"Just A Few Things To Remember...." By @jonyoudyer

"Pen drawing : A drawing of an old man smoking weed." By @akinolawilly

"Gold Market Updates" By @handofzara

"Keep calm and buy hive 🤟🎉🚀"


"Citizen science on Hive - Deciphering top quark production at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider" By @lemouth

"Quick skateboad line at triczpark" By @brunomaule

"LISTEN DEEPLY ❤🎶- Boom bap hip hop - Chillout beat ❤ - ORIGINAL MUSIC" By @lyon89

"'Untitled' - Original Music - One of the First Songs I Recorded in High School - Rock/Electronic/Instrumental" By @grapthar

"Singing Voice week 14 | Going into rock spirit (original) by me - Voz Cantante semana 14 || Entrando" By @mayorkeys


Highlight of the day

Today's highlight goes to @alexa-macro's amazing photos, in the post "Monomad - Jump Spider : Phidippus putnami"


Final Report

There were 12 posts in 53 tags.

In total, the tags referring to the following curators were voted:

monster-curator: 0

oneup-curator: 2

leo-curator: 3

ctp-curator: 1

cine-curator: 0

bee-curator: 2

ccc-curator: 3

weed-curator: 3

vibes-curator: 1

meme-curator: 3

stem-curator: 4

pimp-curator: 1

thg-curator: 1

sports-curator: 1

beatcz-curator: 3

vyb-curator: 6

pob-curator: 6

neoxag-curator: 8

pal-curator: 5

And so ends today's report! Doubts and suggestions about the curatorship? leave it in the comments

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