Are NFTs Dead? + Giveaways

Are NFTs dead? There have been a few media sources as of late claiming NFTs like crypto are Dead. I have stated for years now the ETH NFT market was fleeting ETH is in & of itself an unstable economic bubble.

It therefore stands to reason an ETH NFT market was ultimately doomed, what the media lacks mentioning ETH isn't the only Blockchain with NFTs.

Todays post will be visiting a few NFT gems not based on ETH with value transcending a simple fad.

Game Items

It is my long held belief NFTs are meant to have a use case, one of the more prevalent in recent years are videogame item NFTs.

You see above is a recent watch Mojo top 10 most expensive in game items ever sold. While not NFTs that's the problem with game item purchases in the past. Individuals spending thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars for game items many of which can no longer be accessed by the owner due to server shutdowns.

NFTs dont necessarily negate this effect of the game servers shutting down this being said I own game items in a wallet for games that shut down. Meaning while yes its still worthless at least I retain ownership & access to the asset.

Gamers spend countless hours earning in game items, many rather pay to not spend that time grinding.

NFTs legitimize a subsection of video game markets that is effectively in high demand with currently little to no infrastructure to facilitate, Blockchain gaming fixes this.


While crypto Punks was a fad like Crypto Kitties years before, vIRL NFTs re an aspect of blockchain industry we as a society would be foolish to do away with.

A vIRL NFT is a real life good or services represented in an NFT token.

ETH & similar energy intensive Blockchain builds are ill suited for vIRL NFTs due to the fact your defeating the purpose. By digitizing ownership of an Item you can lessen the need for certain goods to be tangibly shipped.

A system of vIRL NFTs properly implemented can almost eliminate needless shipping with Collectables intended to be resold anyway.
Some of the first vIRL NFTs I bought where actually carbon offsets from having x amount of trees planted in northern California.

While vIRL NFT has got to be the laziest dumbest name I have ever heard of even in blockchain. The applications of properly implemented vIRL NFTs are damn near limitless.

There have been vIRL vehicles, property, collectables, carbon offsets cannabis, & literally to much more to name.

Hell they even had a walk on cameo role sold as a vIRL NFT for the Clerks Movie soon to begin production.

In short if NFTs are dead this digital proof of ownership that's transferable, is a facet of tech that needs to continue to progress.

Blockchain Freedom

I find it very ironic that Blockchain literally has the word chain in it but is a technology has resulted in such creative freedom.

Perhaps would one of the worst things to come from a world without Blockchain, Crypto, & NFTs would be the loss of such creative freedom.

HIVE is a major component when discussing just how creative Blockchain users can be. Not only does HIVE have exceptional content creators influencers & Journalists. HIVE blockchain itself is almost overflowing with various Tribes HIVE Dapps & P2E games.

Its on HIVE these users found a way to express their talent, hidden potential, & Realize their creative vision.

When individuals like this have no means of expressing their talent that's when we all loose. HIVE represents a means of both funding passion projects & the users that support them.

Its in the Spirit of exploring just how awesome HIVE is I'm going to over these next few sections highlight some of brilliant projects HIVE has spawned or facilitated.


When the news states that NFTs have died as a market for games like Splinterlands its business as usual.

The crypto market crash has subsequently lowered Some Splinterlands NFT prices but the sales remain for myself at least consistent.

What no one realizes is while the Market cap of crypto assets of a P2E can be important, what's more important is the number of transactions daily.

This is due to transaction numbers indicating the projects popularity you want consistency more then popularity with P2E.

Honestly the only NFT & Crypto assets I have unshaken faith in, is those of Splinterlands. Why?

Splinterlands is fun, legitimately profitable, & as I stated above most importantly consistent. Their asset WAX portal is the best WAX NFT portal, I have tested most NFT collections on WAX with a NFT portal system to separate blockchains.

I believe Splinterlands legitimately is one of the best examples of just what Blockchain games can offer.

That's not to say any Blockchain game should be disregarded, Splinterlands is just my favorite.

Recently I have began once again cataloging my Splinterlands journey season by season, most recent of which can be found below.




Perhaps one of HIVE based P2E games greatest tools are the social elements of HIVE, making it quite beneficial to spread the good word of these titles.

Both Splinterlands players / Bloggers show their appreciation of this title daily via posting, playing, tournaments, Giveaways, & more.

This consumer involved element of P2E Titles like Splinterlands is a part of the gaming industry which needs to go mainstream.

Splinterlands in my opinion is one game that just may bridge that gap showing traditional gamers something greater.

Assuming you have never heard of Splinterlands please consider joining via my referral link below.


I got one of the new Chaos legion airdropped cards in the last airdrop.

Music NFTs / Rising Star

Music industry like the gaming industry is one that has become increasingly exploitative as technology becomes more pervasive.

Musicians have suffered due to an inability to secure their music & digitally distribute it simultaneously. The music needs to be available digitally, but this removes purchase incentive on behalf of the consumer.

Like with most of life's problems Blockchain is the answer.

Another HIVE project I believe is a sign of just how important Blockchain can be is Rising Star.

Rising Star allows musicians to tokenize their music for secure digital distribution of their tokenized Music in game.

You as a player can purchase the Music NFTs or stake your STARBITS (HIVE alt) to Music NFTs to generate a ROI from sales.

On top of all this other then supporting musicians & their music Rising Star is a free HIVE P2E Game.

Very Basically the object is to run in game missions Geared towards progressing your in game bands Musical career. You can build a band from NFTs though not required to play increasing the Bands game earning potential.

Earning STARBITS, STARPRO, NFTs, & Packs playing in game missions & completing achievements.

Like all other HIVE P2E games the social components of the HIVE blockchain is interwoven with Rising Star.

An important aspect of the social experience of HIVE are the DHF proposals, these are various projects on HIVE & proposals for funding them.

If you can please consider supporting Rising Stars DHF Proposal found via the link below.
Perhaps your new to Rising Star please consider joining the game via my referral link below.

Hash Kings

The cannabis growing HIVE P2E game Hash Kings has been up to a great deal since it launched. So much has changed you may even struggle to recognize it as the same game.

I joke but not really, for instance with the launch of the EXP HIVE alt Hash Kings has drastically increased their starting number of Cryptocurrencies. Going from BUDS, HKWATER + MOTA to BUDS, HKWATER, BUDSX, EXP, & MOTA.

What do all these cryptocurrencies do?

BUDS 👇 is their primary rewards & Expenditure token in game.
BUDS can be spent, traded, staked or burned when you stake BUDS in game they actually send you BUDSX.
One of my favorite HIVE alts I actually designed the image used for the Coin design. Not only do I enjoy the fact I helped to design it, owning BUDSX generates daily rewards to your HIVE wallet.

If you burn BUDS in game via the MOTA pool you get MOTA sent to you proportionally when they send out MOTA rewards daily.
MOTA gets staked in game to Specified land regions you grow at to increase the odds of growing there generates you a Seed NFT when the Plants get harvested.

To grow Plants in game you need land plot NFTs (can be rented / bought), Seed NFTs that correspond with that land plot, & finally you will need HKWATER.
HKWATER required to grow plants in game is generated via passive ownership of the Water Tower NFTs.
Owning these water towers I generate roughly 550 HKWATER daily without doing a thing. That's the best part about HKWATER generating it is truly passive via owning the Water Tower NFTs.

Now their newest crypto XP or EXP is generated by playing raids. I have a feeling this is a attempt to retroactively incorporate XP into the raids Game type.

In other words EXP is generated by playing the Raids game type daily, this can be exchanged for cartable NFTs in game.

Known as consumables typically you pay HIVE alts to craft these NFTs, now with the EXP crypto being generated daily via raids you can craft consumables.
You will now be greeted with the Redeem EXP option when crafting consumable NFTs like joints.
Its nice I like the new XP system its a good way to level up your raids avatar on the cheep.

This is yet another way Hash Kings is rewarding its supporting player base along with Curation & BUDSX passive rewards EXP is yet another active reward.

Its not easy to build a game or a blockchain Dapp, however as time goes on the teams working on theses titles like Hash Kings tend to improve.
Raids & the new EXP generation system are an example of the Hashkings build evolving. This is a look you dont typically get with games outside the indie game Market.

Now with Hashkings Raids you simply require an avatar NFT to participate in their daily distribution of BUDS & EXP.

With EXP you can conceivably upgrade your avatar NFT via consumables, what this boils down to is a persistent player can realistically level up & proceed to higher level raids for no cost.

My monthly prizes from my #stashpass raffles frequently feature Hashkings avatar NFTs. Ill explain the #stashpass raffle system a little latter on in this write up.

Hash Kings is yet another of my favorite HIVE P2E Games with the social component of HIVE being an important component.

Hash Kings now has curation you can Delegate HP to for a daily ROI of BUDS. Aforementioned curation supports HIVE Hash Kings Posts helping their loyal fans.

The market effects everyone, both the players of these games & those that create and maintain them please consider supporting their DHF proposal.

You can find the HIVE P2E game Hashkings at the link below.

Stash Pass NFTs sold!

This is my Weedcash (HIVE) NFT collection with monthly raffle system
use case.

Last months prize had Splinterlands NFTs mixed in, The idea is simple collect the right #stashpass NFTs of which 3 are randomly selected each month.

Those that own the correct NFTs announced on the 20th win prizes from my HIVE stash.

Here's where the cool part kicks in I'm like one of if not Weedcash NFTs best seller with 378 #stashpass NFTs sold alone. This was in a little over 3 months, the reason is consistent weekly production with a low number of each NFT minted.

As the collection grows the odds got a little steep so I introduced the VIP passes ownership of which means you get a prize per NFT the VIP pass holder owns.

So 1 NFT + VIP pass a single prize, 2 NFTs owned with VIP pass 2 Prizes. 3 out of 3 grand prize with all 3 prizes being doubled if you own both passes.

Appreciate all the market support everyone that participates in the #stashpass giveaways. This is still a monthly giveaway going on for the foreseeable future.

Full details on Rules & how to participate in #stashpass raffles try the following link.


As I stated above quite often I like to include Hashkings prizes with the #stashpass monthly raffle as often as possible.

With the new EXP system on Hashkings Raids the avatar NFTs I airdrop will become all the more important.

Free Stash Pass participation- so you want to participate in my #stashpass raffle but you cant afford the cost of a pass NFT required to participate 50 WEED (HIVE alt).

You can simply claim one of the 5 free #stashpass NFTs I give away on every post 6 times & sell them here.

Then simply continue to collect all the different #stashpass NFTs you can to increase your chances of winning the raffle prizes. Raffle winning NFTs & winners are announced monthly on the 20th.

Like all my HIVE posts #stashpass is a project not meant to benefit myself but HIVE users.

Another way of giving back to HIVE & paying it forward with #stashpass.

Cannabis & HIVE

When I first got here years ago Weedcash was the tribe where I originally began creating HIVE posts.

Since Weedcash posts gave me my starting colterol, I in part at least owe it to Weedcash for helping start my crypto portfolio.

Cannabis is an important topic with HIVE so much so there are currently 8 Cannabis related HIVE alts.

I'm not counting Hashkings Packs or LOTUS as their project Natural Medicine is dead in the water.

Weedcash touts a blog, NFT store, merch store, & a few mining coins WEEDM / WEEDMM. Weedcash Mining Coins WEED Miner & WEED Mega Miner, rewarding those accounts that stake them with WEED generated daily.

WEED Miner is 1/4 the mining power of WEED Mega Miner, you can also earn WEED by posting on Weedcash about marijuana. My favorite way to earn WEED however has to be Dcity WEED farm NFTs, which when properly set up in a Dcity build generate WEED daily.

Once you have WEED what does one do with it?

You can stake WEED, Promote Weedcash Posts with WEED, or Spend WEED either on Weedcash NFTs or their Merch store.

Weed Cash NFTs actually represent a few firsts in both blockchain & HIVE tribe based NFTs.

Canna-Critters Weedcash NFT colection for instance has a vIRL system in which their Weedcash NFTs can be redeemed for cannabis.
Cannabis vIRL NFTs are a first for me & my social media is strictly those 2 topics I have seen CBD vIRL NFTs on ETH but no legitimate Recreational cannabis.
Brothers in farms early on with Weedcash NFTs had a Seed Giveaway

You see use cases on HIVE tribe NFTs are tough but are able to be accomplished in a more rudimentary sense.

Take my Weedcash colection #stashpass for instance I use ownership records on a monthly raffle / HIVE asset giveaway.

Normally with NFTs you utilize smart contract customization to accommodate a use case which is automated. While the use cases of Weedcash NFTs are rudimentary & done manually they are no less effective.

We have with HIVE NFTs ownership records, verifiable ownership is the core of an NFTs design.

Weedcash, my #stashpass NFTs, & Hashkings these are all examples of just what creative possibilities are provided to the Stoners of HIVE.

HIVE definitely has a plethora of technologically inclined creatives which really dont have many other Social Blockchain platforms to fall back on.

Outside of STEEM which HIVE & Weedcash Split from originally there is really no where like it.

While NFTs & Blockchain have taken a hit its potentially a sign the older ways of ETH are coming to an end. From this evolutions of contemporary Blockchain designs like HIVE may just thrive.


Any of my long term readers will know if there is one blockchain other then HIVE I hold sacred its WAX.


WAX, HIVE, & in fact most EOSIO blockchain builds are built with gaming in mind. This means the transactional fees (Gas) is mitigated or non existent. Instead they rely upon staked assets for transaction approval, like how HIVE utilizes HP.

WAX has users stake WAXP for network resources CPU / NET. You Purchase RAM but RAM is reserved for creating NFTs, NFT sales, or minting WAX alt tokens.

Now DPOS based builds have computational limitations WAX handles this by having its blockchain governance ran through ETH. WAX however is supposed to be changing this pair chain for governance to BSC, I dont know a time line for this.

Despite the computational resource short comings WAX NFTs can be distributed totally free (this is important).

The problem with free ETH NFTs is the gas fee its not truly free when I airdrop NFTs no strings they're free.

WAX games or HIVE games can actually be tried for free if they are free giving new players an idea at least of the project.

Finally where WAX shines even within the realm of EOSIO blockchains its their web wallet Dapp.

When a person new to WAX encounters say one of my WAX airdrop URLs 👇 they can still click the link sign in with social media & claim the NFTs.

Above is just an example ill get to the real WAX NFT airdrop latter on in this write up.

I can attest to the explosion of Dapps on WAX over the last year when I first got there mabey 20 games where on WAX. Now there are around 60 WAX P2E games, certain HIVE titles even portal their NFTs on to WAX markets.

HIVE games with WAX NFT portal systems include Splinterlands (best example), Crypto Brew Masters, Rising Star, & Muterra.

The reason many top P2E titles find themselves portal-ing their NFTs to WAX blockchain is due to its easy user access.

Like my WAX airdrops the ability to give away their NFTs to any individual regardless of their blockchain knowledge is invaluable.

For this reason the WAX NFT market is basically the new improved version of opensea, It boils down to one word accessibility.

Are NFTs dead

You can think of what we may be experiencing in the NFT market now as a form of free market natural selection.

If the entire crypto market (global economy) doesn't crash, the market that emerges will be more cautious. Sales while slowing & lowing the average price point on WAX or HIVE in my case at least haven't stopped.

The same cannot be said for opensea transactions which have dropped off a cliff.

So no I dont believe NFTs are dead, just evolving.

I cant predict the future, but I certainly hope for societies sake NFTs are going to be a part of it.

WAX NFT Giveaways

Every time I post on HIVE I do a few NFT giveaways, the first & larger 5 count WAX NFT airdrop URL which goes to the first user to click the link.

The next 5 WAX NFTs are given away to the first 5 users to comment their WAX wallet address, once I see the comment Ill send you a single WAX NFT followed by a reply stating I have done so. This is for the first 5 users only to leave their WAX address in the comments.

WAX NFT airdrop

Todays Airdropped WAX NFTs I tried to include a variety from Game Item NFTs to vIRL use cases like the carbon offset tree & Hot Wheels NFT tied to a vIRL NFT system.

Game Items work with...

For those that missed todays big drop first 5 readers to drop their WAX wallet address in the comments gets a NFT sent to their wallet provided. Probably Splinterlands or Beast garden NFTs to the first 5 to leave their WAX wallet address in the comments.

Stash Pass Weedcash NFT giveaway

Every time I post anything on HIVE I do several NFT giveaways, one such giveaway is my #stashpass NFT giveaway.

How you participate in a #stashpass NFT giveaway is be one of the first 5 HIVE users to comment #stashpass on this post & then Re-blog, gets a #stashpass Weedcash NFT sent to their HIVE wallet.

My #stashpass Weedcash NFTs are part of a monthly NFT raffle taking place on the 20th with the #stashpass NFT ownership being used to determine who wins the raffle.

Full Instructions on #stashpass raffles can be found via the URL below

You can view, buy, or sell Weedcash NFTs like #stashpass here

So the first 5 HIVE users to comment #stashpass & then re-blog this post gets an exclusive limited #stashpass NFT sent to their HIVE wallet.

NFTs while not all that blockchain technology has to offer, represent a sizable % of immediate real world applications. I dont believe their dead as the world has barely glimpsed all NFTs have to offer.

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