New Splinterlands seasonal rewards analysis + Splinterlands NFT Giveaways


Splinterlands new Seasonal / daily rewards system its profitability & why this update to the P2E game Splinterlands may mark the beginning of professional P2E gaming.

Splinterlands Season 1 daily challenge rewards

Given the new rewards system is drastically different it makes sense to focus on its profitability. Since many including myself rent cards to play at our utmost it makes no since to do so at a deficit.

The key I find is to limit your playing to minimize your effect on the DEC capture rate.

Meaning while you can win 10 Rewards Chests a day If you play to many matches to do so you hurt your overall DEC earnings.

So to balance appropriately on days I loose much more often I limit the number of rewards chests earned. This keeps a higher DEC capture rate on average increasing my overall profit potential.

While yes the rewards chests increase in number if I lower my DEC capture rate to like 10% my DEC per match goes on average from 8 DEC to 1 DEC per win.
With the new odds modification per rewards chest being based upon last seasons max rank achieved. My rewards average with a Diamond Tier % modifier or DEC Multiplier.
Dont underestimate the benefits from a 1.8% increase on legendary card drop rate & a 4% increase on gold foil card rewards drop rate.
Because now you add to the results DEC which is in quantities 16x the typical drop rate. Add to this potentially getting a pack in any 1 rewards chest.

You begin to see how being in a higher League tier is better for the games earning potential overall.
I spend roughly $6-$8 on rentals per season with my current rewards earned I'm over $12.
This is before I open my season rewards chests mind you which I will likely finish the season with 50 because why not. In this season alone I have earned 1 Epic Reward card, 2 Common Gold foil cards, 4 Chaos legion packs, 1 Legendary reward card. Not to mention just under 2,000 DEC + a few potions.

Just counting the retail price of the Chaos Legion Packs, DEC, the Gold foil cards, & the legendary card I'm at around $13 in value.

Renting roughly $8 in cards to get to Diamond tier rank 3 this season before 50 seasonal rewards chests without earned DEC added I'm profiting $5.

Here is a pro Splinterlands tip on renting do it through
You get cash back & its easier to check out this way if I'm being honest. Second pro renting tip rent gold cards no one wants or thinks about. Gold legendary rentals are notoriously high meanwhile a common gold card from the untamed colection has a Burn value of 19,950
Shooting for less desired gold cards you pay less have your rentals disrupted less. Where as a Gold Legendary untamed card has a minimum burn value of 50,000. While that's 2.5x the burn value the rental prices are much higher.
This is literally more then 10x the cost for 2.5x account power. Renting these legendary cards regular non gold foil is recommended.

Building a diverse colection first then focus on account power with rentals is my method for selecting rental cards.

Earned another Gladius Case from brawls this season as well.

Up to 3 which 1 more would be my first level 2 Epic Gladiator, with my inability to use the potions these Gladiator Cards are much tougher to level up. A reward for guild brawls Merits are used in the proper level guild market to purchase Gladius cases.

These Gladius cases are packs which contain Gladiator cards these are sole bonded & cant be bought or sold.

Why do I want something not used outside of brawls which cant be sold? Simple they will supposedly become more important in the future game updates. That & they build my account power, I can think of worse uses of my time.




Depending upon how many hours you can sink into playing as well as how well you play each match & your current rank your daily challenge rewards are now scaled to your level.

Both the level of time you commit to the P2E title, your account power & even dare I say your skill level in Splinterlands are now taken into account.
Separating the Mc-nuggets tier players, from the Gadnock Breaker of Worlds tier players. This makes cheesing the Splinterlands rewards system very questionable in its profitability.

While simultaneously no longer punishing the genuine fan base or at least much less then it had been previously. The rewards chest previously having hard caps meant those with multiple accounts succeeded while typical players didn't.
I will admit to myself, getting a little overzealous with the new updated rewards I went hard in the paint & forgot to balance my DEC capture rate.
Known as an ECR this rate + the level of DEC in the rewards pool refilled each season determines partially how much DEC you get per victory.

As for the other effects on DEC capture rate they are related to your account power, & what cards you played.
Not to mention your win streak or lack there of effects your DEC capture rate & Focus Point Capture rate. Remember when I stated a while back that they are making Splinterlands MLG players a thing?

There is quite a bit of evidence to support that hypothesis the SPS delegation will be the final step in my opinion. Keep in mind I'm a player not a developer & am only drawing conclusions based on publicly available info.

Dont panic just because there will be & very much are pro Splinterlands players this doesn't ruin the average players experience. Think of it this way all the experience you have likely accumulated, this puts you in a better position compared to new players.

If you need tips I dont cover in these write ups, dont hesitate to drop them in the comments If I cant help ill direct you to staff that can.

While I'm not the best player I am fairly knowledgeable, since I have been playing Splinterlands nearly 2 years without missing a daily challenge.

There is a good chance I can answer most game mechanic questions, if I feel its not my place such as wallet or assets questions I can direct you to the Splinterlands Support staff on Discord or their site.
So yeah Splinterlands questions more then welcome in the comments.

Seasonal rewards chests

So I set out with the intention of getting to Diamond league tier 2 this season which determines my rewards chest type next season. This season was determined by my max League Diamond tier 1, fairly certain if you want to get diamond level rewards you have to be that level when completing or claiming rewards chests to get the benefit.

Not sure how the current rewards % boosts & DEC multiplier works specifically as this is my first season with the new rewards chests I will have to mess with it more to be certain.
Above is the old seasonal rewards chest quantities, quantity is no longer determined by that seasonal rank.
Instead its quality of rewards that differs for each seasonal rewards chest type which changes based upon rank.
Just to be a stinker I made sure & earned exactly the number of rewards chests I would have earned typically in Diamond Tier 2 with the old system 50.
To be able to compare here was last season
Keep in mind this was last season
With the old rewards chest system Specifically Diamond Tier 3 which had 40 loot chests with the old rewards chests system. Now for the 50 new rewards chests from this season.
Cant even fit all 50 on screen
First 10 down not bad
While not spectacular I'm happy with 50 chests at Diamond league tier 2 I received 2 Legendary cards, 1 Gold foil ,1 epic, & 1,232 DEC. This is just seasonal rewards alone valued roughly at $10 market price.

You add to that $10 in rewards my Seasonal Daily rewards totaling around $13 ,this seasons rentals costing me just over $8 & my earnings this season are near 3x my initial input. Profiting a total of $15 in my spare time if I have a while to work at it I'm sure I can average even more rewards chests.

You see the odds of getting rewards of a higher quality or value matters significantly with these rewards chests.
Each Chest Has a Chaos Legion Pack as a possibility for instance, The odds at my rank any 1 rewards chest contains a Chaos Legion Pack are 2% higher then average at Diamond Tier 2. In addition at this Rank of Diamond league tier 2 the odds of any 1 rewards chest containing a gold foil card are 4% greater. I'm 1.8% more likely to encounter a Legendary card & any DEC uncovered gets a 16x bonus.
If your crazier then I you could go for broke & get all 150 rewards chests in a 2 week long season. To say this new seasonal Rewards chest system & daily rewards chest systems are awesome is a drastic understatement.
The best way to see how these odds modifiers work is their Pack potion system, for those unaware you can modify the odds of a Splinterlands pack in your favor using potions.
Using 1 of each potion per card 5 total increases your overall odds significantly of getting a gold foil or legendary.
Base odds of a chaos legion pack ๐Ÿ‘† with potions๐Ÿ‘‡
These probabilities are meaningless in small scale but everything when measured in sufficient quantity. I screen grabbed every pack I opened for a entire year thousands while not nearly enough for true statistical analysis. Those small % shifts have massive impact when you scale up your test sample.
You want to hate me I used the magic of probability & those Pack potions on the DICE packs to get 3 of these cards shown above sold my last 1 not to long ago.

Right now we dont have that great of odds with the Chaos legion packs but you can buy them near half price on Hive engine so at the price of $2 its not bad. However chaos Legion packs with each new airdropped card skew ever so slightly more in your favor.

Since the Chaos legion packs launched I have gotten 6 legendary gold cards you have to have serious colterol ๐Ÿค‘ to risk, doing this though, & I dont recommend it.

Why bring it up I suggest you rent say $8 a season in cards per season & go for broke on the Seasonal + daily rewards system. This is a safer bet & your effort can actively improve your odds while not incurring further costs.

This means when properly budgeted the P2E aspect of Splinterlands just became the most profitable mechanism I'm aware of currently. This is subject to change & this sorta ignores secondary market mark up which while profitable isn't really a game function.

Besides the rewards chests are not allowing you to fall victim of the gamblers fallacy which is likely with the Chaos legion or any pack for that matter.

Gamblers Fallacy- "The gambler's fallacy is the belief that the probability for an outcome after a series of outcomes is not the same as the probability for a single outcome. The gambler's fallacy is real and true in cases where the events in question are independent and identically distributed."

This means the odds of a quarter heads or tales is still 50/50 no matter what results you had prior, its only through large volumes of data do the numbers begin to average out.

So the rewards chests are a far safer idea as appose to buying & opening pack after pack as the rewards can more or less be free.

Crypto market fluctuations

These topics NFTs & crypto currency are linked yes, but while most projects are tied to a single blockchain Splinterlands isn't.
Their NFTs in fact are on 2 Blockchains at the moment WAX & HIVE. There was a ETH integration but the ETH ship is sinking, its just taking a while to do so.

What does it matter that their NFTs are on multiple markets?

Truly nothing if it where not for us the users, because of us the market prices for the NFTs are set to a USD value.

While supply & demand ultimately determines the value on either market this multiple market approach gives Splinterlands assets an advantage.
This means while WAX, DEC, & HIVE Flux in price the NFTs stay relatively stable. Because there are 2 different mechanisms determining NFT value & crypto value. 2 is simplifying a bit much however the NFT market is a subjective consumer market & crypto a Speculative investor market.

This is oversimplifying a bit however while both on blockchain Crypto & NFT markets vastly differ in their driving forces. Matter of fact NFTs tend to do well in my experience when the crypto market dips.

I will say I want a stable asset to trade in as it makes vendors life's harder monitoring both markets & trading to something stable.
Upland for instance lets me sell for USD however its a logical fallacy that the USD is stable by any measure.

Like the economist John Smith wrote its a better measure of an economy's health the cost of grain then the cost of silver.

I butchered the hell out of that but basically you measure an economy & its health not by the cost of gold or USD but how long a laborer has to work to procure enough food to live on.

So put simply USD a place holder for wealth is not stable it just appears to be stable while the market moves around it its actually the inverse.

What does any of this have to do with Splinterlands a lot actually you can view DEC as the $ stand in. When demand dips for the asset the goods purchased with the DEC IE NFTs go up in value. Supply in that NFT market also plays an important role, this is why WAX is often higher price.

This is why SPS is so important it has multiple use cases on top of being difficult to earn. Difficult to earn when the SPS airdrop ends that is, as its quite easy to earn SPS now simply wait.

SPS airdrop distribution system ends its likely to be followed by a subsequent SPS distribution system.

The SPS white paper which I have read around 100 + times by now elaborates a little on subsequent distribution systems.

Uses other then that of a transactional medium with availability on multiple blockchains ensures a measure of stability a traditional crypto asset doesn't.

What I'm getting at here is suck as this may in todays economic climate you need a job, a side hustle & basically monetize all aspects of your life.

Given this economic collapse the world finds itself in, you can do worse then to monetize a hobby such as playing Splinterlands.

Why play Splinterlands

Think of it this way its a TCG P2E that you can actually earn a descent amount playing or facilitating players ability to do so.

Its like if you could make money playing Magic The Gathering or Pokรฉmon or even just rent your cards to those looking to do so.

Splinterlands I truly believe represents h future of gaming where digital assets have tangible value. Movies Music many mediums including videogames have lost value of ownership. Video Game items never really had value of ownership this needs to change.

Blockchain gives us the consumer tools we have been denied thus far by the modern world.

Splinterlands is one of the first vestiges of a working play to earn game which most modern play to earn games aspire to.

Given this game is so well designed, updated, & maintained, for these reasons you should be playing or at the very least invested in Splinterlands.
If you want to start playing my favorite P2E game Splinterlands, you can check it out via my referral link below.

Running a loop to profit

While this can & does go wrong running a small amount of $ in a loop between WAX & Splinterlands HIVE markets can be profitable.
Running $6 on a loop for a week earns me on average $4 in $NEFTY on the WAX market Nefty Blocks. Nefty Quest & NEFTY trading incentives can be fairly profitable just going through the motions.
I then use the WAX to purchase credits in Splinterlands, Credits I then use to purchase Splinterlands cards on either...


Card Auctions

These are both HIVE Splinterlands cards markets why bother with these over the game market?

When you use Card Auctions the player gets cash back, When the player spends $10 or more on Peakmonsters you earn PKM.

Doubling up trading incentives you mitigate loss due to market fees & flux.

Risky hell yes but there is potential for short term profit just cycling the markets. So the skill level of your Splinterlands playing is mealy a facet of how you can profit, those whom are economically savvy can benefit even more so then top players.

WAX Splinterlands NFTs

I give away many Splinterlands NFTs to WAX wallet users, over $1,000 in Splinterlands NFTs I have airdropped via WAX as a matter of fact.

So say you get a WAX Splinterlands NFT how do you use it in game, once you link your WAX wallet & Splinterlands account in game. You hop on the WAX NFT market Atomic Hub, since Splinterlands is a VIP colection they get their own WAX Atomic Hub market. With Special Splinterlands tools ๐Ÿ‘‡
Click Deposit to game on the Splinterlands tools page URL above.
Notice how my HIVE account @chubb149 is also in the circled field on WAX if yours isn't automatically available enter you HIVE user name there. Once linked you can deposit WAX Splinterlands assets to your game account.

If your seeing a different wallet type WAX & thinking it will be difficult to claim one of my WAX airdrops if you dont have a WAX wallet.
WAX is actually the simplest crypto wallet (fight me)
WAX has something called a cloud wallet available to utilize, while yes you can & I do use WAX custodial wallets IE Anchor wallet.

For simplistic WAX collectors WAX wed Wallet lets you sign in on any existing social media account shown no sign up just sign in.

Sign in with twitter, Discord, Reddit, twitch, Facebook, Gmail, Steam, & a few others simply sign in via twitter or whatever dont even need to set it up.

This means anyone wanting to participate in a WAX NFT giveaway if you have social media you basically already have a WAX web wallet just sign in 1 time & done.

WAX Web Wallet
Splinterlands WAX Market Tools

Stash Pass

Yeah I think I found a way to make this months Stash Pass raffle on the 20th Special for Stash Pass NFT holders. A Splinterlands, Rising Star & Hash Kings NFT giveaway for this months Stash Pass NFT Raffle winner(s).

My hesitation to include Splinterlands NFTs for prizes was the Spell Book requirement, due to the game costing money I couldn't guarantee participants received the NFT.

This is when I had the thought to send users with no Splinterlands transaction their HIVE account will instead get Splinter Talk Commemorative Splinterlands NFTs.

Totally Do able thanks to Peakmonsters having records at the ready. I simply check that months #stashpass NFT raffle winners transactional records.

How to win a #stashpass NFT raffle own one of 2 types of Weedcash Stash pass Raffle NFTs Either the normal pass or the VIP pass.

Then collect #stashpass Weedcash NFTs released weekly every Sunday starting at 10 WEED. Every month on the 20th NFTs from the #stashpass NFT colection are randomly selected. Owners of the standard pass 50 WEED have to get all 3 selected to win the large prize.

VIP pass 500 WEED owners on the other hand get a prize for each NFT they own that are called discounting duplicates. VIP pass & 1 #stashpass NFT selected gets a single prize all 3 gets the grand prize with all 3 prizes.

You can find Weedcash NFTs like stash pass here ๐Ÿ‘† you buy the NFTs in WEED a HIVE alt. If you receive free #stashpass NFTs as I give 5 away per post you can sell them there as well for WEED.
Its a pet project trying to help Weedcash out as they are the Hive front end I started my HIVE journey with so my success started with Weedcash it seems the least I can do is generate interest in their NFT market.
This means this months Stash pass winners can expect a Hash Kings NFT, Rising Star NFT, & something Splinterlands. The winners get announced 6/20/2022 but there are #stashpass raffle drawings each month check back every month if your participating to see if you have won.

The full Details on #stashpass raffle
Stash Pass Whitepaper

WAX NFT airdrop Instructions

Ill still do a single airdrop link on my HIVE (1st) post only After the Airdrop link has been claimed.

The first 5 people to leave their WAX wallet address or twitter account Linked to WAX in the comments on the HIVE post get a single WAX NFT gift sent via the WAX NFT gifting system or Nefty Blocks WAX NFT transfer system.

So if the link has been claimed the first 5 to comment their Twitter or WAX wallet address on the HIVE post get a WAX NFT sent via the WAX NFT Gift system of or WAX NFT transfer system of

Its another Splinterlands NFT give away So expect Splinterlands WAX NFTs, if your new to Splinterlands please consider using my referral link below.

WAX Splinterlands NFT airdrop

Either or ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘‡
WAX NFT Airdrop
Only 1 user can claim the bigger WAX airdrop link, first 5 users to drop their WAX wallet in the comments get A Splinterlands NFT sent to their WAX wallet.

Stash Pass Weedcash(HIVE) NFT giveaway

This is how to get your hands on an exclusive #stashpass NFT which is a part of my year long monthly Raffle NFT program #stashpass to qualify to receive one simply...

Re-blog this HIVE post & comment #stashpass

Be sure & do both just a re-blog or comment alone does not count

First 5 users to do so receive an exclusive #stashpass Weedcash NFT.

Each month I will do an airdrop of cannabis NFTs / crypto from HIVE games & Dapps to HIVE accounts that own the 3 right #stashpass NFTs randomly chosen each month.

Buy or sell Weedcash NFTs like #stashpass here

Weedcash NFTs are sold for WEED a HIVE alt available for trade here
Stash Pass Whitepaper


Fandom moves mountains Splinterlands is genuinely fun to play, & has fantastic game lore. A brilliant & supportive fan community that just adds immensely to the overall game experience.

Splinterlands updates frequently & their devs work is top notch rarely do you encounter issues playing. I never have had an issue with the game their WAX NFT portal system literally all of it flawless in my personal experience with Splinterlands.

The reason I draw attention to Splinterlands lack of errors I have tested over 60 Play to earn titles on WAX, EOS, or HIVE. To be frank this section of the blockchain gaming industry isn't simple by any measure.

No Blockchain game is simple but there are performance issues with EOSIO based Blockchain games specifically. So smooth seamless user experiences on any HIVE or WAX blockchain game is to be admired.

Which is why Splinterlands is my favorite video game let alone P2E games. I mean that, however when you make around $30,000 playing a game you get a little bias. That's revenue between HIVE & WAX sales over 2 years but not bad for a side hustle.

Please understand none of this nor anything I write is intended as financial advice. I'm not now nor have I ever claimed to be a financial advisor. Do your own research before committing to any financial investment.

So you want to get in on gaming history by playing Splinterlands Please consider using my referral below.

You need $10 for a spell-book but with the new rewards system Splinterlands is more then worth the $10.

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