Stash Pass NFT airdrops tutorial / Whitepaper + WAX NFT airdrop


My new Weedcash NFT line #stashpass as of 4/20/2022 will begin monthly airdrops for the owners of the correct NFTs chosen randomly every month.

To Participate the Hive user / account has to purchase one of these 👇 NFTs for the cost of 50 WEED.
This is the pass NFT qualifying the HIVE account for participation.

To actually win that months airdrop you will need 3 randomly chosen #stashpass NFTs from my #stashpass Weedcash NFT colection.

If you have the pass NFT & the correct 3 #stashpass NFTs for that month you get shouted out in an announcement post that goes over what HIVE accounts have won & the Airdrop prizes for that month.

What can you potentially win?

Cannabis NFTs or crypto from various HIVE projects.

The name of this project Stash Pass comes from the fact prizes originate from my stash of crypto & NFTs on HIVE.

Stash pass is not officially affiliated with any of the projects from which the airdrop prizes originate.


You can find my Stash pass NFTs on the Weedcash NFT market they are sold for WEED.
100 of the qualifying NFT passes have been produced soon to be made available for purchase for 50 WEED a piece.
Other then the qualifying #stashpass NFT👆 which will be the most expensive, the other #stashpass NFTs will be sold for 10 WEED.
There is a catch that being the #stashpass NFTs wont always be released to the market, but instead given away via my HIVE posts.

In essence you will likely have to participate in my #stashpass giveaways & buy them on the Weedcash NFT market to get one of the Airdrops.

As you can buy & sell Weedcash NFTs on their NFT market you could also sell the #stashpass NFTs I airdrop, at whatever amount of WEED you want.

The reason as to why the NFTs will be so hard to obtain all 3 of is to prevent individuals from manipulating the system.
Due to the method of distribution of #stashpass NFTs being varied between the market & giveaways the 3 required each month to get an airdrop will be a mixture of both.

As the plan is to release multiple #stashpass NFTs each month it would be prudent to collect as many as possible as I will choose 3 NFTs across the whole colection at random.

The only certainty will be the same 3 #stashpass NFTs will never be used twice.

Every post done by myself @chubb149 on HIVE is going to be applicable for a #stashpass NFT giveaway 1 entry per HIVE account per post.

To enter a #stashpass give away IE my future posts you need to re-blog the post & Comment #stashpass. At my soonest convenience Ill reply the NFT has been sent.

While strictly getting the free #stashpass NFTs alone will not get you the correct NFTs for an airdrop you can & I encourage you sell them on the Weedcash NFT market.

As the Monthly airdrops will require the Pass NFT not given out for free & other #stashpass NFTs only sold.
My advice if your completely new to HIVE or dont have the 50 WEED to get the NFT Pass qualifying your account to participate in the monthly airdrops. Is to get the airdropped #stashpass NFTs then sell them to get the required WEED.

As you cant get airdrops without the free #stashpass NFTs there should in theory be a demand.


The first Airdrop takes place 4/20/2022 Be sure & stock up on as many #stashpass NFTs & a pass before then to have a chance at the airdrop.

What's in the airdrops

I wont put my own NFT collections into the monthly airdrop nor will it only be NFTs. The winner can expect between $2-$10 worth of either HIVE NFTs or Crypto related to cannabis.
NFTs from games like Dcity & Hashkings
Crypto from Hashkings & Weedcash
Anything else cannabis related I come across on HIVE is a possible inclusion in a monthly airdrop.

If no winner 😞

I still announce the pick for that month though if at all possible I wish to make sure that does not happen.

Getting WEED

WEED is the Weedcash tribe token available to exchange for HIVE on Hive exchanges like.

However if your a fellow stoner you can write about cannabis on or curate other Weedcash users posts to earn WEED.


This is not exactly a simple premise so please if you need further explanation dont hesitate to ask in the comments of the HIVE version of this post.

Instructions overview

1 You need a Chubbs Stash Pass NFT to participate
Available for 50 WEED here

2 those with a Chubbs stash pass & the 3 randomly chosen #stashpass NFTs can win the Airdrop taking place on the 20th of each month starting 4/20/2022.

3 on the 20th I will post the chosen NFTs & the winners for that month / what they won.

4 re-blog my HIVE posts & comment #stashpass to receive #stashpass NFTs I wont sell in the Weedcash NFT store.

Why Make Stash Pass

Its more then likely that I see this project be a deficit knowing that, why bother with #stashpass?
For starters there are many groups / Dapps on HIVE that promote the legalization & use of recreational or medical cannabis. With #stashpass I hope to promote awareness of these projects to new users.

Given many new users join HIVE for my WAX NFT airdrops #stashpass can help them as well given they are the readers most likely to get the free airdropped #stashpass NFTs.

I am trying to use my position to benefit Weedcash, Hashkings, Dcity, New HIVE users, & Bang Defense.

Hopefully #stashpass is a success sell my NFTs & other Weedcash NFTs here.

Social media

For questions comments or collaboration I can be reached on HIVE in the comments on the following.




WAX NFT airdrop tutorial

WAX NFT airdrops via URL I give out 12 NFTs with every post first on HIVE then PublishOx Finally Torum you will find the 3 airdrops easiest through HIVE I leave PublishOx & Torum links in the comments of the HIVE post.

Easy as 1 2 3


I keep everything random giving you the best odds all 3 are airdropped on the same day in the order specified at random.

You may join all three through these links



Please one airdrop per person, & I appreciate lettings others know the link is claimed via comments.

Stash pass give away

Starting with this HIVE post I will begin giving away #stashpass NFTs to HIVE users that re-blog @chubb149 HIVE posts & Comment #stashpass .

Instructions concerning the #stashpass Airdrops may be found above. The #stashpass NFTs are a Weedcash NFT line of my own design & may be bought or sold here.

This all takes place on HIVE join HIVE via my ecency referral link below for free.

VIP pass

VIP passes qualify you to participate in the normal raffle drawings & give you better odds then the standard pass.

Now there are 2 ways to win with #stashpass your Standard Pass & that months 3 chosen NFTs would be the standard way to win the monthly #stashpass raffle on the 20th of each month. I recently added the VIP pass option with a VIP pass you win for every NFT from that months chosen NFTs you own.

Meaning with the VIP pass if you own 1 of the 3 you win a prize 2 of the 3 you get 2 prizes 3 out of 3 you get the full prize for that month. VIP passes functionally would be just as good as the original pass meaning you only need the VIP pass or the original pass to participate.

However the far more expensive VIP pass has far better odds then the original but costs 500 WEED starting price compared with 50 WEED starting price of the original.

VIP passes On sale now starting at 500 WEED available here, Original Passes starting at 50 WEED, & every #stashpass NFT starts at 10 WEED. Supplies are limited after the initial numbers sell out the secondary market tends to increase price at their discretion.

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