Splinterlands New rewards system & cards + NFT Giveaway


Splinterlands new rewards cards launched best bet todays 🤑 giveaway will feature them. However first my review / overview of the new Splinterlands Rewards System.

Rewards system overhaul

Yeah cant say I miss the quest potion much anymore In-fact I vastly prefer the new rewards system in Splinterlands. Rewarding players for how well they play & for how long they play. That's key as before there was little incentive to keep playing after your daily challenge.
This gets rid of the need for quest potions it also gets individuals to stop using multiple accounts. Meaning the rewards earned are more genuine & less exploited, that's truly important when eventually there will be pro players.

I think these changes to the daily challenge & seasonal rewards systems where just what the game needed.
At silver 1 for instance my current rank I can if I have the time win up to 30 rewards chests in a day. Depending on cards played & a variety of other factors each match won grants the player a number of Focus points when playing according to the current ruleset.
Depending upon the level of focus points accumulated in the day at the end of the 24 hour period you claim your chest(s).
Season points work in a similar manner to the focus points.
Given the ways the reward chests odds now change based upon rank or chest type those looking to know more I suggest check out this post.

Going to hazard a guess that this will positively effect the price of all rewards cards gradually increasing them even old rewards cards.

Of course that is speculation this still remains to be seen for now ill note the new rewards cards fetch much more on WAX usually.
As you advance note that it increases Rewards chest odds I think its from like silver to gold not from Gold 3 to Gold 2.

Rewards Cards

The 12 new rewards card have brought back some variety to accompany the new rewards system.

For the uninitiated the term rewards card refers to a specific type of Splinterlands NFT earned via in game rewards & Purchased in packs.
Its because these cards can only be obtained via playing the game for a limited time the rewards cards represent some of the games highest earnings potential.
Anyone seen Moonknight?
Anthropomorphic Hippos weird that this is a reoccurring theme ever?

The ADD side trach aside there are 12 new rewards cards 3 Legendary 2 Epic 3 Rare & 4 Common cards in all.
You will note that the new ability Reflection Shield has been added Tide Bitter is one such card sporting the new ability past level 3. What is so good about Reflection Shield?
Reflection Shield presents a weakness to the Thorns / Magic Reflect + Amplify combo. Those unaware this is fairly unbalanced & quite devastating when used correctly so something had to be done.
However now with all the rewards cards sporting the Reflection shield Thorns & Magic Reflect + amplify has a weakness.
Case & point both teams mine included utilizing the combo you almost have to.

Wow this card just damn 👆, I doubt they will ever reach the current price of other legendary rewards cards from the first set.

Tips & tricks

Not that I quite have a feal for their new system I have noted a few things that improve my number of Focus Points Earned per ranked match win.
Avoid Starter cards at all cost they decrease FP earned when used.
Gold FTW Gold cards & older cards tend to generate more FP in my observations.

Winning Streaks tend to generate more FP per victory but those get tough to sustain.
Biggest take away avoid using Starter Cards the temporary cards given to new users to play with marked with an S.

If your not the best player just know its all in the abilities & card stats when playing. Many would assume an elemental advantage like Water beating Fire that's not true at all.

Take note of what is beating you & try to implement a similar strategy, if you got into Splinterlands for the SPS airdrop but cant seem to get the game down. Dont worry there is a major economic component filling the gaps on WAX markets can be lucrative in & of itself.

SPS Airdrop winding down 😭

Assuming you just want the airdrop SPS shortly after the airdrop ends the real SPS fun begins such as delegation of Staked SPS for both Voting governance & ROI.

The delegation of Staked SPS to another player like myself for instance @chubb149 will not only allow for me to utilize your voting Governance delegated but a % of my SPS revenue based on the amount delegated + my game performance.

I just used myself as an example but what the TLDR is basically you would earn off others playing with that outlined SPS delegation system.

The Validator Nodes which they are selling licenses for are a large part of the SPS governance system as well as the delegation system I would assume.
Dont worry about the end of the SPS airdrop instead be excited of what comes after, the new Rewards system the Validator Node Licenses both of these are laying the ground work to make Splinterlands the worlds first MLG blockchain game.

Here's one of Splinterlands recent posts outlining what to look forward to, as I said its just the beginning.
They also recently announced the next Chaos legion pack Airdrop card & its a legendary summoner.
A wealth of info & so many earnings opportunities for new players
@splinterlands You should always check in on the HIVE Splinterlands account. For leads challenges events news & everything Splinterlands.


The worlds never had a game like Splinterlands, A TCG where the player base gets to weigh in on discussions even voice some of there own in regards to how the game functions.

The SPS governance takes Splinterlands past a traditional game, the profit motives are not all that drives their player. Admittingly it factors in & that's simply something Videogames never really had precedent for.

Because we retain ownership of assets won or bought makes Splinterlands much more then a simple videogame.

With the traditional gaming market imploding I think its time these simplistic player rights issues take center stage. Splinterlands something beyond Blockchain gaming, instead gaming with Governance.

Without further stalling here is todays giveaway.

WAX NFT airdrop Instructions

Ill still do a single airdrop link on my HIVE (1st) post only. After the Airdrop link has been claimed the first 5 people to leave their twitter or WAX address in the comments on the HIVE post get a single WAX NFT gift sent via the https://bountyblok.io/ WAX NFT gifting system or Nefty Blocks WAX NFT transfer system.

So if the link has been claimed the first 5 to comment their Twitter or WAX wallet address on the HIVE post get a WAX NFT sent via the WAX NFT Gift system of https://bountyblok.io/ or WAX NFT transfer system of https://neftyblocks.com/

Its much simpler to utilize you WAX wallet address as I have had trouble with the twitter method.

WAX NFT airdrop


For those that missed the Airdrop URL first 5 people to comment their WAX wallet get a new Splinterlands reward card.

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Yeah Games dont often change lives but Splinterlands changed mine & many others, Literally telling you my earnings would seem like a lie its all to real. So if you want a game that can change your life give Splinterlands a shot via my referral link below.
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