Splinterlands 2nd season new rewards, tips, tricks & NFT giveaways


This write up I go over my second season of the new Splinterlands rewards system. Just as an added bonus I throw in some market & game tips & tricks, to 1UP your Splinterlands experience.

I didn't forget to add in the usual 15 NFTs that will be given away to 6 lucky readers.

Market magic

Yeah with a blockchain game like Splinterlands there are a myriad of moving parts, truly its something that while complex can work in your favor.

The thing is you need to know where to look, For instance the Chaos Legion packs now can be purchased with DEC directly.
Previously for quite a while with the Chaos legion Packs you could only use Credits, Credits are stable and DEC fluctuates. This is important because DEC required per pack is 4,000, with 4,000 Credits the pack is $4.00 USD with 4,000 DEC at the time of writing is...

With the DEC price fluctuation effecting the in game pack price there are now 3 fluctuating Pack markets independent of one another. Within this systems complexity lies opportunity to the vigilant.

Meaning a from store purchase of a Chaos legion pack by using DEC instead of Credits at time of writing you save $1.21. However unlike the secondary market it counts towards Chaos Legion Card airdrops.
When 1,000,000 Chaos Legion Packs sell they release another airdropped card to the Chaos Legion Colection. If the account is really lucky or has bought a significant number of Chaos legion packs from the in game store.

They stand a chance of receiving 1 or more of the new Airdropped card. When you increase the number of packs your account has purchased you slightly increase your odds of getting 1 airdropped to you.

So why does this matter? simple with the pack price of $2.79 your paying roughly $0.40-$0.60 off secondary market prices. Meaning you can sell it for roughly $2.20 USD on average this is if your unwilling to be patient.

A crafty trader that sets price alerts & supplies secondary markets like Nefty Blocks on WAX. You can actually potentially profit & add In game pack purchases increasing your odds of receiving the Airdropped cards.
So doesn't this mentality cheapen the experience can you be a fan that sees the economic incentive, yeah well I think you can. For instance Pokémon card collectors while they may be diehard fans simply dont play because its a horrible TCG.

Splinterlands is an awesome TCG & its also a game with quite the cult following. Better yet there are sales figures, asset price history, user analytics, & data other collectable markets you couldn't even speculate on.

Its due to the nature of NFTs being superior to tangible collectables, eventually the NFT market & collectable markets will be one in the same. This may take decades, however the USA for instance has a current shortage in Truck drivers. Collectable ownership is sometimes intended as temporary to turn a profit.

If these temporary collectable owners dont have to physically posses the asset, but simply prove ownership to resell to the intended consumer. You cut down significantly on the shipping put into that 1 item NFT collectables tangible vIRL NFT or not are efficient in this regard.

Splinterlands represents an natural progression of this same market in a increasingly technological society. Blockbuster if that fossil rises from the grave with Movie & Game NFTs why not game Item NFTs.

Splinterlands rental market has been emulated like crazy by the P2E Games being developed currently. NFT panda has been just teasing the possibility of rentals for almost a year & believe that has impacted the obscure games popularity.

What I'm saying is the market is volatile with Splinterlands assets, this is due to a few factors. What I know from my experience is I'm glad I weathered the storm for 2 years. The SPS airdrop was a boom for sure, do you actually think that was a 1 time deal or do you believe the Splinterlands Devs just started revolutionizing the P2E game market.

I like to think its the latter...

For added Market incentives such as cash back or crypto generation try the following.

On HIVE Splinterlands card NFT markets, also pro tip rent cards from these its about 10x faster.

PKM generation for purchases $10 and over excluding rentals

DEC cash back all transactions 🤑

On WAX there are 2 main NFT markets Nefty Blocks has Nefty Mining & Nefty quest for transaction incentives on all WAX NFT transactions buying or selling any volume on Nefty Blocks.

WAX Splinterlands asset tools can be found on their Atomic Hub NFT market page.

So if you got one of the literally hundreds if not thousands of Splinterlands WAX NFTs I have airdropped over the last year & a half. You send them to the game via atomic Hubs Splinterlands tools


Diamond rank 3 with 9 chests I got, I think the most DEC I have ever gotten in 1 rewards chest.

7800 DEC in 1 Daily challenge that's damn impressive almost covered the whole seasons rental tab in 1 chest.


So how I get 9 chests a day its all about my rank & cards played I never use the loner cards with the S on them you dont own or rent.

On top of that I try to stay in diamond tier it gives 4x the rewards points in my observations compared with Gold tier.
At roughly 20,000-25,000 RP per victory I clear a chest in 3-4 wins for gold its about 6-8 & I cant personally attest to Champion, Bronze, or silver but I assume it scales.

I recorded my past week of Daily challenge rewards between Diamond & Gold Tier.
DEC alone totals 10,810 = $7.65 USD at time of witting, add in 2 packs retailing at roughly $4.

Completely ignoring other rewards I'm still up to $11.65 roughly double what I paid in rentals earned in 1/2 a season.
The DEC multiplier on Diamond Tier Chests is no joke, literally playing every day for almost 2 years I have seen nothing like it.

I think last seasons finishing tier decides your rewards chest tier, you then are incentivized to rank up the following season because higher rank provides higher RP per win.
Got yet another of these anomalous DEC chests with 5,808 DEC in it, this is the third this season over 1,000 DEC. On daily rewards chests keep in mind at Diamond Tier Reward chest type, but still that's 15,000 DEC in 8 Daily challenges.

Now my seasonal Rewards are going to add to profit while renting most of my collections account power.
Last season I hit 50 chests at diamond 3 this season I hit 55 Chests at Diamond 3.


Yet another of those Chests with a good amount of DEC!

Another Huge DEC chest


Then We cap off this seasons rewards with a pack.

From this seasons rewards I got a little over 19,000 DEC, this together with my daily rewards means my DEC totaled above 30,000 DEC.
Again this was DEC alone, add to this several packs & other rewards last season I cleared around $40. My rentals cost less then $10 so its a $30 season not bad for 1 legendary card total.
Still had a daily challenge rewards saved up, now to me its all about accumulated rewards I no longer wait for 1 off lucky results.

Game Strategy

If your lost when it comes to Splinterlands you need to focus on learning every card ability, & attack type. You can then play match rulesets to your favor less something your coping, with more something you utilize to pick your optimum team.

There is no one size fits all the game has few exploits that I can find anyway, meaning the game is fairly well balanced.

I have a preference for Earth, Death, & Dragon Splinters (elements) but these are just preference based on Character design.

Speaking of Splinters or elements they dont represent stat boosts like fire being week to water more a means of separating & sorting the Splinterlands NFT colection.

Rome wasn't built in a day the roman masons did however over time construct a 1/2 Kilometer long road 1/4 inch 0.3175 CM off square (perfect) through a mountain. The point is impossible tasks become very possible with enough time & patience.

So learning the ropes in a TCG like Splinterlands seems doable ya know.

I wont leave you with nothing here if your in Bronze or Silver try cards with the Sneak, Opportunity, or Snipe.
Opportunity 👆
Sneak 👆
Snipe 👆

You typically have every unit attack the front 1st card selected in a match, this is unless abilities or match rules change this norm. Newer less experienced players put a Tank in the first position & typically follow that with weaker mages or archers.

Utilizing those 3 abilities you can use this to your advantage, If the match ruleset activates sneak or opportunity for all units keep that in mind when selecting your hand.

Bit more advanced players you may want to for low mana cap matches look for Cards with...
Redemption☝️ every card on the opponents side takes 1 damage when a card with redemption is defeated.
With a mana cap of say 14 minus the summoner costs they have roughly 10 mana to utilize. A card or 2 designed to cripple weaker forces is invaluable.

Also last stand ☝️ is a game changer
The stat boost provided is significant to say the least when last stand is activated attack speed & health all gets boosted.

Thorns Magic Reflect combined with amplify always a solid play even with the new
Reflection shield as long as you dont Spam the combo they dont see it coming, the enemy after all can quickly view what you have been playing in the last 5 matches.

Like poker your as much playing your cards your playing your opponent, stagnation & repetition is easily countered.

So if your playing your perfect team on a loosing streak wondering how everyone has you countered this is likely why.

Need help on specific play styles you can ask in the comments, however like I said there is no 1 right answer.

Zero to Hero

Dont have the time to wait in showcasing your Splinterlands skills season by season?
Not my cup of tea due to a full blown case of ADD, Splinterlands has fairly profitable tournaments hosted all the time. You can even be a boss & host your own Tourney to promote your guild, brand, or HIVE tribe.

Tournaments require an entry fee & usually work on a daily Bracket elimination system I think.... Its been a while since my last tournament.

So if your more a marathon runner then a sprinter maybe Tournaments are for you I would bet most pro Splinterlands players are all over the high paying tournaments.

To clarify a Splinterlands Pro to me is a player that's cleared over a few $100,000 playing Splinterlands, it can, & does happen.

SPS faucet

There is a crypto faucet known as Coin Faucet which allows users to claim SPS Splintershards hourly. Given the SPS will be used exclusively to purchase the next Splinterlands Packs Rift Watchers I think is the next packs name.

The long & short of it is I would hazard a guess this effects the SPS price so now's the time to claim SPS for free / stock up.

Not intended as any form of financial advice, I'm not a financial advisor I just intend on stocking up on SPS & HODL like no tomorrow.

In to free crypto services here is one of my more recent write ups on all the good free crypto services I use.


Yeah the Splinterlands Game has lore like magic the gathering the world building is done in card descriptions, The Splintertalk NFTs also seem to do a little world building The HIVE Splinterlands account drops Game lore posts on occasion.

The Packs have origins & lore themes that stay consistent throughout that packs collection.

Take Chaos legion its theme is based on the courting nature of this new land Praetoria. One Particular aspect of the Chaos legion lore I find fascinating its the Mycelia Based Monsters.
Queen Mycelia being their leader
Mycelic Infantry The least of queen Mycelias Parasitic Fungi solders, has a description that follows a merchants transformation into this Fungi foot soldier.
Mycelic Slipspawn Forests effected by the creeping plague emanating from the Chaos portal.

A direct quote -But then Queen Mycelia came, she touched the Slipspawn as she passed it by and it drank from her power, an enduring energy that ran deep and defiantly cast the pestilence of the chaos taint aside. The Slipspawn pulled its roots free from the ground and eagerly danced across the leafy forest floor after her, desperate to follow its savior and stand by her in the times to come.
Praetoria is a truly chaotic land over run with Pestilence & Parasites, comparative to the rest of the Splinterlands monsters those from the Chaos legion Have to be monstrously powerful just to survive.

I like the whole Pestilence theme of the Chaos legion though not all encompassing It definitely added more darkness to the game lore.

I believe if you struggle at understanding game mechanics the lore even drops hints of what cards may work well together when playing.

Rental Markets up

Since there is now a more consistent reason to keep ones account power high the rental market has had a surge. Base prices of the Legendary Chaos Legion Legendary cards are in some instances 50x their previous rental price.

Though the card prices stagnate the rental market has had a sizable uptick meaning in most cases its better to rent & continue to own then sell & part with them for a lowered price.

To each their own but I find myself holding on to cards I would have flipped before.

Perfect & Imperfect Games

You know what makes games like Splinterlands fun Math, I know it doesn't feel like this is the case but its true.

When looking at card games or Board games a Perfect Game is a game where both players know all the pieces or cards at any interval.


An example of a perfect Game would be Chess, Where as Poker or Splinterlands are imperfect games.

Meaning you dont know going into a turn or Match what a player is going to play.

What does this have to do with math, its down to the number of possible permeations of cards & rules one can encounter.

The odds of encountering the same exact match 2 times gets exponentially more unlikely in Splinterlands as you increase card levels.

With increased card levels you increase complexity & thus difficulty, what all this boils down to is with Splinterlands you have to be ready for anything.

How does this help you, it comes down to what rank you average as a player the level caps & rules you most typically encounter.

for instance in gold rank 3 I average at least 1 match with Poison Rules set out of every 10. It then makes sense to stock in your deck at least a single card immune to poison.

Same can be said for magic resistance in the opponents team how you stack your party all of this can be boiled down to averages.

That's why math and accurate records are the best thing to rely on in the game of Splinterlands.

I keep records on what I rent how much I spend how much I earn, pack results rewards chests results all of it.

Records have made this game a matter of understanding the game mechanisms at play in this imperfect game.

Its as much however about playing your opponent, try to make your play style hard to read. Use combos that vary wildly from match to match they will be thrown off trying to guess your actions.

WAX NFT Giveaways Tutorial

Every time I post on HIVE I do a few NFT giveaways, the first & larger 5 count WAX NFT airdrop URL which goes to the first user to click the link.

The next 5 WAX NFTs are given away to the first 5 users to comment their WAX wallet address, once I see the comment Ill send you a single WAX NFT followed by a reply stating I have done so. This is for the first 5 users only to leave their WAX address in the comments.

WAX Splinterlands NFT airdrop


Miss the big airdrop?


First 5 users that comment their WAX wallet gets a Splinterlands WAX NFT sent to their wallet.

Stash Pass Weedcash NFT giveaway

Every time I post anything on HIVE I do several NFT giveaways, one such giveaway is my #stashpass NFT giveaway.

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Splinterlands referral

Below is my game referral for the TCG Blockchain game known as Splinterlands.

You will need $10 to trade assets to & from your game account, they take pay pal.

Why risk the money to play you may find yourself asking, earlier in this write up I eluded to knowing those that have made a good amount of 🤑 playing Splinterlands.

My revenue from this game alone sits well above $20,000 if you dont deduct expenditures its closer to $40,000.

I'm not a pro far from it & before Splinterlands I was flat broke, now broke to me is a few thousand dollars. It took a few years but this Game Splinterlands changed my life.


So give Splinterlands a try yourself via my referral link above.
Check back if you miss the giveaway I do one on every post given out thousands of WAX NFTs & will continue to give away WAX NFTs for the foreseeable future.

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