P2E Titans Splinterlands, Upland , & Alien Worlds + NFT giveaways

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So todays post is going to be all about free P2E games I personally profit from. These P2E games Blockchain users new or old should be aware of their existence at the very least.

NFTs while on blockchain are not the same as a crypto market, what's that old saying any port in a storm. Just call this any side hustle in a Bear market.

Since major titles I have been ignoring lately have been drastically improved since I last covered them figure its about time for a refresher.

Finally some notes on what I have observed lately in Splinterlands, which I'm aware isn't technically free but I have a solve to that outlined here 👇.

Then of course as always NFT giveaways 🤑

Disclaimer Please note this write up is intended to be for informational purposes only. I'm not a financial advisor, nothing is intended as financial or investment advice.


Ok I'm old I hate VR & the word metaverse makes me die a little inside that being said as much as I hate Upland god damn it they impress me often.

Given I'm less a Blockchain game developer & more a sub par stoned sub contractor in my day job. I spend my evenings fighting for P2E gamers like a Blockchain moon knight.

Thought I would say Batman? No far to poor & not exactly mentally stable Moon Knight is a closer fit.

I do my best work testing these games on EOSIO based blockchains its where my specialized Blockchain knowledge lies.

On my play to earn journey through EOSIO P2E projects over the years, there are 3 games that stand out to me as a cut above.

These games are Alien Worlds on WAX / BSC Splinterlands HIVE / WAX / BSC, last & certainly not least Upland EOS / WAX.

Splinterlands revolutionized the P2E industry in a number of ways their year long SPS airdrop & rental markets took the Blockchain gaming market by storm. With Splinterlands next venture concerning BSC / SPS & player governance / asset delegation. Not to mention their pack & rewards systems are poetry in motion compared to typical pre determinate RNG NFT packs.

Alien worlds their work is less game play oriented even today I struggle to actually call it a game more a clicking simulator or fancy faucet. Alien Worlds thrives at player & NFT owner governance allowing for NFT colection tie ins via NFT rewards pools set up by land plot owners. This level of power in a game is some of the first of its type in gaming.

Upland where does this Metaverse thrive, everywhere if I'm being honest their roadmap use to look impossible. Shocking that Upland has accomplished so many of their lofty goals.

Meta Ventures for instance I believe is uplands Crescendo where these interesting but unconnected features finally start functioning as a cohesive unit.

The Meta Ventures are player owned in metaverse NFT shops selling buildings, decorations, properties & NFPA legits. Not only their in metaverse EOS NFTs can be added to a Meta venture however. They have a WAX NFT colection connecting their EOS game to a WAX colection via a NFT portal. Their Upland WAX NFTs can already be sold in a Meta Venture store.
That is if your a store owner & operator not cheap or possible as its still beta testers only. My guess Upland has already shown its ability to accommodate other WAX collections in Upland property being linked to WAX NFT rewards mechanisms similar to how alien worlds land plot governance gives owners the freedom to do the same.
The Upland Meta Ventures are likely to factor into this NFT colection synergy they already display with WAX collections.
Crypto Monkeys a WAX NFT colection has a feature called monkey miles visiting designated properties in Upland cities owned by crypto monkeys you can potentially have a Crypto Monkey NFT sent to your linked WAX wallet.

There are a few other projects like Blockchain Hero on WAX with similar ties to upland distribution methods.

If Upland can achieve all they have set out to do thus far regardless of how dumb I think the idea of a Metaverse is Upland is the only one I have encountered even close to functioning. Most are years off Uplift based on WAX NFTs through Minecraft servers is probably the next best example & they are a pale comparison.
Sold my first upland Property EOS NFT for USD recently another massive achievement USD integration to a Metaverse.
Their road map puts us right now in the thick of the action when it comes to Upland development. I'm hopping with NFT galleries they include other blockchains besides Polygon or ETH for NFT collections that can be portal-ed in they have the functional WAX NFT portal I hope to see them expand on that.

Upland gets mainstream media attention like crazy.
Upland on Vice news

Yeah they have been featured in Forbes vice & to many other main stream media news sources to count.

I got one of my readcash articles featured on Forbes years ago, about Proof of work & its relation to the 17th century economic philosophy known as the Value of labor principle. Yeah I use to get really into this whole crypto writing thing.

Upland however is more deserving of this media attention while yes it has glaring issues the forest can be hard to see through the trees.

In Upland I see potential I dont just ascribe to every P2E game.
Upland has events all the time seemingly a daily log in weakly rewards function & its free to play. Please consider signing up via my referral link below.

Alien worlds

Oldy but a goody while only a few years old Alien Worlds like Upland & more importantly Splinterlands is one of Blockchain gaming industries titans.

Most people tend to point toward AXI infinity which to me is like Crypto kitties a hyper inflated market more or less dead in the water. Granted AXI has a larger market cap but AXI infinity lacks user transaction volume. This metric more then any other is important when assessing P2E games stability.

This Is why I single out Splinterlands, Upland, & Alien Worlds are the only P2E titles currently worth taking seriously.

I mean no offense to other play to earn games I play like 20 different titles in any 1 week. When I say Games like Alien Worlds Splinterlands & Upland are to be taken serious its due to these games legitimately become incomes for their pro player base.

P2E gone MLG that's where Splinterlands Upland & Alien worlds reside.

Alien worlds is a free to play P2E WAX / BSC title that has literally pioneered NFT ownership in game governance.

Alien Worlds is free to play meaning anyone can profit by being involved with this P2E title.

What makes alien worlds special its their planetary governance & land plot Governance. land plot owners get to set their own Mining commission for players mining on their land plot.

That's just the basics however of just what you can accomplish with Alien Worlds Land plot governance, more entrepreneurial Land plot owners can set up a linked NFT rewards pool on their land plots.

Crypto Monkeys Alien worlds & Upland collaboration

What good does it do you to give away NFTs to people mining on your land plot in Alien Worlds. If done with say your own NFT colection effectively making the rewards pool for mining the only earning mechanism for certain NFTs.


You have the potential to skyrocket your NFT collections popularity, if the demand for these aforementioned NFTs becomes fairly high. To obtain them you either mine in game on the specified land plot paying the owners commission on every click, or you pay whatever the secondary market demands as a price also earning commission.

Crypto Monkeys has used this business model to astonishingly effective consumer demand for their NFTs.

At the current WAX market price Crypto monkeys has done over $400,000 in user transactions throughout their life of the NFT colection. Assuming they never dropped packs for sale which they have done however say that this is strictly P2P trade volume.

This would mean at the current WAX price Crypto Monkeys NFTs have netted over $33,000 USD in trading commissions alone.

Keep in mind WAX prices have previously hit 5x the current WAX market value, depending upon when & or if The Crypto Monkey creators traded out of WAX with their trade commission revenue.

They likely netted between $33,000 & $165,000 on their market commission alone.

Add to this Crypto Monkeys Alien Worlds land plots earn their owners TLM commission with every use by a player mining there.

Go a step even further Upland Properties have similar Visitor commission settings & for visiting Specified Crypto Monkeys Upland properties players can also earn Crypto Monkey WAX NFTs.


Meaning they earn commission on players trying to earn Crypto Monkey NFTs on Upland as well. Getting UPX or possibly USD per every property visit.


Good god these are some smart monkeys, their NFT colection & business model is based not on selling their NFT line at all. Its about getting the market interested in their project for seemingly free to the NFT collectors.

Earning the true profits not by selling personally but giving them away in P2E games which earns them a % of the players revenue via commission. Once the lucky player sells their NFT Crypto monkeys again earns commission.

Its genius because alone Crypto monkeys is barely note worthy if it where not for their P2E collaborations made possible with alien worlds Land plot Governance & Upland Property Governance.

Based on some cursory observations of their Alien Worlds & Upland assets involved with this Crypto Monkey colection, with the added market commission before deducting expenses Crypto Monkeys has likely cleared Close to if not over $1,000,000 USD.

Keep in mind these game assets are not cheap so if necessary to liquidate Crypto monkeys has around $20,000 in Alien Worlds land plots & Upland Properties.

This is actually an economic philosophy purposed in the 1980s by Jean Baudrillard

Simulacra and Simulation

While this is an extremely condensed view of Jean Baudrillard purposed philosophical beliefs in regards to the concept of Simulacra and Simulation.


The TLDR is asset value at a certain point will have lost all connection to the tangible or functional. Replaced instead with perceived value of assets that have no value outside what we culturally attribute to it based on nothing more then subjective consumer market appeal.

Crypto Monkeys is an evolution on this cultural trend its gone from brand names inflating consumer goods value based on a perceived non existent difference.

To Crypto monkeys making commission on P2E gamers getting their NFTs & selling these valueless assets to one another based upon nothing more then the value we as consumers ascribed to it.

Being said its a brilliant tactic the NFT market is more or less ignorant of.

I truly suggest if your interested in Philosophical concepts like Simulacra and Simulation that you check out Jean Baudrillards work a good place to start is the WIKI below.


More on reading material to check out in a moment, first up ill explain how you can also earn Crypto Monkey WAX NFTs playing these 2 free P2E games Alien Worlds, & Upland.


I eluded to this above Crypto Monkey NFTs are earned for free for various reasons by WAX users completely free.

Above are just the games for Crypto monkey NFTs, I have tested all but the slot which isn't available for US residents. Speaking from experience you will want to focus on Upland or Alien Worlds for Crypto monkey NFTs from games.

Jungle TV kinda sucks its a waste of your time, monkey match costs money Card A Mon at the bottom left of the image above is a BAN based Crypto monkey WAX NFT store. If you know crypto BAN working with WAX is no small achievement.

Yeah the WAX NFTs Crpto Monkeys are actually a Project affiliated with the Banano BAN Blockchain a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) based build which forked from NANO to be specific. Since BANs build is so obscure its not as easy for WAX to work with their assets.

Any way I got way to technical about Banano above because they have set up Crypto monkeys site to link your WAX ETH + BAN wallets to social media like reddit, Discord, twitch, & twitter.

Doing so allows users to earn BAN or Crypto Monkey WAX NFTs for free via their various social media Servers. Pages, Subreddits, profiles ect.

What this means is there are around 8 or so methods to generate BAN or Crypto Monkey NFTs for free & linking your accounts / wallets at the site below.
Then playing these free P2E games.
At the specified land plots or properties outlined on the sites below
Monkey Mining Alien Worlds (WAX)

Monkey Miles Upland (EOS)

You can then also earn Crypto Monkey NFTs Potentially for free while also earning crypto on on these 2 free P2E games Alien Ships & Upland.

The social media involvement is optional bear minimum you can do this with a WAX wallet for the Alien worlds Monkey Mining. Or Monkey Miles which would require a Upland account (free) & a WAX wallet (free).

I cant say I like Crypto Monkeys or Banano all that much, but they are damn impressive in their own right.


Case & point their Discord Community driven WAX NFT colection recently added to their Crypto monkey WAX NFT colection known as Monkey Stacks.

TLM Crypto Monkey NFT.gif
By my count Crypto Monkey has done Collaborations with at least 4 WAX NFT collections. Best part about monkey Stacks is Brands or people they do collaborate with can distribute the Collab NFTs themselves at their own event if they so choose.

So for some awesome free advertising I suggest @risingstargame or @hashkings staff check out Monkey Stacks & the Crypto monkeys discord if you want to do a collaboration or event.

I am familiar with all the Monkey Stacks details is because at 1 point I was considering doing a Collab with my Weedcash NFT line #stashpass.

My hang up being the lack of social media awareness of my brand would have made doing a giveaway event for the Collab Monkey Stacks NFTs almost impossible.

Since your Discord servers @risingstargame / @hashkings are fairly popular & your fans are use to these types of events or giveaways.

A Monkey Stacks collaboration would be excellent viral marketing for your respective P2E games or HIVE in general.

P2E & economics

Now to turn on a dime & go from games to economic philosophy.

lol then serious supernatural.gif

If you like myself are in the % of individuals that believe Blockchain technology is going to change how we look at global economics permanently.

To better understand the value of a crypto projects, P2E games, or NFT Collections. I suggest you really brush up on economic principles explaining the forms of asset value & the concepts of wealth that pre date the Gold or Dollar systems.

Adam smith is a economic philosopher & author from the 1700s whos work I found particularly helpful.

John Maynard Keynes is yet another economist with work I found particularly inciteful. He goes over why free trade as appose to frugality or mercantilism is linked to the well being of an economic system.

Or for a more modern Meta approach to understanding assets value check out work by.


Not quite your speed when it comes to recreational activities reading books about economic philosophy?😴

The Game Theorist YouTube video above explains what video game protagonist is the richest. Game worlds & economies in them may seem impossible to compare with one another. In crypto & global trade this is a common issue & this video does a good job of squaring this circle.

Keep in mind I'm a day laborer construction worker by trade, I'm not a financial advisor by any measure. Given the volatility of Crypto markets I find it helpful to understand the finer points of economics to better understand the forces at work.

You can never learn to much about economics especially when dealing with speculative at best. on average highly volatile markets.

Side note may want to brush up on survival skills just incase the global economy collapses & we hit the pelt system again. This is when understanding how to make penicillin is the best marketing tactic.

Clous Am Dad Roulete.gif

Free P2E & faucets

So these are a few services to earn some free crypto Blogs, Games, Faucets, & more. When the market is down now is the time to utilize these services, faucets can actually pay a decent amount if you utilize them while the market stumbles.

Brave Internet Browser (ERC-20 BAT)
Roller Coin- Game (Many)- The rewards are listed as many because Roller coin is a P2E that offers many rewards to its players. I'm up to 5 free in game mining rigs the last was from a game reward. You earn mining power in roller coin in game this mining power can earn real crypto. BSC, USDT, BTC, ETH, BTC, DOGE, & more can be earned free with roller coin.

Roller coin rewards.gif
You see I actually use all these same is true for anything I write about, Roller Coin has shocked me in its evolution Its worth checking out now more then ever before.
PublishOx- Blog (ETH Alts)
Torum (BSC Alt)- Torum & PublishOx are great blogs to expand your earnings from HIVE or STEEM posts.
Galactic-123- Game (WAX NFTs & alts ,TRX alts)- Immersive 3d P2E game Space based RPG with Planet customization & Ship / party customization fun as a game invaluable as a advertising tool.
Rising Star- Game (HIVE alts & NFTs)- A Music themed P2E that works with musicians to help them make their music into NFTs, & is free 2 players. A great way to supplement HIVE earnings for a Splinterlands portfolio.

Alien Ships (WAX alts / NFTs, BSC alts / NFTs)-

Blockchain RPG (WAX alts / NFTs)-

Prospectors (WAX alts)-

Upland- EOS based Metaverse- You can actually link a USD bank account on Upland meaning you cam sell Uplands NFTs for USD, I have actually tested this feature & actually done that.



Now I dont understand the (why) with the concept of a metaverse, however Upland infuriatingly is the best I have tested. Uplands free if you log in weakly & if you log in daily you earn SPARK rewards.

Coin Faucet- Coin Faucet has a generic as all get out name but a surprising selection of crypto in their faucet service. This includes HIVE, STEEM, SPS (Splintershards) & many others. I made some of my first money in crypto by utilizing faucets when the market was low.

Like a few hundred dollars for free off a DOOGE faucet years ago when I first started so faucets can be worth while.


Gift Giver (HIVE)- For new HIVE users gift giver offers free HIVE HP & Delegations.


I could throw 1,000s of names on this list I have been at this for years now. However these free services I feel are worth checking out more so then the rest. Keep in mind these are strictly free services to utilize to earn crypto or NFTs in some cases.

You can also follow my account on HIVE every time I post I give away 15 NFTs to 6 lucky readers.


For those unaware every HIVE post I create has a 5 WAX NFT airdrop for 1 lucky reader to claim. Then I do another 5 WAX NFT giveaways via the comments, & finally I also give away 5 Weedcash (HIVE) NFTs from my own line #stashpass.

Because I want the best experience for every HIVE user I do these giveaways. Its for the same reasons I recommend the services I listed above.

Splinterlands notes

For those playing Splinterlands its no news to you the rewards chests have changed. Though the devs at Splinterlands explained the new rewards system thoroughly nothing beats hands on experience.

So from my observations you are going to want to both be renting cards out right now & hit the highest rank possible.


You see at diamond 3 the RP I earn is much higher then say Gold Rank 3, this is the key. Your rank of last season stipulates the type of Chest so Gold last season = gold chest Diamond last season = Diamond Chests.


The number you can reasonably get of chests per day is ultimately determined by the RP Reward Points you generate each match. This while effected by a myriad of factors is most effected by your current rank.

While I'm at a Gold rank getting 5 chests a day is all I can manage I get around 6-10 a day at diamond rank. I actually noticed rentals have become more lucrative leading to a slight price creep. Personally I rent cheap & now daily rent cards for that days challenge its cheaper then renting everything you may need.

Splinterlands 9x rewards Diamond 3 .png

The Chaos Legion Legendary cards are actually becoming worth while to rent out in my opinion.

Splinterlands 7x rewards 1300 DEC.png
If you commit play daily as I do my rentals pay for their self at my current rank. I know this may seem counter intuitive but paying for more rentals is better in my opinion then saving the DEC per day & limiting the rewards chests.

Diamond is my sweet spot, where s the Champion Ranks seem a bit to cut throat & costly but I'm sure the rewards make it worth while.

Ill do a full write up on my Splinterlands findings slightly after the season ends, the more data the better my Risk Reward analysis.

Splinterlands rewards .gif

For those not yet playing my favorite game Splinterlands please consider using my referral below.

WAX NFT Airdrop instructions

Every time I post on HIVE I do a few NFT giveaways, the first & larger 5 count WAX NFT airdrop URL which goes to the first user to click the link.

The next 5 WAX NFTs are given away to the first 5 users to comment their WAX wallet address, once I see the comment Ill send you a single WAX NFT followed by a reply stating I have done so. This is for the first 5 users only to leave their WAX address in the comments.

Re-blogs & upvotes definitely appreciated but not required

WAX NFT airdrop

bojack make it rain.gif


For those whom wish to participate in the secondary WAX NFT giveaway first 5 users to comment their WAX wallet address gets a Splinterlands NFT sent to their WAX wallet.


Splinterlands fire works.gif

Stash Pass NFT giveaway

Every time I post anything on HIVE I do several NFT giveaways, one such giveaway is my #stashpass NFT giveaway.

How you participate in a #stashpass NFT giveaway is be one of the first 5 HIVE users to comment #stashpass on this post & then Re-blog, gets a #stashpass Weedcash NFT sent to their HIVE wallet.

My #stashpass Weedcash NFTs are part of a monthly NFT raffle taking place on the 20th with the #stashpass NFT ownership being used to determine who wins the raffle.

Full Instructions on #stashpass raffles can be found via the URL below

You can view, buy, or sell Weedcash NFTs like #stashpass here

So the first 5 HIVE users to comment #stashpass & then re-blog this post gets an exclusive limited #stashpass NFT sent to their HIVE wallet.

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