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22nd August 2021, was the day I made my first post on the hive on Faces of Hive. In all honesty, I kinda lost my login and misplaced it somewhere and I couldn't remember where i placed it, and it actually took me nearly 2 nights to get it right. It was then that i decided not to do any password related task while I'm on the move. It was honestly, kind of a victory snap shot because I sort of cleared level zero.
It was from that one selfie that everything i met wilmetcafe, Yoda Britt, and IndayClara. then met a few awesome people like forykw, solymi, grey, stayten, livinguktaiwan, ecoinstant and never forget the kitty.

My experience on the Hive till this very day, has been very positive. The system that was put in place by our predecessors, in my opinion, is by far the most supportive system on any chain out there. It actually managed to channel homo sapiens selfish animalistic nature into positive reinforcing actions. The more i spent my time on the Hive, the more I'm convinced that this is a place where one can grow technically, intellectually, a touch of spirituality and monetarily. You guys can quote me in the future, my future premonitions have been quite accurate ever since i was 15 years of age and everything i called 20years ago came true(sorry I'm not going to share that because it was quite a negative and personal). So, here's my Nostradamus moment, when the political order shifts away from Adam Smith's ideology. The hive will give birth to a leader that would show the world that there is an alternative path that we could walk that falls in between Adam Smith and Carl Marx.

π”½π•£π• π•ž π•π• π•¦π•£π•Ÿπ•–π•ͺ π•₯𝕠 𝔼𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕝𝕒𝕀π•₯π•šπ•Ÿπ•˜ π”Ήπ• π•Ÿπ••


I have to admit that I was a little spoiled before because I always had someone to do these stuff for me and because of that, I entered the Hive with almost zero knowledge. Little by little, with your guidance and your technical and emotional support, I've managed to learn how to design, code a little and edit videos and sound. I've also managed to make a living out of the Hive.

I've been excessively travelling and living in many countries and I have dealt with thousands of people from all walks of life. However, this is the first time that i felt spiritually and intellectually at home. I want you all to know that I wouldn't have made it without your patience, technical advice, emotional support, encouragement, and honesty. You guys have been funtastic in everyway and I hope that this would be the beginning of a memorable journey. I'm gonna mention you guys over here because I want you to know that I do read the stuff that you produce (as much as i can) and I'd like to share the good stuff among friends, Who knows that you'll be able to find. The universe does work in mysterious ways. So, if you find something interesting here, do not forget to follow him/her, and give em an Upvote.

Without much further ado, I'd like to dedicate this song to all of you - while you spend your time discovering.

@wil.metcalfe - Comet Ranker, the guy who actually got me mingling around.

@indayclara - Angkor Thom I actually lived there for 3 years, I love history and stil can speak some Khmer. Her camera skills and her desciption of Angkor Thom just brought back a flood of memories. If you guys need an role model of how to turn bare stone interesting, check this one out.

@musageta298 - Love her mostly for her art but my fav article is the one she wrote on the creative process I love the emotional expressions.

@nerdylens - my fellow pro photographer. check his insect pics out, its unbelievable, I think h usses his mobile phone in some instances. Check him out.

@arnob23 - Look at his raw art! This one is my Favorite

@ecoinstant - as a newcomer, this was probably one of the first post I read about him and it really inspired me Working Days Token Nights

@nahupuku - I especially love this one where he shows how he created his NFT art. Do drop by and purchase one to support him. Puku Greetings

@onwugbenuvictor - Probably one of the nices buddies i have on hive. He has always given me moral support and advice. Have a look at his story

@riyafiona - I love that she's always promoting her hometown and their foods. Honestly I can't say that i have a favorite from her blog because i love it all. She's been missing for a while which is quite strange.

@jerrytsuseer - I love that he's old school yet he's updated. I love his poems, most of them, do check his latest sonnet Clouds Catching Fire

@pranavinaction - a cyclist. Something which i used to do, I also love his camera shots and I'm constantly inspired by him.

@asteel - Hasn't been active much. I hope that he gets back on.

@stayten - The sounds that me makes are something, but more than that he's my Samurai brother!

@yourmarklubbers - Is into the anonymous, he post great interviews, recording etc. you should have a look.

@trangtran23 - I can say my favorite female Vietnamese blogger. She makes me hungry all the time....... makes me wish that she was my wife.... hahaha

@videoaddiction - Shares more stuff outside of the hive. I really think that we need more people like him.

@thoughtfulposts - Its a curation account.... thanks for curating mine :)

@wesphilbin - I'm glad that one of the OG's of Hive decided to join me. He's a fantastic guy and everyone should get to know him if he has the time. It was from his post that I learnt how to design. Took me a whole week to get it though.

@bmwme - I love the booklist that recommends but sadly he's not active.

@flaxz - The man behind I'm alive challenge - go go go!

@kidsister - has been my inspiration. She's only a few years old but she's already a superstar!

@v-siniarski - takes beautiful pictures. This one is my favorite glass ball

@maddogmike - One of the primary stakeholders of clicktrackprofits, Something i'll be looking into since im new to the hive. you guys should check him out.

@dadapizza & @adhammer - lost of sports news and info. I'd like to personally thank you for your continous support.

@readthisplease - is under my top 10 authors. I enjoy reading his articles and this is my favourite Secure a Future

@aurzeq - I love his adventures and I wish i could be him hahaha. Glaciers

@uuyy - hope that he'll be more active so we all could vote for him.

@antisocialist - Everyone should take a look at his memes. It'll make your day.

@maxer27 - one of da coolest russian dudes. Great photography and Great splinterlands.

@hivehomid - Not very active, but I was looking out for him... Hope he comes back.

@chubb149 - Cool OG, knows his way around his NFT's - I recommend that you read his Crypto Side Hustle

@lallo - you should have a look at his art and music.

@travelwritemoney - You should definately check out how he simplify how to achieve wealth and I also found Terrive an alternate to instagram.

@winstonwolfe - This OG is all about music and this is my favorite one from his list Allie

@evachin - My perfectionist schoolmate, she always excels in whatever she does because she's just the bomb. Check out her travel post on her blog.

@saltyreptile - is launching Psyber X game, check him out!

@elricmoonslayer - Splinterlander, and Writer and fellow rasthafarian - Shiznitz

@eythorphoto - I've never seen such beautiful pictures before in my life. I believe that he must be a National Geographic photographer. Please don't forget to visit his pages it is a must if you are into photography.

@b0s - Is an avid writer, one of the best. He's got lots of potential. here's my fav article from him - The Lonely Witch

@dartodarmadi - A Simple person with a simple life. Sometimes, I envy individuals like him. Nevertheless, don't forget to show him some love and he might just show you his secrets to life.

@captianquack - The dude is a SLEEP TECHNOLOGIST!!! I mean, sleep is one of the biggest part in life yet most of us take advantage of it or give it less thought. Hit me up if you'd like to have a chat.

@robertdouglass - He's my new Idol. He's done quite a few good interviews in such a short span of time. I love the business angles that he looks into and his videos provide great insights. I don't have a favorite as I love them all, don't forget to check them out.

@darkflame - No one else talks about AI, accept for him or at least thats the only one's that I came across so far in my short few months. Aside from AI (which i believe is a hot topic, both for implementation and regulation) this OG provide great industry knowledge.

@sev-7 - He provides great ecosystem insight, and he angles things on a traders perspective. My favorite article from him would be Trading & Investing Psychology

@ivanc - This is one of the OG songwriters, you should have a look at the stuff he comes up with. He's also really cool!

@tampilyne - She blogs about food, Photography and Rising Stars. If you'll like to know more positive insights on the asean region. I do urge you to look into her blog.

@deepresearch - Sadly I can't read most of his post, but I love his Hive street magnets campaign and bought a batch. Thanks OG! You da bomb!

@forykw - One of my mentors on the hive. I'm glad to have met him. After a chat with him, I found the best explanation for the hive ecosystem. Join us for a laugh or two.

@bennettitalia - A hive OG. I honestly love watching him write and it reminded me of my younger days when I was in a vocal group.

@luueetang - hive OG from the beautiful & peaceful Borneo, a travel food blogger, I must say that I'm a little hungry from all his/her post. Thank you so much for your support!

Friendship, is where everything begins

This is just the beginning and its time to get serious! Lets get pumpin'! We're in the middle of a bullrun afterall. No time to waste, no fud to fret.

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