HIVE & WAX NFT / Crypto side Hustle(s)


With all the new folks on HIVE, it seems like tutorials should be my prerogative. The intention is to impart useful knowledge regardless of how much money you have to start out with.


Though not made over night I didn't start off with a huge sum of money few hundred dollars spent over several months. Little increments from every pay check & a year later my portfolio just makes money I dont have to put anything into it.


I'm not a certified financial planner/advisor nor a certified financial analyst nor an economist nor a CPA nor an accountant nor a lawyer. This is not intended as financial or investment advice, & is for informational purposes only.


Now that I'm posting to PublishOX some of the new readers may not be on HIVE. Hive members can disregard this section.

If your not on Hive it can be a little difficult to sign up, they will give you 4 separate keys & a password tied to your account. You will need these to get back into your account do not loose them!!

My referral to sign up is below for peakd a HIVE front end or tribe which is a part of the Hive blockchains interconnected Dapps.

Once signed up to make your life a little easier you will want to sign up for Hive signer & if on a desktop the Keychain browser extension.
Keychain plugin found in link above

These will make signing into HIVE based Dapps easier & signing for transactions on HIVE simpler.

Once you get everything working on your device your life will be a lot easier then using the different keys for everything, you have a single password.
Good place for new people to start & get an Idea of some of the hundreds of Dapps to help you make money through HIVE.

If you want to make the most money by far Splinterlands has paid me the most referral below.
This is just one market(s) NFT revenue only from Splinterlands, My total earnings are much higher then that.


NFTs & blockchain gaming are a huge part of the crypto market now making up the majority of users in fact. WAX is the most popular NFT / gaming blockchain so you have to have an account there sign up is painless.

Simply sign in to the WAX cloud wallet with any social media or Gmail account.

Once on WAX if you intend to play games or post NFTs to sale you need resources for your account. Specifically Network CPU, NET, & RAM much less NET is used then anything else.

The wallet is free to utilize posting sales trades Producing NFTs & plying games require system resources on WAX.

You get CPU & NET by Staking WAX which will also generate small amounts of WAX & be retrievable in the event you want to un-stake it.

RAM is used for Token / NFT creation or posting NFT sales, each account starts with a little but you need to purchase RAM if you want to do much NFT resale.

The markets for NFTs on WAX very greatly you will want to stick to these 3 for NFTs.

Best NFT market ever
NFT hive has no connection to HIVE weird right?
Nefty blocks has a form of mining fueled by buying & selling NFTs on Nefty blocks for either WAX or $NEFTY.

Exchange WAX

DeFi, faucet, NFT market WAX

Atomic market(s) Splinterlands

There are a few NFT collections on WAX that get their own market on Atomic Hub.

Splinterlands is one such colection, given that I give away a large number of Splinterlands NFTs you will need to know this.
You see Splinterlands is on HIVE with a NFT market on WAX so to get your NFTs to the game you need to deposit them using Atomic Hub.

Once you link your WAX wallet in game on Splinterlands you can send NFTs to & from WAX or HIVE.

Keep in mind you would need a $10 spell book in Splinterlands but you can purchase it with PayPal or many forms of crypto.

Doing this is highly recommended regardless of if you want to play there is a good amount of money to be made.
So if you want to be money fighting any time soon get a WAX & HIVE account then link them both to Splinterlands ASAP.

Dont like games doesn't matter you like money that's why your here reading this. Spend the $10 get a spell book && you can either play for free & make money that way.
However if games are not your thing you can take advantage of the SPS airdrop taking place for another 296 days. Distributed based on Airdrop points which are awarded for NFT or crypto ownership on Splinterlands & your linked wallets.
Other then the SPS Airdrop which has made Splinterlands the most popular game on blockchain.

There are other ways to make money with Splinterlands like NFT resale, by either alternating WAX & in game NFT markets.

Buying the NFTs with either WAX or Credits Purchased with WAX or any other crypto listed. Then selling them on a secondary market like Atomic Hub.

P2P markets for NFTs dont have set prices so buying low & selling high can be done fairly quickly moving from one to another.


Simply cycling the investment & alternating from one blockchain to another is quite profitable.

Though with the new packs launching in November opening them & selling the contents is likely the best bet for the most money.

Not every pack will be profitable but so long as you can apply all 10 potions your odds increase when opening or getting something worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars.
My highest sale was over $800, so these NFTs & Splinterlands in general isn't something to be ignored by either investors or players.

Tracking for NFT markets is difficult most has do be done by you personally on HIVE, however there are a few tools to check market saturation & health on WAX.

NFT market saturation on WAX

Market Stats on WAX

HIVE has one exception for NFT market stats that is Splinterlands peakdmonsters.
Monster market also has its advantages
Search any Splinterlands NFT & its market history, this is one of many reasons why Splinterlands NFTs are just better. Hive has created Splinterlands a support network unparalleled by any other NFT colection.

SPS Airdrop earning methods

Only have a few of these but they work well, First of all lets check the white paper my favorite reading material.
See where is says DEC & DEC liquidity pools in the chart above
by using Tribal Dex SPS DEC diesel pools I doubled my airdrop points for My DEC.
Granted I have around $2000 worth of both but it generates more each day I increase my payout that much more.
There are risks to liquidity that when done incorrectly result in losses so be sure you understand liquidity & the risks involved.

Account power applies excluding rentals determined by your cards burn value, meaning the new guild brawls Gladiator cards count.
As do reward cards obviously though new ones much less then others.

SPT token also applies & can be earned via blogging, they even have their own new NFT market on the blog. Though as of writing this those NFTs dont do anything for the airdrop.
Staked SPT & delegated SPT count towards the airdrop & generate more SPT.

Crypto calculators

If your ever wondering how much the DEC you have is valued at in USD coin market cap has a calculator.
Its just somewhat easier to check your in game balance this way though your Hive engine account would tell you & the SPS has a
USD value for the in game SPS but it counts staked SPS in the total.
On occasion this is easier then moving the crypto around with a guess especially when doing so for liquidity.
When dealing in NFTs & transferring crypto back & forth these can be helpful though most wallets give you the total sometimes you need specific amounts calculated.

NFT staking, renting, & DeFi

I tend to stick with WAX or HIVE, but the number of inovating NFT projects between just these two blockchains is growing ever greater.

Where as half a year ago there where few NFTs or games of note in the terms of staking or DeFi on HIVE or WAX. Now there are several games on each many of which have come into fruition on WAX just recently.

So here are just a few examples of WAX collections with games or staking features.

This is actually quite a few short of the whole list but you get the Idea WAX is the gaming blockchain with an ever growing library of titles.

I have tested all of those listed many more games & NFT collections on blockchain. Gnomes & Nefty Blocks in particular are my focus as of late other then Hive games that is.


Speaking of HIVE a predominantly social & investment based blockchain also has a few games.

  • Dcity
    The first Hive based game I ever played, This game has a NFT city referred to as a build that when functioning correctly produces NFTs & crypto.
    My build while not great generates enough for me to be happy with it.

  • Dcrops
    Looking to farm up some profits try this newer lesser known game out I think its one of Hives better kept secrets.
    Just started playing but I'm hooked Dcrops has some massive earnings potential.
    Getting started is cheap a pack for $2 or getting plots & seeds will cost you a little less then a $1. Just keep track of the season & harvest time Dcrops can be quite profitable so if your good with scheduling this is the game for you.
    Once I started putting an alert on my calendar this game became profitable so I would check it out.
    I'm actually playing all these games its not marketing or something but Dcrop in particular has my attention

  • Splinterlands
    My almost worrying obsession with this game aside Splinterlands has a great deal to offer. As the rental system alone puts it ahead of its time, for those unaware you can rent Splinterlands cards every day paying the owner DEC & increasing your SPS payout.
    An example of How NFTs & blockchain games are just superior to other games. Renting items can be both profitable & essential to players or NFT vendors.

  • Ape mining club
    A mining game or simulation recently started here on Hive in the same vein as Roller coin.

HIVE the Social blockchain

Traditionally I hate social media but I like Hive as it gives the user the power to monetize their content.

Paying users based on votes interactions & HIVE staked, The social aspect of Hive.

While not the most money in my portfolio, these Awsome NFT give aways are payed for by posting.

Some of my favorite Hive Tribes to check out



Leo finance

Proof Of Brain

Hivelist & HiveHustlers






All of these above have their own Crypto a Hive Alt most of the time, With their own Delegation, curation, Staking & mining. Some have their own NFTs & markets, but all can be earned via posting / interacting with content.


While it seems like these two blockchains never get along they deal with many of the same struggles so it seems like they should.

Each are now the two most used blockchains for active daily users & that's a big deal.
The market has finally recognized their merit & capabilities somewhat exceed the rest of the blockchains.

As for social interaction delegation & DeFi HIVE for me is the best & For ese of use & NFT distribution WAX is the victor. Games both get credit for as their games have different focuses & are tough to compare.

Since Splinterlands is technically on both I wont call Hive the definitive victor.

For instance I have onboarded several new users from my write ups & airdrops. The best of both blockchains working together its what I have built my portfolio on WAX & HIVE to the moon.
Now I'm taking this show on the road so to speak & posting these write ups to twitter & PublishOx, with 2 NFT airdrops per post 12 NFTs given away to lucky readers.

So if you find me repeating myself its due to all the new users as of late the response has been staggering compared to the amount of people onboarded in the past.
Given these posts have an incentive for users to read in the form of airdrops it seems like the ideal platform to help newer users.

Many seem to find the tips helpful which in turn makes more users comfortable with using Hive as it can be a bit intimidating for new users I was there once I get it.


Odd how longshots pay off more & more lately like 2 months ago I recommended everyone check into SHIBU.
I know its a hype wave or a meme coin dont care it gets me money that's what matters.
Economics of Elon Musks tweets? one of the faucets listed at the bottom does SHIB payouts

PIZZA & STARBIS liquidity

PIZZA and many of the Game Hive alts have liquidity pools currently DEC & STARBITS + PIZZA in liquidity pools on Tribal Dex.

Honestly this is one of the most profitable diesel pool I have used
other then the DEC / SPS one.
PIZZA is a HIVE crypto I know has something special as such I have been keeping a close eye on it & getting all I can from that diesel pool.
See the ones labeled has LP rewards usually are worth pursuing, so long as your aware there are risks involved with liquidity pools.

Assuming your new to HIVE but not blockchain you may not be aware HIVE has a fairly good liquidity pool set up.

Air drop(s) changes

Now to continue the general Idea of giving back to Hive & my followers / Readers ill begin posting to both HIVE & Publish OX.

Publish OX being about 20 min to an hour later ill re post both to twitter.

Both will now have an airdrop so you miss Hive try my Publish OX later that day.

This will all start with the normal Hive post with airdrop & shortly after publish Ox has the same post with a second airdrop check twitter for a quick reference.
One of 2 WAX NFT airdrops, containing 6 NFTs each posted first to Hive then shortly after a second one goes on my post to Publish OX.

You can find updates here & ill try to post the second URL from PublishOx in the comments.
Todays lucky readers get Gnomes to stake on Gnocity & a Splinterlands NFT which can apply to SPS airdrop.
Please this is more important then ever to let others know in the comments, & thanks for participating enjoy lucky reader.
May take a min to respond but this is still active if you want t try it out


WAX NFT guide

Perhaps your interested in purchasing any of my NFTs from my ever expanding collection you may do so here.

My stock constantly rotates so it changes daily
Free WAX game play to earn
BSC ALT tipping Social media platform
Hive direct payout
WAX alt direct pay out has GNOKEN
WAX & HIVE indirect pay out also SHIB
Play to earn BTC ETH DOGE

Hive profile
Hive referral
NFT airdrops after Hive
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Social media
The airdrops are funded by post revenue, So please


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