Guess the Number! #5

Hello / namaskaar, to all my hive friends.I hope you all are doing great and having fun in your life.

few weeks ago I have start a contest, that is Find out the random number. it's like playing a lottery.
I got a good response from you all guys in my last contest, I am here back with here result of the last week contest.


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thanks a lot for the response, the result is finally here,thanks a lot for all the participants @inuke,@ro-hit, @erode, @momogrow, @photobook, @adityajainxds,@maojbhatt, @mysteriousroad, @jaguarosky,
@liverpool-fan, @punkblogs, @melinda010100, @abiga554, @vicvperezdelara, @guurry123, @himotherapy, @brittandjosie and @trincowski.

last week @inuke big brother send me 2 hive for this contest so this time there will be also 1 winner + 1 winner more = total of 2 winners. in other world he is hosting this week contest

this time something unexpected happen, there are two winner with same number. They are @ro-hit and @photobook.
congratulations to all the participants, its been fun here and good for next time to the other participants.
the reward have send to the winner accounts.


some random person to get a chance to win 2 hive with a simple step you just have to choose a number between 1 to 50. this is like a lottery guess contest.
may be you will be the lucky one to with this prize this is not a big amount but. something is better then nothing.

This time I have change the limit , like the last time.this time the range was to big as the response of the participants, So this time I have reduced the limit by 50 the new range is 1 to 50 only

the rules are -:

1.comment your answer below in this post.
2.only one time reply from one account.
3.resteem this post [not compulsory]
4.upvote this post [not compulsory]

these are the rules for now, the winner will announced after seven days from now means next sunday.

I will randomly select a number form the , the result will be clear and honest by my side.

you can also share this post to others to take benefits from this contest many be this will help someone.

I am running this contest alone if anyone want to help me that will be great you all are very welcome here.

enjoy and good luck to all.

play with your luck.

thanks a lot for being here @bhattg


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